Friday, February 23, 2024

++Dolan Isn’t the First to Stage a Stunt for Degeneracy

Edit: I wonder if people are thinking this sort of thing is unprecedented? Perhaps Cardinal Schönborn is chaffing about the recognition going to ++Dolan? Surely, ++Schönborn would courageously embrace this disgrace if it had happened in Stepansdom, Vienna’s Cathedral and one of Europe’s most glorious cathedrals.  Even Schönborn removed the blasphemous Hrdlicka’s Last Supper when pressed by popular opinion. He moved it into the bookstore and downplayed the whole thing. But he later made it up to the artist, Alfred Hrdlicka.

If there are still people around who remember Alfred Hrdlicka, who was a Marxist aberrosexual who fashioned the demonic Saint Restituta shrine at Stepandsdom in Austria. He died in 2009. The Freemason Cathedral Rector officiated at his funeral, where the local Communists and Antifa (who routinely collaborate with the police to attack Austrian Prolifers) were in attendance and Hrdlicka  was even buried in the cathedral cemetery.

It’s an event that touches on degeneracy and Freemasonry. It’s certainly good timing for another Cardinal to push Freemasonry

Opus Devil is wrong again, Tay-Tay attacks Dolan. Back to the drawing board there, Opus Devil.



  1. Tucker rabid inner Coyote howls at the Moon.

  2. Austria and Germany have been occupied by the ZOG US government since 1945. Both nations continue to be abused by the ZOG Americans. The Hrdlicka incident is one of countless insults concocted by the US government through its many stooges among the German and Austrian elite.

  3. Ernst Gaybrielle shot down at the gay bar again!

  4. "Austria and Germany have been occupied by the ZOG US government since 1945. Both nations continue to be abused by the ZOG Americans. The Hrdlicka incident is one of countless insults concocted by the US government through its many stooges among the German and Austrian elite."

    I'm sure Nemo 3:00 PM feels a great deal better for the ambit spray but where's the supporting evidence or are you exempt from tedious, inconvenient little details like that?

  5. In recent years The ZOG US government has installed billboards promoting cannabis use all over the USA. No surprise then that its abused vassal state Germany just legalized recreational cannabis. A nation of stoners won't be giving the ZOG Americans occupiers any trouble.

  6. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

  7. Does Gaybrielle smoke pot, too?

  8. Nemo 3:00 PM, aided and abetted by Tucker the Lard, invokes the principle of 'exceptionalism', greatly favored by the Tucker and his hero, Bonker.

    According to that principle, any claim, assertion, fabrications, distortions, lies etc do not require substantiating evidence. How very Stalinist, how very Kim Jun-il.

  9. Only Jews decry white nations acting in their own interest. There are no hood guys in that worldview except for the Synagogue.

  10. "Only Jews decry white nations acting in their own interest. There are no hood guys in that worldview except for the Synagogue."

    What a stupid inflammatory blast and one totally disconnected from what Saint Paul wrote in the letter to the Romans and the teaching of the Church. You're way out on a limb, Nwmo 2:56 PM.

    Get yourself re-catechized.

  11. What’s stupid about it? Jews are forever lecturing Christian nations about “exceptionalism” but Israeli or Jewish exceptionalism is completely acceptable.

    Maybe you should eat a little humble pie and shut it, Gaybrielle?

  12. You want to see some drag, see the marshall family all decked out for christmas 10 years ago, dec 21, 2013 (wife in skin tight pants w/cowboy boots, daughters in immodest dresses w/cowboy boots and immodest poses; no ties and children have orange/green winter vest coats, ave maria to i wanna wish you a merry christmas guitar mass). He's much better at simulating Catholicism now.

