Sunday, November 21, 2021

Federal Chancellor Schallenberg and Health Minester Mückstein make Austria an experimental field for the Corona dictatorship

Federal Chancellor Schallenberg and Health Minister Mückstein make Austria an experimental field for the Corona dictatorship.  From February 2022, mandatory vaccinations will apply.  When does the Constitutional Court (picture on the right) become active?

By Martha Burger

Austria's Green Minister of Health and top corona fanatic has announced a general vaccination requirement for February 1, 2022.  Austria is the first western country to take this coercive measure, which can only be described as arbitrariness and tyranny.  Those who refuse are to be threatened with “heavy administrative fines”.  The fake pandemic of the Corona Theater MUST be savored to the bitter end.

Will the highest judges of the country finally wake up from their permanent slumber and protect the citizens against coercion and arbitrariness?

Will people finally get up and express their displeasure against an arbitrary regime?  There will be major rallies in Vienna tomorrow.  If not now then when?

Above all, the question arises: Where does this corona fanaticism come from?  Where does this fanaticism for vaccination come from?  Whose service and pay is this government in?

Why do you want to vaccinate everyone, even children, for an illness that is no more and no less than the average flu and which poses no danger to 98 percent of the population?

Austria's corona regime has never given an answer to these questions.  Not the regime duo Kurz / Anschober and not the regime duo Schallenberg / Mückstein.

Rather, they have so far withheld the real extent and the real threat of Covid-19 from their own people.  In Austria in 2020, “only” 0.069 percent of the population died without any vaccination.  The dead had serious previous illnesses and were on average over 80 years old.

According to the WHO, the mortality rate in an average flu season is 0.1–0.2 percent.  So Covid-19 is nothing more and nothing less than your average flu.  From a political point of view, nothing more can be said about Corona.  The rest is a medical problem that Austria's healthcare system can cope with, as it does in all flu seasons.

The Corona regime Kurz / Schallenberg / Anschober / Mückstein has not done anything to support the health care system.  The only relevant question to be asked of the government is: How many additional intensive care beds have been created since the beginning of the Corona Theater through a targeted political decision?

The coercive measures of the Corona government with lockdowns, mask requirements, contact restrictions and contact tracking - all elements of a dictatorial nature - had no demonstrable positive effects, but fatally negative ones.

Sweden and Florida provide proof of where the corona mortality without any coercive measures in Sweden is exactly within the EU average and in Florida in third-best place among the 50 US states.  But the government and the mainstream media keep it quiet.

The Corona government has made fatal wrong decisions.  Instead of admitting this, it drives the country further into the abyss.  That is shameful and criminal.

 Image: Wikicommons

But, some are fighting back.
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  1. Unless people can free themselves from the parroted ideology of the anarchist anti-vaxxers then they will end up on a respirator, in therapy for years with 'long Covid' or simply dead.
    The Austrian leaders are taking action to protect their people against a pandemic that has killed millions and wrecked societies. It needs to be fought just as vigorously as Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, Measles, Polio, Malaria and mass stupidity among many more.

  2. 2:14pm

    And just what "wrecked societies" can your fevered imagination name?
    If you are thinking Australia, it is not COVID that is wrecking it. It is the draconian State that is forbidding basic freedoms.

  3. Gaybrielle's Petrified ProctologistNovember 22, 2021 at 8:17 AM

    Jim Hoffnung, a.k.a. Gaybrielle, is practicing his gaslighting technique, and demonstrates his typical sub-par performance.


  4. Saw an article indicating that the Austrian police (and Army) will NOT enforce the mandate, this morning's reading.

    Is that un-true?

  5. It was published in the journal, 'Ens Rationis' in Rotterdam.