Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tucker Assassination Attempt?

Edit: we still remember how Ukraine murdered Gonzalo Lira.



  1. Don't you think that journalist, Tucker Carlson would be reporting on an attempt on his own life?
    But, we have Mensa-boy reporting 5 times a day from his basement webcam.

  2. Two sources have published this claim about a Ukrainian plot to kill Tucker the Liar ahead of the Putin interview: 'New Times' and 'The Economic Times', both Indian.

    The reader looks forward to Tucker running a 'Facts Check' article on this story which has the hallmarks of fake news.

  3. You don’t like Indians, Gaybrielle? First you don’t like Africans and now you hate Indians.

    Wow, just wow!

    Why are you liberal c8nts so racist?


  4. "But, we have Mensa-boy reporting 5 times a day from his basement webcam."

    How true. Tucker the Liar has made a living out of being a self-promoting ideologist and peddler in bent information.

    His cause is assisted by Good ole Boys in baseball caps running lunatic AV turd polishing blogs.

    Straw graspers like the Lard dine out on this outer limits propaganda.

  5. Talking to yourself, Gaybrielle?

    That’s some real “road” scholar level stuff there!