Monday, November 14, 2022

Dr. Zelenko was right


  1. Bonker Trump (I won by a lot!) had the shots. All his family had the shots. Tucker the Blimp and Faux Naysayers have all been vaccinated. The ideological bomb throwers at FOX News have had the shots and shut up.
    Get vaccinated. The variants are coming your way. Ivemectin will only make you poo like a horse.

  2. Excellent post Gaybrielle. I believe it’s time for your next round of vaccines: 4th C19 booster, monkey pox, herpes, hpv, flu, meningitis, and hep A&B. And don’t forget, naughty boy, your daily hiv cocktail.

    1. Don't forget your shingles shot also!!!

  3. Oh yes, Gaybrielle, a little off topic but a question I’m putting to all my “msm” acquaintances: Paul Pelosi, the official narrative, or was it a vain attempt to spare the Hon Nancy from shame and embarrassment over Paul’s gay hammer kink?

  4. Paul did give new meaning to "getting hammered".

  5. "Don't forget your shingles shot also!!!"
    Bonker Trump had that shot too and it had an ancillary effect of lifting his IQ from 4.52 to a neat 5.
    Don't forget the Invermectin, Topper.

  6. Dont forget your AZT Gaybrielle!!