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Pope Francis: “Cardinal Burke is an enemy, so I’m taking away his apartment and salary”

Cardinal Raymond Burke, a modest, sharp-witted and steadfast defender of doctrine and discipline, hates Santa Marta.  Pope Francis has been relentlessly pursuing the tradition-friendly American since his election.

(Rome) Pope Francis gathered all the dicastery heads of the Roman Curia a week ago today.  On that occasion, according to Vatican sources, he declared that Cardinal Raymond Burke was his “enemy,” “so I am taking away his apartment and salary.”

Cardinal Burke, highly intelligent and one of the most excellent church lawyers, can look back on a remarkable career - until the election of Pope Francis.  Pope John Paul II entrusted him with the diocese of La Crosse in Wisconsin in 1994, then promoted him to archbishop of Saint Louis in Missouri in 2003.  Pope Benedict XVI  appointed the tradition-friendly canonist to the Roman Curia in 2008 and appointed him Prefect of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura.  In 2010 he created him a cardinal.  This made Burke the highest-ranking judge in the Holy Church after the Pope.

 The hostility of Pope Francis

Due to his closeness to tradition and to Benedict XVI.  From March 2013, however, he became the obvious enemy of the new Church leader.  With the election of Francis, Burke immediately lost two of three memberships in Roman congregations, most notably being expelled from the Congregation of Bishops because they wanted to eliminate his influence on the appointment of bishops in the USA.  He was replaced by the progressive Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who then promptly fell in the wake of the McCarrick scandal.  The exchange served to ensure that more homophile McCarrick protégés were placed on bishops' chairs rather than defenders of the faith.

When Cardinal Burke became the spokesman for the defenders of the sacraments of marriage and penance at the first family synod in 2014, Francis' next reaction was not long in coming.  A few days after the conclusion of the synod, he deposed Burke as prefect of the Supreme Signature and removed him from the Roman Curia.

The American was relegated to a purely prestigious position as cardinal patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta until he got in Francis' way there at the end of 2016.  When the Pope deposed the then Grand Master and Prince of the Order of Malta in an arbitrary act, he also deposed Cardinal Burke.  He was only left with an empty official title, while his duties as papal representative to the Order of Malta were transferred to a special legate.  At the same time, the top lawyer's last membership in a Roman congregation, that for worship and the sacraments, was revoked.

The Pope's mockery

In 2021, Francis mocked at a flying press conference that Cardinal Burke was in the intensive care unit with severe pneumonia and was in a struggle between life and death.  Burke had criticized the corona vaccination, especially the exercise of de facto coercion, in which Francis took the most radical approach of all states and threatened all employees of the Vatican and the Holy See with dismissal if they did not undergo the experimental mRNA gene therapy, of which neither effect nor side effects were known.  A central point of criticism from the cardinal was the use of aborted children to produce the Corona preparations.  Francis, on the other hand, mocked journalists: “Even in the College of Cardinals there are some objectors, and one of them, the poor man, is in the hospital with the virus.”

However, Cardinal Burke recovered and returned to his old powers without mRNA gene therapy.  But Francis, the Corona radical on the papal throne and among the heads of state who closed St. Peter's Basilica for months, had shown his face by expressing mockery and gloating about the possible death of Cardinal Burke instead of finding words of compassion and sympathy  .

Grotesque personnel castling “for reasons of age”

In 2023, upon reaching the age of 75, Burke submitted his resignation as Cardinal Patron of the Order of Malta and immediately lost this last, albeit empty, title.  He was replaced by the Bergoglian Gianfranco Cardinal Ghirlanda.  Ghirlanda was promptly given back all the responsibilities that had been withheld from Burke for years.  The absurdity of Bergoglian personnel policy has rarely been more evident than at this moment: the 75-year-old Burke was dismissed for reasons of age in order to appoint the 81-year-old Ghirlanda as his successor.

Now it has become known that at the meeting of all dicastery leaders on November 20th, Pope Francis denounced Cardinal Burke and said:

 “Cardinal Burke is one of my enemies, so I’m taking away his apartment and salary.”

