Saturday, March 30, 2024

Are tattoos portals for the demonic? Ask an exocist.


  1. Is that Thom Woods and his new wife?

  2. What about Timothy Gordon?

  3. "Who?"

    No, Who is Chinese.

  4. Who are those people on her arms?

    1. It kind of looks like Benedict XVI in his modernist suit and tie but I’m not sure.

  5. Daily reminder that Ripperger claims to be a traditionalist; yet completely throws the traditional Catholic practice of exorcists maintaining anonymity out the window.

    He picks and chooses the traditions that interest him; which is all I need to know.

  6. Agreed.
    He continually says that a person should never converse with a demon or believe what they say.
    Yet he spends half his time on Youtube telling everyone what a demon told him.
    He is a major kook.
    But Tay-Tay gives him a platform, so it's all okay.

  7. I have heard Fr. Ripperger speaking online a number of times. I find him to be very interesting and informative. Even Fr. Amorth spoke publicly about exorcisms, because it is really helpful to Christians to know what to beware of, such as portals or what could be portals. How would we know about such things unless exorcists talk about them! When people see the demonic exists, it is probably easier to believe in the angelic, or good, as something objective, something real. Maybe some people need that. God uses all things to His own ends. Why be a grouch for God.

  8. The Ripperburger is a celebrity cleric just like Vigano and ilk. Types like this are invariably self-referential and brilliant at carving out a boutique niche market amongst the easily led.

    Ripper would benefit from a thorough reading of the Enuma Elish. It might better inform his cosmology, sense of history and theology.

  9. Nothing grouchy about it.
    He says one thing and then does another.


  10. Also, how can you criticize a man who dedicates his life to serving God as a priest and apparently does so faithfully, and is given authority by God to cast out demons, alleviating suffering. What work could be more important.

  11. Gianpietro AmalfinoMarch 31, 2024 at 9:32 PM

    He's an entrepreneur and showboat. There's nothing Hollywood about exorcisms. All that is involved is a simple prayer, invocation and blessing.

  12. And speaking of "showboat", I see that Voris has arisen from,,,somewhere, and is rattling the tin cup for donations. Even using the "Church Militant" logo.
    Seems that he is comparing himself to St. Peter. No shrinking violet is he.

  13. Send a link. I’d like to send him some money for his treatment.


  15. Who is eponymous flower promoting now? 1st Mother Miriam and now Chad. Round and round the opus devils spin:

    "Say what you like about “Mister” Konderla; he showed good judgment with regard to the Fr Ripperger’s “Doloran” Fathers and Mother Miriam’s foundation (formed as “Benedictines” by none other than Dom Kirby). “Mister” Slattery showed very poor judgment in accepting Kirby, Ripperger, and Miriam as religious founders. All three of them, as you can see from their online presence, are cult personalities."

    Now the Doloran exorcists are in the opus devil diocese of: "His Excellency Samuel Aquila, the Archbishop of Denver, invited us to come the Denver and continue the work of our semi-contemplative society of priests, which is to provide assistance to those in the most spiritual need. On St. Patrick’s day 2017 we moved to Greeley, Colorado and resumed our work."

    Fr. Ripperger was such a scandal at St. Joan of Arc in Coeur d'Alene, ID that a large group of his parishioners appealed to the bishop to remove or discipline him. The complaints involved financial mishandlings and inappropriate friendships with female parishioners. He even had a minion harassing people on his behalf and police were involved. This man is a public figure in rad-trad circles. Fr. Ripperger was transferred to Tulsa shortly after the meeting with St. Joan of Arc parishioners with the bishop.'s-prayers-adjuring-demons/15/?PHPSESSID=5fvbrt2g0mef46arpu75phm307

    "Why did Father Ripperger leave St. Joan of Arc FSSP in North Idaho? The FSSP certainly won't tell us." (just looking at this video might give you a good idea)

    If you donate by check, make the check out to Fr. Chad Ripperger and mail to: P.O. Box 311, Keenesburg, CO 80643. Please do not make checks out to Sensus Traditionis or the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother. If you wish to donate to the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, please do so at their website:

    In 1997, Debbie Pryor and Vanessa Keck founded Our Sorrowful Mother’s Ministry with the mission of providing retreats and a ministry of healing to help reconcile people with one another and with God... Fr. Chad Ripperger became a mentor and dear friend to OSMM and continues to support the ministry today....Fr. Chad Ripperger is not in residence at OSMM. PLEASE DO NOT SEND EMAILS FOR FR. RIPPERGER. THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT WEBSITE FOR HIM.

    Just another deathblindlies opus devil grift of fake tradition/fake catholicism:

  16. The Ripperger vid is still posted.

  17. One thing I noticed is that Chad likes to engage in tone policing and is a little soft in his delivery.

    He frankly, sounds a lot like Gaybrielle when he tone polices.

  18. Chad the Ripper and his faux cancelled pal, Zuhlsdorf the Grifter share many commonalities, the principal one being that they both treat their followers like fools.

  19. Is this behavior a form of possession?
    Or is it just being an A-hole?

  20. "Is this behavior a form of possession?
    Or is it just being an A-hole?"

    I think it is a form of 'obsession' - narcissistic and manipulative.
    You are probably right about these characters being A-holes. They're both anal retentives.

  21. Gaybrielle, prove that Zuhlsdorf and Ripperger are grifters.

  22. Zuhlsdorf is no longer a grifter. He said so on his blog.

  23. Jobnnie 'the Zepplin" Zuhlsdorf is currently on his second junket in Rome, fully funded by the loyal cashed up Zelots who fork out $50K every six months for him to live a very comfortable existence in Rome, gorging himself silly on top shelf food and booze.

    He justifies all this on the grounds that he is entitled to it all because he claims he's a priest, that the sojourn puts a smile on his face and improves the quality of his blog!

    He must be laughing himself stupid at his luck in having a cohort of extremely gullible idiots who have fallen for the whole game plan.

    He'll be at it again in September - November!