Monday, May 2, 2022

Is THIS the Line in the Sand?


  1. It looks like it will take pressure from the laity themselves to force FSSP clergy to either take a stand, or go with the flow.

    Some Fraternity members that are a bit long in the tooth have already stated they will "retire" before going along with such a thing; the younger men, however, who were not even born when the majority of us were fighting for The Mass, have been schooled to believe, among other things, that "Independents and other groups are schismatic", and "we need not worry since FSSP is of papal right and our founding documents would prevent such a thing...."

    With a Jesuit in-charge, anything can happen.

  2. All that this MIGHT mean is that the FSSP priests will be required to ATTEND the Chrism Mass.
    It does not mean that they will have to vest or concelebrate.
    That "Return to Tradition" basement dweller loves to stir things that he knows nothing about.

    1. Fraternity priests serve at the behest of the local ordinary. They do what the ordinary wants. If the ordinary wants "concelebration", the Fraternity needs to obey, or lose their parish in that diocese.

      Bergoglio will keep it as vague and open as possible, while privately showing what he wants. That is how he works. As Bergoglio's CDW boi has said, the Roman Rite and the Novus Ordo don't have the same theology, and the Roman Rite is not compatible with the post-conciliar theology.

  3. Priests of the Fraternity usually attends the Chrism Mass in the dioceses that they are in. They don't concelebrate but they come there to "assist" at the NO. I have accompanied them a couple of times already when I was still a seminarian in their NE seminary.