Cardinal Burke is currently in the USA.  No formal communication of sanctions from the Holy See has yet reached him.  The way in which this year already happened with Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the former personal secretary of Benedict XVI.  and Prefect of the Apostolic House, leaves little doubt that Francis is also serious about the retaliatory and punitive action against Cardinal Burke.

 Little respect for canon law

Since Francis cares little about canon law and insists all the more on his papal power, it is not to be expected that there will be any legal objections to such an action, which can hardly be justified, or that it could even prevent it.  The recent dismissals or de facto dismissals of faithful bishops speak volumes about Francis' understanding of the law.

Cardinal Burke’s “enmity” appears to have become a fixation for Francis.  The statement: “Cardinal Burke is one of my enemies” should be understood to mean that Francis is hostile to Burke.  Burke repeatedly and strongly rejected the label of “enemy of the Pope.”

A few days ago, Francis gave the German bishops a shot across the bow, but the homophile modernists in the German bishoprics are not his problem as long as they do not want to rise above him.  But Cardinal Burke seems to embody everything that Francis despises, despising so much that he wants to eradicate it - and that doesn't mean Bergoglio's deep-seated anti-gringo mentality.

Unwavering, intelligent and coherent

Cardinal Burke defends tradition, he is steadfast, intelligent and coherent.  It is this combination that makes him so threatening to Francis.  Cardinal Burke is the mirror held up to Francis;  he embodies what a pope should be.

In addition, for Francis, Burke represents and contacts with the “religious right” in the USA, a diction that Francis adopted from left-wing sociologists and introduced into Church discourse.  This “religious right” is being fought by Francis, which is why his attempts to contact US evangelicals quickly came to nothing.  This ended in early 2016 with Donald Trump's candidacy at the latest.  Francis sees the traditional and conservative Catholic Americans as the greatest organized resistance that could stand in the way of his corrosive restructuring of the church in line with the globalist UN agenda.  And Cardinal Burke is their arm in the church, according to the Pope's idea.

 The Pope's foster son

The fact is that on October 3, 2023, at a meeting in Rome on the eve of the Synodality Synod, Cardinal Burke subjected the first statements and actions of the new Prefect of the Faith, Victor Manuel Fernández, known as “Tucho”, to a devastating criticism after - hard to believe - Cardinal Burke  insulted as a heretic and schismatic.  Tucho Fernández, whom the Bergoglian Sr. Lucia Caram happily described on Spanish television as a “homosexual,” is Pope Francis’ foster son.  Any criticism of him is taboo and will not be forgiven.

Above all, Cardinal Burke repeatedly urged Francis to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as pope.

Cardinal Burke repeatedly stood in Francis's way by signing and also playing a key role in drafting several of the most important documents criticizing Francis' pontificate.  These include the first dubia [doubts] about the controversial post-synodal exhortation Amoris laetitia and the second dubia, which raise fundamental questions and demand clarification of how Francis views the revealed truth and the dogmas of the faith.

 Deprive people of their livelihoods

Since Francis can no longer take office from his opponent Burke, since the American has already had all his offices taken away, he wants to take a punitive action that is unprecedented in Church history and deprive the cardinal of the roof over his head and his salary.  Apparently, even the most elementary principles that Francis otherwise preaches, namely that housing and food are among the basic rights of everyone, do not apply to traditionalists like Cardinal Burke.  Nobody excepted.  Except…

The most recent announcement suggests that Francis would prefer to remove cardinals like Burke, i.e. the few remaining members of the College of Cardinals who oppose the Bergoglian Revolution and were not appointed by Francis, from the Church Senate.

 In conclusion, we agree with the succinct assessment of Riccardo Cascioli, editor-in-chief of Nuova Bussola Quotidiana:

 “The fact is that the end of this pontificate is increasingly resembling a South American dictatorship in its methods.”

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Divinitas (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.Com



  1. Ha!
    It's not like Burke will be eating at a food kitchen.
    He has plenty of rich donors who will support his world travels and his lifestyle.

  2. He has amassed a lot of frequent flyer miles.

  3. He’s like the Apostle Paul, spreading the word.

    At least he’s not doing World Youth Day every month.

