Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Regarding birthdays

Think of this the next time you are thinking of someone's birthday, maybe yours....

The Satanic Bible  regarding Birthdays:

The highest of all holidays in the Satanic religion is the date of one’s own birthday. This is in direct contradiction to the holy of holy days of other religions, which deify a particular god who has been created in an anthropomorphic form of their own image, thereby showing that the ego is not really buried. The Satanist feels: ‘Why not really be honest and if you are going to create a god in your image, why not create that god as yourself.” 

Every man is a god if he chooses to recognize himself as one. So, the Satanist celebrates his own birthday as the most important holiday of the year. After all, aren’t you happier about the fact that you were born than you are about the birth of someone you have never even met? Or for that matter, aside from religious holidays, why pay higher tribute to the birthday of a president or to a date in history than we do to the day we were brought into this greatest of all worlds? Despite the fact that some of us may not have been wanted, or at least were not particularly planned, we’re glad, even if no one else is, that we’re here! You should give yourself a pat on the back, buy yourself whatever you want, treat yourself like the king (or god) that you are, and generally celebrate your birthday with as much pomp and ceremony as possible.”
(Anton Szandor LaVey, (Air) Book of Lucifer – The Enlightenment, Avon Books, 1969, Ch XI, “Religious Holidays,” p. 96)
Modern Pelagian Catholics, screaming about paganism in the Vatican, are completely immersed in pagan practices themselves.  So sad.
Judaized aka Gnosticized, Pelagianized, and Paganized.....  what more can Satan want? 


Anonymous said...

And no "pin the tail on the donkey" at your party, you little Satanists!

Michael Dowd said...

"Modern Pelagian Catholics, screaming about paganism in the Vatican, are completely immersed in pagan practices themselves. So sad.
Judaized aka Gnosticized, Pelagianized, and Paganized..... what more can Satan want?"

Question: What should we think about what is going on in the Vatican especially with the man some call Pope?

Anonymous said...

Tertullian said you shouldn't celebrate your birthday in the 1st or 2nd century. He recommended celebrating the anniversary of one's Baptism.

Eventually he left the Church and founded his own sect.

Tancred said...

Birthdays are for pagans anyway, but I don’t really understand the point being made.

Tancred said...

Catholics and Orthodox celebrate their name-days.

Anonymous said...

There is a serious point here.

It is noticeable the more corrupt the world becomes,
the more adults have marked their birthdays generally.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

There are, roughly, 666 million evangelicals who spend their Christmas season trying to disprove the accurate historical date of The Incarnation by citing the Shepherds in the field and claiming that "it was too cold" and so that proves Jesus wasn't born on the 25th and that date really is the date of Sol Invictus which means the Catholic Church is suffused with paganism, etc etc.

Well, here is an unimpeachable source in that the source is Jewish and he wrote a book that proves that there were shepherds in the field with their flocks at that time - and that they were there tending their sheep who were intended for sacrifice - talk about an unintended proof of birth of The Saviour, The Lamb of God, who was to die for our sins as an act of propitiation....

In any event, here is Edelsheim: Alfred Edersheim, in his "The Life and Times of Jesus"

"And yet Jewish tradition may here prove both illustrative and helpful. That the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem, was a settled conviction. Equally so, was the belief , that He was to be revealed from Migdal Eder, 'the tower of the flock.' This Migdal Eder was not the watchtower for the ordinary flocks which pastured on the barren sheepground beyond Bethlehem, but lay close to the town, on the road to Jerusalem. A passage in the Mishnah [951] leads to the conclusion, that the flocks, which pastured there, were destined for Temple-sacrifices [952], and, accordingly, that the shepherds, who watched over them, were not ordinary shepherds. The latter were under the ban of Rabbinism, on account of their necessary isolation from religious ordinances, and their manner of life, which rendered strict legal observance unlikely, if not absolutely impossible. The same Mishnaic passage also leads us to infer, that these flocks lay out all the year round, since they are spoken of as in the fields thirty days before the Passover -- that is, in the month of February, when in Palestine the average rainfall is nearly greatest.

Thus, Jewish tradition in some dim manner apprehended the first revelation of the Messiah from that Migdal Eder, where shepherds watched the Temple-flocks all the year round. Of the deep symbolic significance of such a coincidence, it is needless to speak.

It was, then, on that ‘wintry night’ of the 25th of December, that shepherds watched the flocks destined for sacrificial services, in the very place consecrated by tradition as that where the Messiah was to be first revealed. "


The linked site is whacked and is reminiscent of the anti Birthday paranoia advanced by Jehovah's witnesses.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Tancred. You prolly wear a wedding ring. That too is of pagan origins.

In any event, where in Catholic Tradition is the celebration of birthdays condemned?

Mary Sopra Minivera is an old Roman Church.

The pagans knew of Fortitude, Temperance, Prudence, and Justice and those virtues were added to via Catholicism - Faith, Home, Charity.

Try to separate yourself from anything of pagan origins and you are effectively rejecting the idea that Grace builds upon nature

Tancred said...

