Sunday, December 11, 2011

If Only They Let Them be Priests

Edit:  if only the Baptists allowed women to be priests and get married, maybe this wouldn't have happened.  
But seriously, one blogger, Opinionated Catholic, asks the question as to what institution runs the Camp.  None of the stories out there on the search engines identified the name of the Camp which took advantage of this woman's services.  
Anyway, there are four Bible Camps in Louisiana and they all look like they're run by the Baptists.  Who else does that sort of thing anyway? 
Interestingly, in all of this discussion which is frankly prurient, one other feature which is lost is the role being played in all of this by feminism.  Isn't it part of a self-actualized, mature woman to seek out pleasure wherever she can find it?  It's a common constant of feminist novels that the woman flaunts social conventions and mores, isn't it?
Who are we to judge a woman who was just following her bliss, eating, laughing and loving or all of those other things?  The boy seems to have gotten something out of it, right?
At present, mercifully, the perpetrator is being charged with fourteen criminal charges:
Heather Daughdrill, age 28, apparently taught more than the Bible at Summer Bible School Camp.  She is accused of initiating a relationship and having sex with a thirteen-year-old boy, who attended the religious retreat. 

After camp concluded, she reportedly continued seeing the thirteen year old between June and October, according to a press release by the sheriff’s department in Calcasieu Parish.

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