  4. Burke is reaping what he has sown. He's a nasty, pernicious twerp who played the game of making a living out of bad mouthing his patron while pissing holy water and living off the dime of the poor buggers who support FLM industry and Ray's expensive travel and accommodation tastes.

  5. At least Burke isn’t globetrotting and jet setting to pump up sodomy like James Martin with multi-million dollar book deals and television appearances for the globohomo.

    I think Gaybrielle resents Burke quite a bit for his supporters.

  6. Why does Burke have his own website? And Strickland too? I wonder if they are going to copyright "Cardinal Burke" and "Bishop Strickland" as franchises. Is this a new trend for clergy affiliated with opus dei and the other lay (protestant) 'apostolates'?

    This is the official site of His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke.
    © 2023 All Rights Reserved

    © 2023 Bishop Strickland. All Rights Reserved.

  7. "He was replaced by the progressive Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who then promptly fell in the wake of the McCarrick scandal. The exchange served to ensure that more homophile McCarrick protégés were placed on bishops' chairs rather than defenders of the faith."

    Wuerl a progressive? What do you call a freak who puts a male transvestite in a convent? Why doesn't this rancid opus dei mason commie mention Tobin, Cupich and Farrell -- those are the sodomite progressives opus dei got into office by overthrowing Benedict XVI with their wikileaks scandal. Why did opus dei want to overthrow Wuerl? We have the 'testimony' of Vigano (who never had any testimony about any other sodomite in the U.S. except McCarrick) who wanted to overthrow Wuerl and Ouelette. Backed up by a sodomite, ordained by McCarrick who is a member of opus dei: Msgr. Figueiredo. He 'repented' only enough to release McCarrick letters incriminating Wuerl and Oulette -- no letters about Farrell, Cupich, Tobin or any other sodomite crony of McCarrick in New Jersey or Rome or the St Galen Mafia. But here's Figueiredo on the Charlie Rose show w/McCarrick the day Francis was elected. What does Figgy know about the conclave and if he knows it so does Opus Dei. Who was the ally of McCarrick to elect Francis?

    3.13.13 Fig and McCarrick - Charlie Rose show

    "The very bright and articulate Newark priest vouched for Viganò on Aug. 27, 2018, just one day after the former papal nuncio carefully coordinated with LifeSite News and the National Catholic Register to publish his 11 pages of accusations.... May 28 when he (Fig) released – simultaneously through CBS and the Catholic publication, Crux – excerpts of personal correspondence with McCarrick,But what’s new in Figueiredo’s cache of documents is that McCarrick himself claims in letters, which the monsignor relayed to officials in Rome, that he discussed his restrictions with Wuerl. But, as the now defrocked McCarrick has been proven to be less than truthful on a number of other matters, it’s only his word against Wuerl’s...This priest knows an awful lot more than what he’s shared so far in this parsimonious and careful selection of correspondence with Theodore McCarrick...La Croix International sent an email to Msgr. Figueiredo on May 29 requesting clarification about his canonical status, current ministerial assignment and whether he is still incardinated in the Archdiocese of Newark. As of now, he has not responded."

  8. Fig DaVinci Code Hardball with Chris Matthews' for June 8

    Fig W/Carlson JP2 funeral speaking on Opus Dei

    “There is obviously some concern over whether the next pontiff will be open to something like Opus Dei,” said Anthony Figueiredo, a priest and professor of theology at Seton Hall University near New York, who was once based at the Holy See...Fr Figuereido said Opus Dei has “enormous influence” in the Vatican through sympathetic clergy members who staff Vatican offices...Another cardinal, the archbishop of Milan, Dionigi Tettamanzi (B16 replaced w/ Scola; died 2017), is known to be sympathetic to Opus Dei and is a possible papal candidate, according to Fr Figuereido and Spanish theologian Enrique Miret Magdalena.

    A few years ago John Paul II transferred Cardinal Tettamanzi from Genoa to Milan, one of the world’s largest Catholic dioceses. And such a shift is rare for a church leader who was already a cardinal, Fr Figueiredo said. “That is very significant,” he said. “He was almost saying, ‘this is my man’.

