Monday, December 12, 2022

Three Islamic Invaders Rape and Kill 13 Year Old Girl


Edit: this has been going on ever since Muslims came out of the desert. It shouldn’t be a shock that they do this. What’s disturbing, is that a certain group of very powerful people insists that they be located in large pockets in European cities where they can rape, loot, pillage and burn with near impunity.

[RMXAll three Afghan nationals arrested for the rape and murder of a 13-year-old Austrian school girl in Vienna in June of last year have been convicted by an Austrian court.

The brutal facts of the case received national condemnation across the country when the bruised body of the victim known as Leonie was discovered by passers-by leaning against a tree next to Viktor-Kaplan-Strasse in the Austrian capital. She was found strangled with her body dumped in a green strip close to the apartment of one of the attackers in Vienna-Donaustadt.

The Vienna court found the Afghan migrants had plied the victim with ecstasy with the intention of raping her; an autopsy report concluded she died of a drug overdose and asphyxiation. 



  1. This is why the Popes made sure “the chosen” were segregated into their own neighborhoods. They are a danger to human life and civilization. They are probably laughing their demonic heads off about how they’ve taken vengeance on the stupid “goyim”.

  2. So now the Afghanis have morphed into Hebrews.

    With a standard of general knowledge like that shown by Anon 3:04 PM, it's no wonder that the US education system is the laughingstock of the Free World.

    Good grief!

  3. You must be more retarded than Benedict Carter, Feybrielle.

    The biggest promoters of anti-western sentiment, hostility to the white people, open borders and racial equality are who?

    Careful, Gaybrielle asking these questions are illegal in the UK.

  4. The free world is not free for Christians particularly Traditional Catholics only to who Soros Gates and others want to do as they please like Borgoglio and his appointees, It will be interesting to see the Saint Patricks gay outing this year coming, thanks to the coward dolan.