Friday, May 7, 2021

A Serious Man


Anonymous said...

Based on the recommendation of E. Michael Jones, I watched A Serious Man several months ago after hearing another podcast in which he recommended this film. It really demonstrates Jewish behavior quite well. There is only one other film that probably does a better job of demonstrating the way Jews work. That film is called People I Know, what it really shows is how Jews not only work as a tribe but also how they cover up criminality. Frankly, I'm surprised EMJ has never mentioned this film.

Unknown said...

You can be sure that here are some true dominicans who will burn talmud and all other heretical, anti-logos books. And more than that. But they time has not yet come.

Anonymous said...

^^Unfortunately, finding a "true Dominican" will be like finding a living Dodo bird.

JBQ said...

E Michel Jones strikes again. Another brilliant discernment on Logos. I liked his explanation of "Clockwork Orange" as an attack on Beethoven and Western Civilization.----My order for his second edition has already been shipped. My only comment is that I wish that he would let up on Malachi Martin. This interview was one where he was a bit more sedate. There were only a few instances of being obnoxious.

Tom Kirton said...

"finding a living Dodo bird." There is a very large fat one who lives in a swamp Mar a Lago.

Anonymous said...


Poor baby.
Still quaking in your shoes because of the big orange man?
Have sprinkles on your cupcake tonight. It will make you feel better.

Anonymous said...

There are two interpretations of Vatican Council II this is explained on the blog Eucharist and Mission.On Lionel's blog he explains how the hermeneutic of rupture or continuity with Tradition, can be switched on or off like a switch.
E.Michael Jones interpets VC2 with a false premise, so there is a false inference and then a non traditional conclusion.Lionel avoids this error and so his interpretation of the Council is different from every one else.

Anonymous said...

May 16, 2021
We now know how to switch the hermeneutic of continuity or rupture, on or off, at will.We have found the secret.

So even the Wojtyla-Ratzinger interpretation of the Council is obsolete. It does not have a hermeneutic of continuity with Tradition 1.It uses the false premise which creates the hermeneutic of rupture with Tradition.-Lionel Andrades

MAY 16, 2021

Bishop Robert Barron is as obsolete as Archbishop Lefebvre on Vatican Council II. This is not observed by Massimo Faggioli whose books on the Council were written with the same false premise, inference and rational conclusion, common among the liberals and Lefebvrists

Anonymous said...

Matteo Salvini does not know that VC2 can be interpreted according to Lionel's blog and there will be no rupture with the past exclusivist ecclesiology of the Church. This would mean that the local bishops and parish priests in Italy would be able to affirm the Social Reign of Christ the King in all politics ( Quas Primas) and the necessity to vote for a Catholic political party for the salvation of souls.
This is in the interest of the political right political parties. Since the Church presently interprets VC2 as a break with the Tradition and this goes well for the Left.
We now know how to switch the hermeneutic of continuity or rupture, on or off, at will.We have found the secret.
Once it is clear that VC2 affirms the strict interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus, the people will expect the priests and bishops to also support Vatican Council II interpreted rationally and support the traditional doctrines of the Catholic Church.Catholics will have their identity. Vatican Council II will no more be able to be cited by the progressivists, to support their liberal, new version of faith.The Church will no more be able to use Vatican Council II( interpreted irrationally) to support the Left, as in the present times.

Anonymous said...

