Wednesday, October 20, 2021

I will not give this poison


  1. Or is this some crazy bulldyke, Pharmacy Technician (NOT a Pharmacist) who decided to make an internet splash because she was fired for 10 years of being a pain in the ass.

  2. Another own goal by Tancred. One has lost count.

    1. Another gay and pointless comment by gaybrielle. 😂

      This isn’t my post, retard.

      Why is this diesel giving people the Death Vaxx and not a real doctor’s office?

  3. Why is a crazy bulldyke Pharmacy Technician jabbing people to begin with? Oh what, the medical professionals don't want to accept any liability.

  4. If the disease was as dangerous as they say, I can understand a lot of people getting qualified to administer the vaccine. But, Tancred ,you make a good point. Why are doctors refusing to jab their patients and referring them to bull dykes at CVS instead??

  5. Okay I've lost the point here. I don't know why anybody would label this lady a bull-dyke. If you can do that based on this grainy footage, I'm impressed. Is this lady a pharmacist? If she is, she is a hero, doing a great public service at great risk to her licensure. She should be commended. Frankly I don't get why aspersions would be cast. The bigger point here is the vax. The rest is in this situation, irrelevant.

  6. Afterthought, I have no idea if this is lady is who she says, but she said she has seen a "customer die". Now if that did happen, and somebody who took the vax died there, or shortly after, would it not play on your mind and soul, to know you are continuing to inject human beings with something you no longer have confidence in, and how stressful that might be on you in the following days? Until the point you crack, and you quit, and you just can't do it anymore. In that light, this makes perfect sense.
    Now if only this would happen to all the doctors out there, continuing to shove needles into arms, knowing that they might be harming these people, one way or another.
    Where's their consciences?