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Is Cardinal Schönborn an Apron Chaser?

Thursday 24 October 2013

Archbishop of Vienna, the son of a deserter and Freemason stands is in demand at the Jewish B'nai B'rith Lodge.

Cardinal Schönborn's friends at the Lodge [Image: "Heute", free newspaper, 24 October 2013, p 5]

The "Red Cardinal" König and the Soviet Bigwig

But Cardinal Schönborn is not the first Archbishop of Vienna, who has been close to Republican Lodges.

For example, there is Cardinal König, who had opened wide the flood gates to socialist influence on the Catholic Church in Austria, is said to have belonged to Freemasonry.

That gave him the name "Red Cardinal".

The statement in Professor DDr. Robert Prantners memoirs "Between Ballhausplatz and the Vatican" remains unchallenged to this day, stated on page 174: "On the grave of the open bier Cardinal König lay at his feet one, honorific apron the Fremasonic Fraternal chain'." Some would want to see this as confirmation of these rumors.

Just like the "Red Cardinal" that Fat Cat and social climbing SPÖ Chancellor, Franz Vranitzky received support and high accolades from the Jewish Lodge.

Schönborn and the Lodge

The current Archbishop of Vienna, is the son of Hugo Damian Schonborn, an army deserter and Freemason. However, the paternal influence is estimated to be rather low, since he had left his family in the lurch at an early time.

Now Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has been included among the "friends" of the Jewish B'nai B'rith lodge brothers.

Allegedly this is because of his commitment to ensure that the Jews may continue to circumcise their male children without their consent, while that of African tribesmen of girls has been banned as mutilation.

To avoid misunderstandings

Just like exercises for unteachable students? Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. etc., etc.

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Anonymous said...

Any Catholic who is a friend of B'nai B'rith is suffering some manner of affliction. Whether they have consented to an affliction or have never been
taught that they shall not engage in this sinfulness still it is an affliction. For a cardinal it is a sin of consent.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this public scandal?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but he has so many.

Anonymous said...

Where to they find these Cardinals?

Anonymous said...

Yeh and I guess it's another one of those things that used to be
but now is not. And I guess B'nai B'rith in Argentina considered
Cardinal Bergoglio a friend.

Aged parent said...

At the bottom of the barrel.

Damask Rose said...

Doesn't surprise me.

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