    2.1.22 "She suggested reading Blessed Carlo Acutis: 5 Steps to Being a Saint by Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo. I am most grateful for the suggestion, as the book proved to be a great read full of practical advice taken from the life of this very ordinary and yet remarkable young saint who achieved so much in his short life. By following his example and PLAN OF LIFE we can make great strides in fulfilling our vocation to sanctity."

    Fig backed up by Strickland:
    “I hope Msgr’s bravery inspires others who have information”
    Bishop Joseph Strickland calls for more whistleblowers like Mgr Anthony Figueiredo

    But seriously, bishop stricknine, isn't neo cat opus dei Fag one of the homophile McCarrick protégés?

  9. Not sure what you are "so what-ing," tancred, but if it is the BS websites, I'm just wondering what it says about their canonical status.

    "Bishop Takes Queen: Raymond Burke Is Highly Traditional. That's Why He Received the Final Vows of a Transgendered Nun

  10. The son of a prominent conservative activist has been convicted of charges that he stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan, 6, 2021, bashed in a window, chased a police officer, invaded the Senate floor and helped a mob DISRUPT THE CERTIFICATION (no disrupt the protest of the Certification by congressmen) of Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential election victory.

    JANUARY 6, 2021 10:00 AM ET. By this week, the tally of those planning to raise objections has reached more than 100 House Republicans and more than a dozen GOP senators.

    JANUARY 7, 20214:26 PM ET More than a dozen Republican senators originally said they would object to at least one state's election results. After the violence that ensured Wednesday afternoon, that number was reduced by about half.

  11. These same people are always saying they are on the side of the good, 'stop the steal,' against homosexuals etc. etc. but never seem to get any victories do we?

  12. Wonder how he just knew where to "find" that bag of emergency supplies?

    Soon after, Bozell was videoed on the balcony of the U.S. Senate Chamber. As the mob chanted “Treason! Treason!” Bozell unpacked a bag that he found filled with emergency supplies. While still in the Senate Gallery, he climbed over railings and reached a pair of CSPAN cameras. Bozell pointed one camera at the ground, obstruction its recording ability, just as rioters made it to the Senate Floor. Bozell made it to the Senate floor shortly thereafter.

  13. What does this have to do with the OP?

  14. "He was replaced by the progressive Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who then promptly fell in the wake of the McCarrick scandal. The exchange served to ensure that more homophile McCarrick protégés were placed on bishops' chairs rather than defenders of the faith."

    Wow. McCarrick belonged to the St. Gall mafia, but Wuerl is a progressive! Imagine that when Wuerl's first assignment was to deal with the progressive Hunthausen. Nardi is really slipping/tipping his hand while Hunthausen proteges are made archbishops:

    "For a bishop today known as bridge-builder, able to foster friendships across the ideological and theological spectrum, it’s perhaps not entirely coincidental that Thomas cut his administrative teeth under a high-profile prelate who was sometimes a lightning rod.

    "Famously, Hunthausen, an outspoken liberal who once publicly refused to pay half his income tax to protest the stockpiling of nuclear weapons in his archdiocese, became the target of a Vatican investigation in the mid-1980s for alleged violations of Church teaching. A young Donald Wuerl, the future Cardinal of Washington, D.C., was briefly appointed an auxiliary bishop with special powers, triggering lasting tensions between Rome and the AMERICAN church." (what's that, tancred: "american church"?

    "He (Francis) was close to conservative groups in the Church such as Opus Dei and the two Italian movements, Communion and Liberation and the Focolare, which were influential in Argentina. The great enigma we must address is his transformation into the man to whom the liberal section of the Church, and particularly the St. Gall group, turned to as a figurehead. For many, this change is the major enigma of Bergoglio's career."

    The 'great enigma' is resolved when you realize Opus Dei and St. Gall are working together to destroy the CATHOLIC CHURCH--which is the church Wuerl and Ouelette still serve (however, half-heartedly and weakly), and thus they are the enemies of both St. Gall and Opus Dei.

  15. Full moon already,

  16. Full moon, indeed.
    Super-full with moon rays bombarding Earth.

  17. HMMM. Cascioli and Nardi don't know why the pope is going after burke:

    The Synodal Tower of Babel: Daily Compass Rome conference “The Synodal Tower of Babel” takes place on October 3, beginnng at 16:00 in Teatro Ghione, in via delle Fornaci 37, a short distance from Piazza San Pietro. The distinguished speakers are Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, canonist Father Gerald Murray and Professor Stefano Fontana editorialist for the Daily Compass.

