Friday, October 1, 2021

Meet Canada’s Top Freedom Fighter


[Patrick Coffin Media] Chris Sky has been arrested over a dozen times and has been released. He has racked up over $100,000 in fines which he will never pay. One social media platform after another was banned. His phone was hacked and disabled.

He is a living, breathing example of how not to comply with tyrannical, arbitrary, stupid rules. The mainstream media hate him. Police are coming to admire him. Thanks to Chris, ordinary citizens are waking up to what they have to do to end this illegal insanity. Be like Chris.



Anonymous said...

Might help his case if he didn't look like a piece of cranked out street trash.

Peter said...

Chris Skye, the modern Henny Penny

Shaun Alpert said...

Anon 8:22

I’m glad i listened to it before I saw his picture. He looks like he could be Thug Gordon’s Canuck cousin.
That said, It was great and he’s fully capable of kicking Thug’s butt in a battle of wits or a cage fight.

Anonymous said...

He’s a lot better than Thug.
But can he skateboard?

Liam . said...

I can’t imagine Thug Gordon being balsy enough to rack up $100k in fines.
He needed a GoFundMy Sorry Ass ūüćĎ after getting canned from his teaching job.

He claims to be a lawyer , why isn’t he teaming up with this guy instead of making gay Rules for Retrogrades videos that YouTube doesn’t even bother to censor.

Anonymous said...

Good interview but why does he
think he has to look like a straight