Thursday, December 8, 2022

Aberrosexual Priests “don’t want to hide anymore”

Blurred image of priests, blurred priesthood, homosexual passions as the cause.

Thoughts by Giuseppe Nardi

50 priests in Italy who describe themselves as homosexual have come forward to denounce the Church's "internal homophobia".  They announced in a document that they "no longer wanted to hide".  This marks the beginning of the next stage in the attempt to influence outsiders with allies in the Church.  It is daily newspapers in the orbit of George Soros' media cartel that threw the stone in the water.  The left-leaning Italian daily Domani took the first step, which was followed yesterday by the equally left-leaning Spanish publication Público – on the second Sunday in Advent.

Homosexuality is an outrageous sin, which is why it automatically entails excommunication as a punishment, leading to self-exclusion from the Church community because the state of grace that is essential for communion, community with Christ, is lost.  So there is hardly a greater contradiction than a homosexual priest.  Pope Benedict XVI  therefore insisted that candidates with a homosexual problem should not even be accepted into a seminary.  It is also a reason for impediment to consecration.  This guideline for the seminaries was also confirmed by Pope Francis.  So the question is of very serious concern, regardless of whether an over-sexualized world is aware of it.

Choosing a Sunday in Advent, the time of preparation for the Solemnity of the Coming of the Lord, for publication is a significant expression of a desacralizing intention.  The media mentioned form the amplifier to accuse the Church of “deep-seated homophobia” and to pillory it.

In fact, it is the Christian message that opposes homosexuality in history.  It was Christianity that defeated homosexuality, widespread in antiquity and among pagan peoples.  The return of homosexuality is no accident, but a direct expression of the decline in faith and a return of paganism.  The "enlightened" opinion that Christianity can be eliminated because it can also be done without religion has proven to be a devastating fallacy over the past 250 years.  Where Christianity wanes, substitute religions take its place, and “progress” toward a relapse into dark paganism begins.

A movement of "homosexual priests" is therefore an insoluble contradiction.  This applies all the more as it wants to establish a sinful state.  A suggestion that can be described as perverse in the true sense of the word.

The document began in a course for "pastoral workers" in Bologna, a center of modernism.  This initially raises doubts as to whether all the signatories are priests.  The document has since been circulated at the events taking place as part of the “synodal process” for the Synod of Bishops on synodality desired by Pope Francis.  This shows what critics have said in other contexts, that Francis initiates initiatives that lead to structural usurpation in order to force a paradigm shift on the Church that removes it from doctrine and order.

The Italian initiative finds its actual starting point in the homo initiatives of some clerics and bishops in the German-speaking area, especially the German Bishops' Conference.  What had been started at the Second Vatican Council - that the Church should heal from its German character - finds its continuation in a new eruption.  And yet the Church was hit hard once before, half a millennium ago.

The homosexual priests present themselves as victims.  Victims of silence and oppression as they are unable to speak about their "homosexual orientation" either with their families or in the Church.  But is that true?  They could do it: honestly, they should have done it before they entered the seminary, but at the latest before they were ordained a priest.  It's still possible now, but that requires honesty.  What credibility can a priest entangled in a lifelong lie claim?  Doesn't that have to influence his whole work?  A one-off, uncontrolled impulse must be cleaned up through repentance in the absolution in the sacrament of penance.  There are well-known examples of this, as is the case with other serious sins.  God is merciful and the Church has always passed on this mercy.  A "deep-seated" problem of sexual identity disorder also calls for more in-depth treatment of the problem from a qualified source.  The signatories of the document themselves complain that their psyche has been hurt, but they claim that this is due to the Church’s "homophobia".  At the same time, they do not see the injuries they inflict on their office, the sacraments, the Church as a whole and, above all, on their salvation and that of others.

The homosexual priests demand "immediate recognition" and claim that their homosexual passions are willed by God, since "that is how" God created them.  In addition, there is no study in Italy of the kind carried out by the French Bishops' Conference in 2021, which found that nine percent of priests were "depressed" and eight percent were alcohol dependent.  The investigation was launched after seven priests committed suicide over a four-year period.  However, this is a far-reaching, complex subject area with many aspects, not least of which is that the image of the priest and the understanding of the priesthood eroded in the Church itself after Vatican II.

Domani also quotes psychiatrist Raffaele Lavazzo, who reported in the progressive Dehonian journal Il Regno that, in the past, latent homosexual tendencies sometimes came to light in priestly patients after several sessions, whereas today such priests would speak openly about it, “like someone who  has taken the rudder of his own boat and steers it safely, at least to appearances".

In the "synodal path," according to Domani, homosexual priests see an opportunity to turn things around.  In the spirit of the homosexualized zeitgeist, priests who have been dishonest with themselves, but above all with the church and want to live out their homosexuality, see the unique opportunity to have their unbridled impulses recognized.  For this the Church should change its revealed teaching and tradition.

 But how seriously do these priests take their vocation and ordination?  A homosexual priest offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is an intrinsic contradiction, as would a woman at the altar.  The complementary order of the sexes is reflected in the Holy Mass.  Jesus Christ was male, the Scriptures speak of the spotless yearling male lamb, also of the ram sacrificed by Abraham in place of Isaac, and of the firstborn.  The male priest is the head of the Church on behalf of Christ, just as Christ is the head of the Church.  In the divine and natural order of the sexes, the Church is feminine.  Man and woman form a real unity and only they do that, since they become "one".  This is expressed in the Holy Mass by the priest at the altar and the faithful in the nave.  It reflects the marital bond between a man and a woman in a figurative sense.  A Protestant pastor once said: "The Catholic pastor is married to his congregation, but then I prefer to be married to my wife." He had said something important about the priesthood without understanding it himself.  Conversely, a woman at the altar would therefore be an expression of homosexuality, which is sterile, the same applies to a priest with homosexual passion.  Fundamental aspects of the ordination and altar sacraments are thus touched upon, and even more so, they are called into question by homosexuality.

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