Sunday, February 7, 2021

The problem with Likudniks and Zioniks


  1. I N T E R E S T I N G.. . . .

  2. There can't be an Israel without the Messiah.

  3. There can't be a Cyrus without Trump

  4. Indeed...
    a few things:
    1.the word 'communism' not mentioned?
    2.numerous historical renderings not necessarily coinciding with historical fact. I suppose interpretation is in play here.
    3.dismissal of theological forces in history (and this discourse)
    4.the hatred goes both ways (secular v. traditional), but you'd never know that from the interview. this 'authentic' Judaism came to be.
    That's enough for now. Proceed with caution.

  5. Nothing new. No "proceed with caution" nonsense. The true Talmudists always understood they were exiled, and that exile in the Old Testament was a punishment. After a Babylonian exile and Egyptian exile, and the destructoon of the first and second Temples, it was theologically accurate to conclude, theologically, from an Orthodox Jewish perceptive, that when every time there was an exile, and loss of Israelite priests, it was a punishment. When it happened a 3rd Time, circa 70 AD, it was also understood as a punishment. But they were not sure for what. Hmmm! I wonder what sin might have been committed??? I'll give anyone here 3 guesses. But this theological perspective was passed onto the Christians, who also believe that the loss of a kingdom, or a loss of a priesthood,or the loss of the Sacrifice of the Mass, was a result from a consequence of sin. I have always argued for greater distinctions among "jews", and why I think we should call them "Godless Secularist Atheists", "Bolsheviks", materialists, consumerists "Rich Jews", "Zionists"(Also known as neoNazis), or Talmudists, or, in the case of some Orthodox Jews of sincere faith, "who mourn in lonely exile here. Until the Son of God appears." But, we can see here, that the leap of Faith from Orthodox Judiasm and Catholicism is not a leap at all, but a consistent, smooth-flowing seamless, continuity between the Old and New Covenants.

  6. Read Jewish Identity by Elias Friedman Carmelite priest RIP