Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Patrick Coffin interviews Dr. Zelenko


  1. Excellent videos. I saw them earlier and I'm glad you shared them here.

  2. Reposting and propagating Chabad claiming credit for presenting well known and commonly available info on the controlled opposition platform, Rumble. Absolutely clueless as always, thanks boomer. It will be easier to restore the Church when your generation stops amplifying our enemies.

  3. Goy fawns over Talmudist who makes shekels with his cure for the Jew flu.

    BTW, according to the Shulchan Aruch, what Jews call pagan and idolaters (Avodah Zarah) includes followers of Christ. Noahide Laws, which are basically Jews' rule for goys, when the Jews come to rule the world openly, call for death by beheading for all idolaters. Funny how Zev left that part out!

    Patrick Coffin: we're all Jews now. Zelenko's silent eye roll seemed to say, not so much, Goy.

    Here's Pat's new theme song.

  4. The bit about using the jab to track us like EZ-pass seemed a bit far fetched. But, who knows?
    Two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed half of what I’ve seen in the past 20 months

  5. Gladstone damn I thought I was on gab reading a comment like that.