Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Joe Sobran Defends Himself Against Charges of Anti-Semitism

 Edit: Joseph Sobran had just been fired from his job at National Review for “anti-semitism” and yet tries very hard (and succeeds with grace) to be magnanimous to his foes and detractors, including Bill Buckley. At this point, he still considers many Jews among his supporters. 

I wonder if he’d still have this opinion today, who knows, since he was already embracing Rothbardianism before he died.



  1. @Tancred
    Couple of things worth mentioning. First, "Rothbardianism" is a sub-section of the broader Libertarian Movement, which I am sure you are aware of. In many ways, the broader Libertarian Movement was a sort of "Holding Pen" for Dissidents on "The Right". These sorts tended to be Catholic and didn't fit in with John Birch Society types which tended to be old school Protestants that weren't into "Blessing" Israel or Mormons. Of course, there are very few old school Protestants on "The Right" that haven't gone all in on "Blessing" Israel.

    Second, this Libertarian Holding Pen acted as a sort of "shield" against cries of "anti-Semitism" as many of these adherents were Jews. This is important, as the "anti-Capitalist" ANTIFA types have never targeted their fellow tribesmen within the Mises Institute.

    Lastly, the Catholic hierarchy drove these men into this holding pen. Notice how they remained silent regarding the excesses of "The Left" and threw out defenses regarding "Catholic Social Teaching". One of the many reasons for GloboHomo, is the Catholic Church failing to act as a "check" on Corporate Power.

  2. Thank you so much, Tancred, for posting this. He was certainly formative in my thinking. Here a thought that is something, I am sure, Joe would have said, were he still here, in his prime: "Why aren't the the pro-life people demonstrating outside the houses of the minority?"

    IMHO, Joe would have have the same opinions today, to answer your question. There are still plenty of Jews around who see what's going on, yet can't quite get themselves to embrace Our Lord.

    Side note: I had forgotten how much Joe lost his Ypsi accent.

    Thanks again, Tancred!

  3. I heard Sobran once at an SBC conference in 2001. He was hilarious. He was plugging his Abraham Lincoln biography, which was a big hit with all the Feeneyite southern sympathizers. I remember him bowing to the priest like they do in the Eastern Rites when the priest processed after Mass.

  4. T....what year was this recorded?

    May this gently and formidable giant rest in peace.

  5. https://catholicism.org/ad-rem-no-363.html

  6. He continued to work for National Review through the Gulf War

  7. http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/download/writers/SobranHowIWasFired.htm

  8. October 1993 is six years after this video was made.
    According to Taki, WFB came to believe, in his final years, that he had been played by the Joos.

  9. Joe's story provides another solid data point: The Global Synagogue tolerates only shameful grovelling and servile submission to its ongoing and outrageous crimes.

    Interesting: he provides all the classic, boomer, middle-of-the-road, placate-the-Jew bromides, like the alleged legitimacy of phony Israel, that Jews are solid American citizens (rather than subversive citizens of a foreign country, a.k.a. dual citizens). But of course, the Yiddishe-kopf doesn't conform itself to reason, but rather to the very overthrow thereof, and thus Sobran's career was necessarily sacrificed to provide an example of what happens to the goyim who don't slavishly obey the Jew's every insane demand.

  10. Sure, there are Jews who aren’t themselves hostile to differing opinions on Israel, or Judaism, but where are they when a figure like Sobran is pilloried? They’re practically silent and completely ineffective when it comes to defending those who run afoul of the Synagogue of Satan.

  11. Paul Gottfried Is a halfway decent Yiddisherkopf. In fact, he went to EMJ years ago telling him he had to go after joos before EMJ ever thought about it.