Friday, November 25, 2022

When a Catholic woman has an abortion, she becomes a Jew


  1. E. Michael Jones always connects the dots.
    That is why he is hated.

  2. E. Michael Jones always connects the dots."

    The twit's ideological constipation limits him from doing anything else that doing dot points.

  3. What about the fathers--have they become Jews too? What about the 98% of Catholics on birth control? Most contraception has abortifacient feature; surely the husbands bear responsibility also. What about all the Catholics who are sterilized (and usually it's the male who gets snipped nowadays)? I wonder if E.M. Jones (and this blog) knows that every idle word will be held against him and that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Are all sinners now exclusively Jews? And is Jesus Christ now a sinner? E.M. Jones gets flakier by the day.

    "In this data set, 27 percent were Catholic, and of those, nearly 23 percent were married. In other words, one out of every 16 women procuring an abortion is married and Catholic.

    "Compared with other women procuring abortions, Catholic women in the Guttmacher survey tended to be older; that is, Catholic women over 30 were overrepresented in women choosing abortion. Compared with other religious groups, they were more likely to be married, and thus had higher household incomes, and also were more likely to be at home rather than in the workforce. Unsurprisingly, given the demographics of Catholicism in the United States, there were proportionately more Hispanics and fewer blacks than in the U.S. population as a whole.

    "Catholic women obtaining abortions were also more likely to have previously given birth. Seventy-two percent of married Catholic women in this group had already given birth at least twice, compared with 62 percent of other married women. Roughly four out of 10 Catholic women filling out the survey were having an abortion for the first time (a bit higher than among other women) and, on average, underwent the procedure about a week earlier in their gestation than non-Catholic women.

    "Among unmarried women, Catholics were more likely (64 percent to 54 percent) to say they intend to have children in the future. But married Catholic women were just as likely as other married women to say they did not intend to have another child. (A caveat: This data does not break down responses by religious practice. According to a 2016 Pew survey, 51 percent of all Catholics believe having an abortion is “morally wrong,” but that encompasses 83 percent among those who attend Mass at least weekly and only 38 percent for less frequent attendees.)"

  4. It's reassuring to know, Nemo #:24 PM that you are not like the rest of humanity.

    When's the living canonization?

  5. Who let the cucks out?? Woof! Woof!

  6. Stop Voris: what's with the moniker? I am indeed curious. What's wrong with Voris as he appears to be fairly orthodox?