I don’t even have any idea what Robert is getting at with the crazy Jehovas Witness site, but I remember reading in Joseph Pieper’s autobiography about how he celebrated his name day, as all Catholics did. He said, I celebrated my patron saint’s feast, of course we did, because we were Catholics. I also remember how the Orthodox guys didn’t care much about their birthdays either, but made a big deal of their name days. Lol

Seems more grownup and Christian to celebrate name days.

Should we incorporate human sacrifice and gladiatorial games in our religion, since the pagans did that?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article.
Also interesting is the date of LaVey's Satanic Bible. 1969 is when Bernardin and the con celebrated satanic ritual sex abuse black mass Enthronement Ceremony took place in the Diocese of Charleston SC and the Basilica of St Paul's Behind the Wall in Rome.
according to Malachi Martin's book "Keys of this Blood" what is referred to as the "Super Force" reigning in the Vatican by the clerics there.

Anonymous said...

Amateur Brain Surgeon holds the disgusting position that Fr John Gallagher who convinced a fellow priest pederast to turn himself in to the police and was praised by the Palm Beach Sheriff for helping to prevent sexual abuse of more children in a letter to the Vatican . Barbarito the Bishop punished Fr John Gallagher and had a letter read in all parishes accusing Fr Gallagher of insanity. All over the internet in every Caholic Com Box ABS continues with this horrible defamation despite the fact the perp priest confessed and was incarcerated.

FYI same poster Amateur Brain surgeon also posts hate filled links against Malachi Martin DESPITE Steve Brady, Cardinal Gagnon and James Bendell Esq ,all substantiating his reports on Satanic Cardinal Bernardin and the abuse of a child ( now adult )pseudao named Agnes during a black mass celebrated by Benardn as a priest in S Carolina in 1969.

No small wonder that this evil man would be posting after this article. Shame on you ABS !!!!

Fr. VF said...

It is my understanding that Satanists (without exception!) drink water and breathe air! So stop immediately!

Anonymous said...

One more thing..............On les Femmes, Amateur Brain Surgeon posted that "even a liberal priest in the Diocese told him Fr Gallagher was insane".

By rubbing only two brain cells together , he would have realized that just maybe the pro sodomite clerics in the Diocese are all in with slandering Fr Gallagher?

We saw this happen to every hetero decent priest we knew !
The homo nests in each Diocese and their sodo protecting Bishop do this all the time.
Now we have one in the Vatican too so ABS you have no right to complain about the Pope
while you defend Bishop Barbarito because he has no problem using pedophile homosexuals in his Diocese having imported one right off the PA Diocesan Report.

Anonymous said...

Note to ABS about Bishop Barbarito's Diocese

A comment after that article about bishop Barbarito in Plm Beach importing a PA GJ accused pederast.

"updated 3 months ago"

"It should be noted that Benestad was the Executive Director of the Papal Foundation under disgraced sexual predator Cardinal Theodore "Uncle Teddy" McCarrick and papal foundation fundraiser Cardinal Donald "The Lavender Don" Wuerl. Interestingly, Wuerl replaced MCCarrick in the Washington DC Archdiocese. By sending in a fixer, all of McCarrick's criminal behavior and sexual misdeeds would be covered up by Wuerl. Wuerl was also accused of mishandling over $9 million dollars in the Papa foundation. One of the ways dysfunctional sex freaks like Benestad would raise money was to arrange meetings with the pope with wealthy individuals for generous donations. Benestad, like all of them involved in the papal foundation, would skim buckets of money for themselves. Now you know how Benestad is able to live a life of luxury. His family up in Boston, MA is also well-connected in the Catholic Church so they make sure Benestad is never bothered with lawsuits or arrest warrants.

I call it Synchronized Crime. '

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

One can find Catholic Manuals online but there is no condemnation of birthday celebrations in any that ABS has read.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Tancred. Well, we do have The NFL as our gladiatorial combat and our foreign wars serve as a good substitute for human sacrifice to "American exceptionalism."

There are many pagan practices that have been adopted/changed via Grace and it'd prolly be a very long list of things/actions that we must avoid if we are to avoid any putative taint of paganism.

On the other hand, ABS doesn't know of very many men who'd want to imitate what he did to himself

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Tancred. Just for the fun of it...

Should Priests not wear vestments or should we not use candles?

Must we abandon art and architecture?

What about religious prose, poetry and songs?

Once you stop and consider all of the things we do and say that can be said to be "of pagan origins" that we "must" abandon then we'd as silent as The Sphinx.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and Blessed Advent.

Tancred said...

I don’t know of any rule forbidding it, but it’s undeniable that Catholics have traditionally had a preference for celebrating their name days, rather than birthdays. Seems perfectly good and natural to me, although that isn’t the practice in the nefarious American culture.

Tancred said...

Happy Thanksgiving ABS!

gm said...

The virtues were not added to Catholicism. Catholics have faith in Christ who is the Logos, which is the fullness of all truth, beauty, and goodness. There is no element of truth or virtue foun in other religions or philosophies that is not already existing in its complete form in the Logos-Incarnate. If anything, the pagan seekers of truth i.e Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were proto- Catholics albeit in an imperfect way. This is why Dante placed them in Limbo on the periphery of he'll, waiting for Christ and his redemptive descent on the third day, the true fulfillment of wisdom they had sought their entire life.

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