    In addition, the conference will mark the launch of a new monthly apologetic magazine in Italian, La Bussola. Its first issue, this October, is dedicated entirely to the Synod.

    "Burke was joined by U.S. Father Gerald E. Murray, a canon lawyer and frequent commentator on EWTN, and by an Italian philosophy professor at a conference titled, “The Synodal Babel.”

    Riccardo Cascioli, editor of the Italian Catholic news site that sponsored the conference, ...Cardinal Sarah was seated in the front row.

    who is funding cascioli and new magazine La Bussola (the compass, i.e. "the way")?

    "The attack on Opus Dei harms the Church. The Motu proprio that degrades personal prelatures is only the latest step in a battle against the movement founded by Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, in which the Pope contradicts himself by going against the Council and the principle of synodality." (see problem w/francis' synodality is opus dei lay cut out)


    09.24.19 Burke/cascioli: "The preparatory document (Instrumentum Laboris) cannot be accepted, we must do everything we can to defend the integrity of the Catholic faith.” “It is also dishonest to present a Synod supposedly for the evangelisation of the Amazon, when the true objective is to revolutionise the whole Church.” “I am not an enemy of the Pope and there is no American complot.” Bannon? “I am not involved with people who act to destroy the Church.” These are statements by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke who will give the main lecture at the Giornata della Bussola, 6 October."

    04.21.15 "Cardinal Burke Responds to Recent Criticisms. In this interview the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta said, ‘I am not against the Pope; I have never spoken out against the Pope. … My purpose is to serve the truth.'" ...How traditional is he? "But newspapers often use a photo of you wearing a hat clearly out of date. Yes, I know, but it’s just incredible. I can explain: That photo was spread around after Il Foglio published it alongside the interview I did at the time of the synod. The interview had been done well, but, unfortunately, they chose a photo that had nothing to do with it, which I regret, because, in this way, they gave the mistaken impression of a person who lives in the past. "The truth is that, after being named cardinal, I was invited to a diocese in the south of Italy for a conference on the liturgy. For the occasion, the organizer decided to give me as a gift an old-fashioned cardinal’s hat. I have no idea where he got it from. I held it in my hand and obviously had no intention of wearing it regularly, but he asked me to put it on to take at least one photo. This was the only time I put that hat on my head, but, unfortunately, that picture has been published all over the world, and some use it to give the impression that I go around like that. But I’ve never worn it, not even for a ceremony.

  18. February 6, 2017, Monday — Posters against the Pope

    [My editorial note: Cascioli never tells us how he managed to see this letter from the Pope to Cardinal Burke, which he then quotes from. Perhaps Burke showed Cascioli the letter. But, since the letter was “made known” to “all the members of the Order’s Sovereign Council,” it could be that Cascioli was able to learn of the contents of the letter from a source other than Burke.]

    [My editorial note: This is evidently the passage that will be picked up again in the December 12 and 20 letters from Secretary of State Parolin to the Knights of Malta, when he writes that the Pope did not instruct Burke to expel anyone from the order, only that there should be a “dialogue” initiated to resolve any problems.]

    The onePeterfive website has summarized the new evidence here (link).

    It is based on a fundamental article by Riccardo Cascioli in Italian found here.

    Those who read Italian should read the whole article in the original Italian.

    For those who do not read Italian, here are excerpts from the translation provided by Maike Hickson of onePeterfive (and lifesitenews). In several places I insert my own editor’s notes; otherwise, all the text below is by Riccardo Cascioli; it is his reconstruction of what happened in the case of the Pope’s December 1 letter to Burke:

    Within a few hours of their appearance, the satirical “anti-Francis” posters were taken down or covered over by “Illegal Posting” signs from the City of Rome.

  19. Poor old Ray. Send him your unwanted lace as a token of appreciation.

  20. The turkey stuffers at Acton, Napa, Legatus etc and his patrons in plutocracy will look after the poor stupid narcissist.