Monday, November 15, 2021

Voris the Bossy Gay Grifter Doxes and Accuses

Edit: what Voris lacks for in legal expertise, and diplomacy, he makes up for it with malice and venom.

It’s almost as if Voris thinks the money raised for Father Jackson’s defense is his.

Thug doesn’t offer much while trying to stay neutral. He does defend Budgie for her methodology of rash bomb throwing allegations and slander.

Wasn’t Peronne innocent till proven guilty? 

He’s got a lot of nerve accusing Mike of being a grifter when his new boyfriend Milo and his buddy Steve Bannon,
are no strangers to online money hogging and misrepresenting things.

Voris also uses the opportunity to kevetch about the “schismatic” SSPX.




  1. Don't want anything to do with the venomous Voris and company. If they run out of bishops to bash, they look for other victims. They are nothing more than the "Enquirer" of the blog sphere. What good they may have done in the past is now negated.

  2. The narcissist will only share the spotlight with gay fans and sycophants who tell him how wonderful he is and compliment his wig.

  3. That's a WIG !!!!
    Who would have guessed?

  4. Tim Gordon is to Michael Voris as Oprah Winfrey is to Meghan Markle in this fundraising kerfuffle.

    When a viewer pointed out that Tim may be biased toward CM/Voris because of his brother Dave's association with Voris, Tim's response was as follows:

    Timothy Gordon
    Timothy Gordon
    15 hours ago
    Why would you assume I give a shit where my brother works? That’s his business. For my part, I’ve been friends with Voris many years before Dave started working there.


    I grant that in this post, Tim sounds more like Prince Harry, but Tim's seeming oblivion to CM's latest attempt to insert themselves in other people's business ala-Meghan Markle to appear relevant is wholly unbelievable. Like Harry, Tim has to understand the business model.

    Kinda weird that Tim has to add how he got there first with regard to Voris. Is there trouble brewing in Gordon Paradise? Are the brothers fighting for Voris' affection? Add to that a book on "Patriarchy" and I'd be running for the hills to get away from those so-called men. Ewww. Just ewww.

  5. Voris has clearly gone over the line. Time will prove that there is something seriously wrong with him at this moment as well as with the trajectory at Church Militant. This is unfortunate. They once had something to offer but they have gone off the track.

  6. He will be the victim of his own narcissism.
    That is one manifestation of the disordered homosexual personality.
    With him partnering up with Milo will cause the fiery accident to happen sooner.

  7. He'll be driven over the edge when rats make their home in his hair piece.