    In my view opus judei decided b16 had to go because of allowing old mass and wanting to reconcile w/SSPX. At the same time, they decided had to take over traditionalism. Nevertheless it is surreal to hear people like Frank Walker (who probably hasn't communicated on his knees and without using his hands (if he does now)any longer than tay tay--and even now most likely not 'exclusively' but only when convenient for them) call himself and those who adopt his opus judei propaganda that B16 never resigned "traditional Catholics." W/in past two months Walker has criticized someone as being one of those who say everything goes back to VCII (according to his "tradition," VCII has some good points (especially about promoting lay people like him)--and jp2 and mother teresa are 'pro-life' saints). A few years ago he was fulminating that all holy days of obligation should be abolished because he had forgotten to remind his children (college age/older?) to attend mass on a Holy Day which obliged because it wasn't on a Monday not even realizing he was advocating not attending mass on Christmas (seems his attention to Holy Days quite recent). Then last week he has a headline attacking KHall opining "the majority of traditional Catholics" believe that B16 invalidly resigned. This week has red headline "Gaspers and Kennedy Hall are still wrong: Benedict didn't quit the papacy" linking to a video put out by "the Catholic Esquire" (a video which started out w/an immodest tranny ad). Because, you know, B16 who didn't "fully understand the papacy" (he just didn't have the grasping mind of Ann Barnhardt) was a traditional catholic too--tell that to +Lefebvre or any of the traditional Catholics I know. But SSPX and the people actually practicing Catholicism can't be mentioned in the opus judei blogosphere lest souls forsake the Novus Ordo. Opus JuDei has two aims to destroy Catholicism: attack the hierarchy (to laicize the church) and infiltrate/destroy true Catholicism (same as tay tay did for fisher more and likely opus dei for Venari/Catholic Family News and Fr. Gruner as well). [I wouldn't be surprised if Hall & Gaspers weren't in w/judei creating 'controversy' to generate buzz.]

    Fact of the matter is that Catholic Church has been hosting drag funerals since inception of the 'new' mass. All railing against the dress and behavior of these men say nothing of the uncovered female transvestite and lingerie wearers they've been attending mass, first 'holy' communions, funerals, weddings, baptisms, confirmations and ordinations with for years. They say nothing of their own immodest attire and behavior that has been offending God for 50+ years. Frank Walker says the time to get out the pitchforks arrived a while ago--but the ones he and his friends need to get out are in their own backsides driving them, and everyone they are pushing, to hell.

  13. Wow, you have to be positing your own thing to see those children as immodest.

    You’re really stretching it, bro.

  14. Wow, you have to be positing your own thing to see those children as immodest.

    Guess you're not a traditional catholic either - no wonder you have men in lingerie running about your churches. Both these girls look like they've had their First Holy Communion - i.e. reached the age of reason. When they kneel down, their skirts should touch the floor. Their knees should be covered and their knees should be together when they sit. They should be wearing dress shoes--as the baby is. [The dresses look like they are from last year when the girls were smaller. Tay Tay is also wearing cowboy boots (@1:11), but what is very prominent is that all the women are wearing cowboy boots. I guess they'd rather be Texan than Catholic]

    Types of Jobs That Can Benefit from Cowboy Boots
    Cowboy boots aren't just for cowboys; blue-collar industries have seen an increase in popularity as workers opt to use them as their daily go-to throughout the work week. As the cowboy boot has evolved over the years, it now offers practical advantages making it suitable for various job types. Whether working on a ranch, a construction site, or in landscaping, cowboy boots can provide the necessary comfort, protection, and durability demanded of a work boot. Let's explore some of the types of jobs that can benefit from wearing cowboy boots.

    In the 1920s, cowboy boots were featured in Hollywood western movies, which increased their popularity across America. Since then, cowboy boots have become a quintessential part of women and men's western fashion, with a distinct symbolism attached to them. They convey a sense of ruggedness, independence, individuality, and the spirit of the American West. [perhaps it was the spirit of the american west shouting 'st cecilia the mother of all whores' - sure it wasn't the spirit of traditional catholic motherhood/Mary],spirit%20of%20the%20American%20West.

    I personally think their hair should be combed also - but maybe you should ask your friends at TIA.

  15. You really need to get some serious psychiatric treatment for the cowboy boots fetish and deep diversionary therapy for the little girl perv preoccupation, Nemo 3:44 PM.

    Obviously, the Lobotomy didn't work for you but, according to the medical journals, psychotropic drugs these days are highly effective in most cases.

  16. Joe Charpentier, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.(Proverbs22:6). A woman shall not be clothed with man's apparel, neither shall a man use woman's apparel: for he that doeth these things is abominable before God. Deut 22:5) CowBOY boots are not for GIRLS. There is also mix of styles: these girls have on Sunday/party dresses (formal wear) but then are wearing work shoes (think male combat/work boots). Isn't that what all the brouhaha was about with this transvestite funeral--soon you will be accustomed/used to seeing men dress and behave this way and it will no longer bother you (if it does now).

    You sound like pope francis when you say I have a little girl perv preoccupation because I point out the girls' immodest attire--I am obsessing over the sixth and ninth commandments. However, when the Catholic Church insisted on modest standards for women--and same standards for men (Sunday 'best'), they didn't have 60 million abortions to their discredit or the 'hospitality' problem of gangs of drug and sex crazed men running around like barking mad dogs that need to be shot/destroyed. The girls are not to blame -- it is the parents and particularly the fathers: Tay Tay and Pope Francis.