Sunday, November 28, 2021

Too insignificant for Wikipedia?

It looks like the skateboarding grifter Thug Gordon is having a hard time finding free advertising.   We thought it was odd a few weeks ago when someone pointed out that he had a biography on Wikipedia.   Granted, it wasn't as nauseating as the self promotion done by his old boyfriend Preppy Taylor, but it was still as phony as Gary Voris' hair.  Now, a reader has sent us this screen shot.   Wiki is a great repository for useless information, what made them think this wandering shred of human debris wasn't worth an entry?

With McDonald's now paying $23/hr, why is he wasting his time in these trivial pursuits?  It doesn't make sense to us but neither does going to law school to teach ninth grade religion.


  1. This is hysterical. Still laughing.

  2. Is he wearing lipstick?

  3. Hey Thug:
    I know a kid with an AR15. Why don’t you hit him over the head with one of your skateboards?


  4. Start a thread on Kiwi Farms for Internet lol-cows.

  5. Guys like this breed and can’t afford diapers.

  6. First time I saw this LOL-clown, I thought he was a plant mocking traddies

  7. You guys are too hard on the Thug. Can you at least concede that he has, at least, above average IQ?
    With 6 kids, it's irresponsible trying to eke out a living grifting on the web and peddling the Americanist heresy. Leave that to Weigel.

    But, he doesn't have to be flipping burgers at McDonalds. He could run such a franchise. I just think he'd want a little more mobility for the next time he pisses off BLM.
    Consider this:
    The work would be in upscale white neighborhoods where they actually care about dog shit on there lawns.

  8. I’m confident Thug would be a better contributor to society if he stopped his Pastor K act and got a job at McD’s.

    If he focuses, he could have his own franchise in less than a decade.

    Unlike slandering people, providing minimal content, platforming obvious frauds like James Grein and grinding Our Lady’s face on the cement with his “Motherboards”, he would be doing honest work.

  9. Cody:

    Timothy could help you with your grammar (their/there) but are you man enough to care?

  10. I’d pay Gordon to pick up Phydeaux’s poo.