Thursday, September 30, 2021

Three Cardinals Die “From Corona” As Soon As They Were Vaccinated

So far, three cardinals have been counted as corona deaths: but did they die of the virus or the vaccination?

(Rome) How do the numbers of corona deaths come about: This question has been preoccupying many since the “pandemic” was proclaimed.  Not to deny the dead the respect they need, as Corona believers snear, but to clarify whether the government's measures are proportionate.  A glance at the College of Cardinals shows only a very small reality, but it is manageable and empirically comprehensible in its entirety.

The opening credits need to be clarified: A lot would be gained, say critics of the corona policy, if the governments made actual corona deaths the yardstick for their decisions.  Isn't that the case?  It is not, although the high state representatives never tire of justifying themselves with the protection of health.  The measures, including the lockdown, were already in place in a number of states when there were no corona deaths in their countries.  The basis of government policy is based on model calculations that are based on shaky, sometimes obviously wrong, premises, as has long been amply demonstrated.  The “hard” criteria, dead and hospitalized, on the other hand, do not really play a recognizable role.  Exaggerated by the mass media, they primarily serve as fear-makers.  Not even in 2021, although according to the official census there are already twice as many corona deaths as in 2020, at least in the Federal Republic of Germany, which is of course more significant in terms of numbers than Switzerland and Austria, for example.

Are three cardinals corona deaths or vaccination victims?

Last week, the article Corona toll among the cardinals - Vaccinated and yet Infected was published here, which needs to be supplemented.  The number of Covid-19 deaths among the cardinals has since increased from one to three.

The college of cardinals counted 217 purple bearers as of yesterday.  121 of them are papal electors, 97 are over 80 years old and therefore no longer eligible to vote.  Since the proclamation of the alleged corona pandemic, a total of 19 cardinals have died: seven in 2020 and twelve in 2021. The youngest, Cornelius Cardinal Sim, Vicar Apostolic of Brunei, was 70, the oldest, Cardinal Adrian Simonis, Archbishop emeritus  from Utrecht, at the age of 99.

Despite their origins from very different countries and conditions, cardinals are long-lived: the average age of the deceased purple bearers is a proud 90 years.  It is thus far above global life expectancy, including that of women.

Of the 19 deceased, three are counted as corona deaths.  None of them died in 2020 when the world was supposedly "defenseless".  All three died in 2021 after the global vaccination campaign got underway.  They are as follows:

Cardinal Eusébio Oscar Scheid, died on January 13, 2021 in Brazil at the age of 97.

 Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, died on September 23, 2021 in Venezuela at the age of 80.

 Cardinal José Freire Falcão, died on September 26, 2021 in Brazil at the age of 96.

No information could be obtained about Cardinal Scheid, but Cardinals Urosa and Falcão were both fully vaccinated.  Cardinal Urosa, who bravely and with little support from Santa Marta fought against the socialist regime of Nicolás Maduro, was hospitalized for other complaints.  Cardinal Scheid's state of health was already poor.  Cardinal Falcão arrived at the end of his life.

Press agencies reported the cardinal's death.  Kathpress headlined: "Old Archbishop of Brasilia died of Covid-19 at the age of 95"., the news portal of the German Bishops' Conference, and Domradio headlined, based on a KNA report: "Venezuelan Cardinal Urosa died of Corona".  All willingly proclaim Corona death.  The vaccine death too?  Not at all.  Nowhere was it mentioned that the deceased had been vaccinated twice.  Just a forgetfulness?  Hard to believe.  Rather, the following applies: It cannot be what must not be.  The official Catholic media, like the bishops, submit to this government dictate when it comes to Corona.

Corona infection was found in all three cardinals by means of a PCR test, i.e. on an uncertain basis.  The fact is that they are counted as corona deaths.  Before the "pandemic" it was taken for granted that someone could die at the old age of 95 or 96 without a government having the idea of ​​subjecting entire peoples and states to coercive measures and even elementary school children become involved by having to have to wear a mask at all times.

In addition to the three deceased, another eleven cardinals were tested corona-positive using the PCR test.  The recently widespread assertion that not fourteen but 19 cardinals had tested positive could not be substantiated.  Only one of them, Cardinal Burke, went through a difficult illness.  Of the others, some would not have noticed anything without the test, so they were false-positive.  More notably, most of the cardinals that tested positive had already been double vaccinated, some at least once, and still tested positive.  According to the official corona narrative, this would mean that they were infected despite being vaccinated.  What the official Corona narrative does not say, as in the cases of the Cardinals Urosa and Falcão, that you can be hospitalized despite being vaccinated and also die of Corona despite being vaccinated - provided you follow this narrative.  Either the vaccine preparations are not good, as the governments promise, or the PCR test is not good because even corona governments cannot square the circle.

 On or with Corona or despite or because of vaccination

The coronavirus deaths using the example of the College of Cardinals raise less the question of the dangerousness of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, but all the more the question of the dangerousness of vaccine preparations and the obligation to vaccinate, which was introduced partly de jure and partly de facto.  The question of the actual cause of death cannot be objectively determined immediately, neither in the case of corona deaths nor vaccination deaths.  This requires an autopsy.  The difference is: The corona deaths are still counted ex officio and without an autopsy, while the vaccination deaths fall through the grate because the governments do not want them.

Pope Francis supports the global vaccination campaign.  In the Easter message of 2021, he and US President Joe Biden proclaimed the slogan: "Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate".  Francis introduced de facto compulsory vaccination in the Vatican and maliciously joked on September 12 on the flight from Budapest to Pressburg that Cardinal Burke was a "corona denier" who had not vaccinated and was therefore ill with Covid-19.  Cardinal Burke had already recovered by this point.

The fact is: Corona deaths among the cardinals only occurred after the start of the global vaccination campaign.  Since then, the relevant question is no longer whether someone died "from or with" Corona, but rather whether he died despite or because of the Corona vaccination.  Two of the three cardinals are counted as corona deaths, possibly even all three died despite or because of the corona vaccination.  A statement or mockery by Pope Francis is not yet known.

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: Archdiocese of Brasilia / Archdiocese of Caracas / Wikicommons (screenshots)

Trans: Tancred



  1. A 99 year old needs to get VAXXED?

  2. Some of Nardi's shrining circle of friends should let him know quietly that anti-vaccination dog whistling won't stop COVID-19 and variants from infecting a killing millions.
    Nardi should ask his dead granny, or has he forgotten already?

  3. Some of Nardi's shrining circle of friends should let him know quietly that anti-vaccination dog whistling won't stop COVID-19 and variants from infecting a killing millions.
    Nardi should ask his dead granny, or has he forgotten already?

  4. Oh yeah! Well, Cardinal Burke didn’t get vaccinated and he went to the hospital.