Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Great Vaccine!


  1. Courious if other "vaccines" developed such as for Hepatitis and this new one just recently approved by the WHO for Malaria are also problematic? Morally, and eeffective? and "safe"? Should we be concerned about them too? I just read that the WHO just approved a new Malaria vaccine thst is 39% effective?
    "Also known as Mosquirix, the jab was developed by a UK pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Over 800,000 children in African countries of Ghana, Kenya and Malawi were immunized with it as part of a pilot program that was launched in 2019." Which means they have been experimenting on it since 2019 on children!

  2. True vaccines have historically received more credit than they deserve. Even the successful ones like polio were introduced somewhere along the plummet line and they road it down accelerating it slighting. They finished off the disease while it was down. That makes this visual all the more interesting as infections seem to shoot up AFTER the vaccine is introduced.

  3. Is it really Covid "breakthroughs", or is it vax injuries.
    Many are now saying that red line represents vax adverse effects.
    All along we have seen that once someone gets the jab, they often get sick or die.

  4. WHO has no legal authority to approve any drug or biologic including these so called "vaccines". In the EU they have a Medicines body just as in the US we have the FDA.