Sunday, May 2, 2021

Don’t Pay The Bishop of Columbus A Single Dime


The Catholic faithful through the centuries have trusted their Bishops and Priests to use their donated hard earned money for the glory of God and His Church. Many Catholics who are faithful to the Church and Her Mission still give willingly and generously to the Bishop’s Appeal every year. However, disturbing trends in the Church at large and locally call us to step back and reflect on the good of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.

Although the BAA claims to use it’s donated money for a great good, and in some part probably does, the pandemic lockdown of 2020 and recent news in the Diocese raises serious concerns.



Anonymous said...

Is this archdiocese really worse than the others? Why not let them all starve?

Anonymous said...

We all are forced to pay almost half our earnings in taxes all to feed the social welfare leviathan. Charity is voluntary but we are forced to pay for "charity" under the threat of arrest or worse by the government. I and most people don't have anything left to give to bishops whose own remuneration is a dark secret except we know retired DC Cardinal Wuerl is getting 2 million dollars per year. How much is Gregory, Dolan and O'Malley being paid? We'll never get an honest answer.

Anonymous said...

I was looking through that link. I love the "Miter Society." Makes me want to get my checkbook out right away.

All kidding aside, there are lots of red flags. Someone, more tech savvy than I should send this article to email addresses on the diocesan and parish websites.

Tracy Juels said...

Hardly a cowtown any longer. It’s the SanFranFreako of the Midwest but C’bus is
still too insignificant to get an ordinary of the caliber of Cordelione.

Bill Veiga said...

A bunch of people should send this to His Excellency

Anonymous said...

I don't give to any "Vatican II" Catholic organization or Church. And I suggest no one else give to them either (unless you are in a good parish). Also, don't contribute a dime to Bergoglio's "Peter's Pence" collection whenever that comes around.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Brochure Link said...

Just printed off the brochure and gave it
out in Powell.

Anonymous said...

Brennan: typical east coast liberal