Thursday, November 11, 2021

Antifa Attempt to Create a Hate Crime at Providence

Edit: LOL! After years of empty gestures and virtue signaling, the administration is powerless to stop it!

Think of all the articles that could have been written by all the woke Cloggers like Ugly Puggzuolo, Marcy Shea, Minister Dale Ahlquist and VoxCantoris.

Providence College is a fake Catholic School run by fake Dominicans in Road Island.

Maybe Blogging has been self-cancelled forever?

Here’s the fake news article:

 [Boston BlobPROVIDENCE — Police are investigating a series of racial slurs that were written in the frost of some vehicles in a student parking lot at Providence College. 

In a letter sent to the school community, Providence College President Rev. Kenneth Sicard said while the act appeared to be “random in nature,” at least one of the vehicles on which the racial slurs were written was owned by a student of color.

“We unequivocally condemn this kind of behavior. We pray for and stand ready to support those who were affected,” wrote Sicard.



  1. One may be interested in noting that the Rev Brian Shanley O.P. who is the former president of Providence College was just invested as president of St. John's University. St. John's is ostensibly a Vincentian run school. They are dying off.---The lay president thing didn't work and now they are turning to a Dominican. The last priest president, Donald Harrington, was drummed out of office for spending money on a series of boy friends. Just what will be the end result for these Catholic universities throughout the country without Catholic leadership.----Boston College has a priest president in William P. Leahy. His time is nearly up. BC will be just one more lay run school.

    1. Is he any relation to larval modernist bishop and founder of NAMBLA, Paul Shanley?