Pope Paul VI was not Magisterial on Vatican Council II since he used the false premise instead of the rational alternative.For more eread the blog Eucharistandmission where Lionel Andrades promote the interpretation of Vatican Council II without the fake premise.
Since Vatican Council II is interpret with the fake premise by the popes Reign of Christ the King in national politics, it said that there is a developnment of doctrine, meaning Vatican Council II interpeted with the false premise has made extra ecclesiam nulla salus obsolete and so every one does not need to enter the Catholic Church for salvation.
Pope Paul VI was not Magisterial on Vatican Council II since he did not interpret LG 8, LG 14, LG 16,UR 3, NA 2, GS 22 etc as being only hypothetical, speculative and theoretical.So there was nothing in the Council-text to emerge as practical exceptions to EENS.Paul VI's premise was false and so was his reasoning in a rupture between faith and reason.
Cstholics are not obliged to interpret Vatican Council II with a fake premise, inference and non traditional conclusion.
At Vatican Council II (1965) Cushing, Rahner and Ratzinger made an objective mistake when they approved the 1949 Letter of the Holy Office to the Archbishop of Boston relative to Fr.Leonard Feeney.The LOHO states that it is not always necessary for a person to be a member of the Catholic Church, contradicting the Catechism of the Council of Trent and Tradition.LOHO wrongly projected unknown cass of the baptism of desire and invincible ignorance as being known and practical exceptions to Feeneyite EENS.This was irrational but the error was overlooked by Pope Pius XII and Pope John XXIII.So St.Pope Paul VI was not even Magisterial on EENS. How could the Holy Spirit make and objective mistake ?
Pope Francis needs to correct and error and announce that Magisterial documents (Creeds, Catechisms, Vatican Council II, Athanasius Creed etc) must be interpreted with the rational premise, inference and conclusion.Pope Paul VI's interpretation of Vatican Council II was unethical and deceptive.It is not binding on Catholics.

Anonymous said...

A seminarian is asking himself why should he continue to remain in the seminary.(See Messa in Latino/One Peter Five).I would tell him not to leave. Since outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.His work as a priest will be important to save souls from going to Hell-fires.He will make the Sacrament of Confession available for many in these end-times.
He must know that the Catholic Church is the 'precious pearl', 'the corner stone','the treasure found in the field'.It is like the only Ark of Noah that saves in the flood.The Sacraments are needed by the people.
To go to Heaven it is not enough to be a Christian but one has to be a Catholic.In Heaven there are only Catholics and they are there with faith and the baptism of water( Ad Gentes 7,Vatican Council II).There are good things in other religions but the religions are not paths to salvation.The Holy Spirit can act outside the Catholic Church but God chose to restrict salvation to only the Catholic Church, His Mystical Body.Only the Catholic Church has that fullness of salvation to avoid Hell.The Gospel Reading last Sunday (Ascension Sunday)said that those who do not believe,who are not baptised with water in the Catholic Church, the only Church which existed at the time of Jesus - will be condemned.
The Bible tells us that all need to be Catholic with the baptism of water and Catholic faith to avoid being condemned forever in Hell ( John 3:5, Mark 16:16).
So as a seminarian and then a priest you will save your soul and that of others.What a precious gift you will give to so many - everlasting happiness in Heaven.
People are stuck in the mud. They cannot see beyond their daily problems.You will lift them up by removing the presence and effect of Satan within them.You will do it through the Sacraments.
You will be able to offer Mass when you want to.Such a powerful instrument to neutralize the stress in the world.As a priest you will be able to offer Mass in secret, during the coming persecution, while others will have to go in search of a priest,in times when Christians will have to stay hidden.
Remember you are in the only Church which can offer salvation to people and as a priest you are not just an important soldier,in the battle with the forces of Satan,but a Commander of forces, physical and spiritual.The people may not know it but the Enemy does.
Jesus knows it too.And he will praise you on the day of Judgement for your choice and service.Stay a priest. You will be needed when things are falling apart all around us.If God wants you to be a priest - be a priest.You will be the Eucharist for many of us.At the Consecration you will be Jesus for us.You will bring the Eucharist to all of us.There is no salvation without the Eucharist(John 6).In Him we live and move and have our being, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.Jesus does not change.The Church does not change even though new doctrines and errors in theology are taught at the seminaries and universities.Stay on.Become a priest.Notwithstanding.Popes will come and popes will go.But the faith does not change.It remains.