Friday, June 1, 2018

Families Engage in Mass Melee

Trigger was after first investigations, a dispute between two families. This dispute escalated into a mass brawl involving iron bars, knives, and fence posts. Three young men suffered stab wounds.
[Rundblick] Corpus Christi afternoon (May 31), North Dortmund: Around 3:50 pm patrolmen were approached on Bornstraße. Two men described a brawl nearby.

"In the area Missundestraße / Schleswiger place, the officials then encountered a large group of people (about 250 people). The group was deeply inflamed and in part equipped with larger objects and fence posts,” says police spokesman Gunnar Wortmann.

With strong support staff, the police officials locked the site and prevented further aggression. A 23-year-old from Dortmund had been stabbed by a knife, bleeding heavily.

The police provided first aid until the arrival of the alerted rescue workers. According to current knowledge, there is no danger to life for the young man.

Two other young men, 16 and 21, were injured by punctures or by blows from a metal rod. Ambulances took him to a hospital.

The police secured two knives and several iron bars.

"After the initial investigation, a dispute between two Romanian families was the trigger of the dispute," concludes police spokesman Wortmann on the report. At our request, he confirmed that most of the participants are Romanian citizens. The three injured are Romanians.

Accurate backgrounds are currently under investigation.

Trans: Tancred



JBQ said...

I visited Romania with the U.S. Navy before their revolution. The country is mostly peasant stock and prone to violent aggression. That is why they had a repressive Communist government and a dictator. Kind of sounds like Chicago, USA. Who brings fence posts and iron bars to a friendly fight?

Tancred said...

Not sure if they’re all Romanian. Maybe Gypsy vs. Turk?

Anonymous said...

They are very probably Gypsies.

JBQ said...

Lots of gypsies in Romania.

J. Petru said...

Good one JBQ. That's where they came from.