Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Moribund Bergoglio Snubs American Justice Napolitano

Edit: while Bergoglio was was eager to meet the Communist President of Italy, also named Napolitano, heaping effusive praise on the fellow traveler, he regarded the American conservative judge with a cadaverous stare. Upon the Italian Communists death, Bergoglio was unfailingly kind and polite in his statement about Giorgio Napolitano, the Stalinist who hailed the 1956 invasion of Hungary as “necessary” for his favorite newspaper, La Republica, when he died in 2023 last year in AP release. 

The pontiff, who is on a pilgrimage to France, noted he had had personal meetings with Napolitano, “during which I appreciated his humanity and long-range vision in assuming with rectitude important choices, especially in delicate moments for the life of the country.”

Although Newsmax is Neocon, they also pick up on interesting bits in the culture war.

Napolitano reports being told not to approach Bergoglio by the Swiss Guards. Why don’t they put velvet ropes around him?

[Newsmax]  I spent last week living and studying at the Vatican as a guest lecturer at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, or PASS.

PASS is an organization of scholars that explores ideas of interest to the Vatican. Last week, PASS addressed the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, since March 8, 2024, was the 750th anniversary of his death.

This is not an esoteric subject. Aquinas taught that all rational persons are capable of discerning right from wrong and good from evil by the exercise of free will and human reason, and they do not need the government to aid them in this endeavor.



  1. This "Judge" is hardly on par with the President of a country. He is some hack from the U.S. who got on TV and became a very minor celebrity.

    They are not "roping off" the Pope.
    They are bodyguards who are doing their job. That's why they are called "Swiss Guards".

  2. I think we were all equal? He graduated from Notre Dame with a law degree, passed the bar, sat as a judge and has written 9 books? What have you done Gaybrielle, besides attend Hull University as a “roads” scholar?

    Bergoglio has snubbed other heads of state who don’t share his Marxist vision, while cozying up with absolute Stalinists like G Napolitano.

    I thought he wanted to smell the sheep. He can’t be kind to someone who’s in an Aquinas conference in the Vatican?

  3. The Newsmax report quotes Napolitano's remarks on Pope Francis:

    "Now, back to the Pope.

    Catholics believe that he is the Vicar of Christ on earth. But the current Pope may be the worst in history. He has watered down Church teaching on marriage, sexuality and confession.

    He has suppressed the Mass that every canonized saint in Heaven attended and participated in. His attacks on traditional theology and liturgy are the opposite of what he is supposed to do — which is to preserve them."

    It's completely understandable that he would not get a free pass from Vatican authorities to have a chat with the Pope. Entitlement back in the USA doesn't necessarily travel well in other places.

    Justice Napolitano's natural home is 'First Things', 'Life Site.com', Napa Institute etc.

  4. It’s just one man’s opinion about the “merciful” pope who bestows understanding to bloodthirsty Marxists and vicious predatory sodomites, but can’t managed even to smile at an elderly American Jurist.

    Most hypocritical Pope in history.

  5. "It’s just one man’s opinion about the “merciful” pope who bestows understanding to bloodthirsty Marxists and vicious predatory sodomites, but can’t managed even to smile at an elderly American Jurist.

    Most hypocritical Pope in history."

    Congratulations, Nemo 4:20 PM. You've just swallowed the line your ideological masters and controllers at Life Site.com have fed you.

    Don't ever think independently. Attaboy.

  6. Your ideological masters are neither human nor divine.

    When accusations about one of Bergoglio’s suite gets substantiated, you wring your claws and clutch your pearls, and type “these are baseless slanders!”

  7. Throwing stink bombs at Pope Francis is the behavior of an intellectually, spiritually and morally bankrupt who is utterly consumed with resentment and hatred that his reactionary little cosmos has imploded on itself.

    All the former heroes are dead, discredited or disillusioned and the ideological planks on which they stood have collapsed.

    Just finish off the job, old chap, and go completely sede-vacantist.

  8. Bergoglio stinks on his own, he doesn’t need bombing.

  9. You're better off in the company of the excommunicated Slaves of IHM. They have become what they hate the most.

  10. Here’s 5 pence for your thoughts, you’re so informative!