Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Pope Francis: "Traditionalism Can Be Cured"


The CNS will be 100 years old in 2020: When the Pope received him, Francis looked deeply.

(Rome) Pope Francis receive representatives of Catholic News Service (CNS) on Monday, the press agency of the American Bishops' ConferenceHe likes to “joke”, as some in Rome want to suggest. But even if Francis is joking, assuming he was really joking, he does it in a cryptic way. In this case, too.

The occasion for the reception was the hundredth anniversary of the CNS and its predecessors since 1920. First of all, the head of the Church warned the media brokers of divisions, because these would lead “nowhere”. It is also the task of the media to overcome divisions instead of fueling sensationalism and scandal. 

"A divided church is not the Church, it is not the true Church." 

 "I think so. You think that way. We can discuss it, but with the same heart. Support the unity. Encourage you, no cleavage, because journalism has four major sins, namely: disinformation, slander, defamation and Coprophilia" as Rome Reports reported. At the same time, Francis praised the work of the Church in the United States, calling it "brave, generous, and humble."

He also said what he meant by that:

“She welcomes immigrants. What the church does for immigrants is huge, isn't it? She is generous because the Church in the United States has many economic opportunities and is generous in helping. " 

Francis went on to say:

The Church in the United States “is very much alive, very very much alive. There may be traditionalist groups, but we also have them here in the Vatican. That can be cured."

Disruptive factor "traditionalism"

The most important criterion of a "living" Church is therefore, according to Francis, a policy of unrestricted mass immigration. Francis promotes this as a main agenda of his pontificate since July 2013, when he for visited the Italian Mediterranean island of LampedusaThe head of the Church has not yet named aspects that restrict a “right” to immigration.

The scientific theorist and former President of the Italian Senate, Marcello Pera, a personal friend of Benedict XVI, therefore raised the accusation against Francis in July 2017 of “hating” the West and wanting to “destroy” it.

Francis named “traditionalist groups” as a disruptive factor for a “living Church”, but traditionalism “can be cured”. What Francis put in a joking tone was actually a deliberate degradation of that part of the Church. Once again he made it clear who, above all, he dislikes. The negative tone of the statement is exacerbated by the comparison with other statements of the Pope. He implied that "traditionalism" was something that needed to be cured, in short, something sick. When did a Pope talk like this about bishops, priests and believers in the Church?

The allusion to the media representatives of the American Episcopal Conference receives special significance, since Francis this Bishops' Conference took on years ago the battle for control. In contrast to the western states of Europe, the culture war between left and right, conservative and progressive, has not been decided in the USA. Francis is aware of the importance of this fact to the rest of the western world and the world as a whole. He wants to grind this bastion and intensify the fight against the "religious rightists" in the USA after the election of Donald Trump.

Then Francis joked about his sciatica problems. His doctor told them: 

"But go to the Angelus so they don't say you are dead."


Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: CNS/Youtube (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


  1. Very bad situation. Sciatica is caused by unstable disks pressing on the main nerve going down the leg. I had that problem.---By the grace of God, I was able to overcome this issue by strengthening the muscles in the stomach and lower back. Maybe,, the Argentinian should try this and maybe at the same time, he will "develop a moral backbone". We know that he has an economic one.

  2. Not only is traditionalism to be cured.

    Rather than there being an obligation to GOD to pass on what is received.

    He again drags out his poop obsession.

    What decent, adult, straight, man uses that term.


  3. Having suffered with Sciatica for a few years, I wish it on no one.
    I was fortunate to find an "angel" who directed me to the proper exercises to treat it. (McKenzie Exercises)
    The results were miraculous.
    I am sure that he has the best Specialists and therapies available. I hope that one of them sends him in that direction.

    Regarding the rest of what he says: It is his usual verbal farting. Means nothing.

  4. I have experienced a few traditionalists who tried to cure me of traditionalism, and they just couldn't do it.

  5. In a January 30th address to the Italian Bishops Conference, Pope Francis, repeating the message of his predecessors, insisted that,

    “The Council (Vatican II) is the Magisterium of the Church. Either you are with the Church and therefore you follow the Council, and if you don't follow the Council or you interpret it in your own away, as you desire, you do not stand with the Church. The Council must not be negotiated... No: the Council is what it is.”

    The choice is clear, chaps. Accept the teaching of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council in its entirely or make your home extra ecclesiam just like the schismatic Lefebvre and the various splinter groups.

  6. The novus ordo church is quickly disappearing around the world and the central teaching of the V2 magisterium is religious indifferentism and so to quote the wisdom of a soon to be canonized conciliar saint Hillary Clinton: "what difference does it make?"

  7. Is it true that The Bishop of Rome was recently tested and found to be free of Covid, Leprosy, Cancer, Traditionalism or any other disease?

  8. Thee is a reason that Father Joseph Fenton, a peritus at Vatican Two said "The Church is a circus run by clowns."

  9. On September 27, 1960, at The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Washington DC, Father Gustave Weigel S.J. delivered a talk claiming that a Catholic politician had to live a double life (the personally opposed lie is anchored this speech) because his beliefs (CATHOLIC) may contradict the positive law of America.

    The Catholic Bishops of the US not only did not correct his error, they bought it hook, line, and sinker and had copies of the speech mailed all over hell and creation.

    Weigel's speech was in direct contradiction to the orthodox Catholic position addressed by Fr Connell in his 1946 book " Morals in Politics and Professions; A Guide for Catholics in Public Life."

    The AmBishops sided with the Americans errors of Weigel and the authorities in Rome, from Ottaviani to Pius XII, refused not only to silence the Jebbie, they did not correct his public heresy and that heresy is what real Catholics are imprisoned by today to the point where we have a Pope who says that Traditionalists are the problem

    If one wants to know how we arrived at the nadir of Catholicism in America read "John Courtney Murray: Time/Life, and The American Proposition:How the CIA's Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church" by David A Wemhoff

    In there one will discover useful nuggets - such as the fact the the right hand man for Pope Pius II, Father Leiber S.J. was the CIA's man in the Vatican - that point to why silence in the face of error rather than a robust defense of The Faith is what happened.

  10. He speaks what is in his heart and mind, s---.

  11. The staff of Catholic Snooze Network look like catladies and gays of the parish council.

  12. Pope Francis spells it out unambiguously. No wriggle room for the cherry pickers and the 'it's only a pastoral Council' cohort. Get with the Catholic Church:

    "This is the Magisterium. The Council is the Magisterium of the Church. Either you are with the Church and therefore you follow the Council, and if you don't follow the Council or you interpret it in your own away, as you desire, you do not stand with the Church. The Council must not be negotiated... No: the Council is what it is,"

    Address to the Italian Catholic Bishops Conference, January 30, 2021.

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  14. Bishops conferences have no dogmatic weight. Moreover, yes, there is both infallible as well as Fallible Magisterium. Vatican 2 falls under the Fallible kind, because it is a recommended approach to things, rather than teaching itself.HINT: " In Nostrae Aetate" means valid only for "in Our Times"

  15. The Council is only fallible for the Gay and progressive clergy who usually don’t even read it. It’s mostly ambiguous anyway, no anathemas, only suggestions and suggestions that there are alternatives to Catholic belief and practice which are acceptable in “grave” circumstances and suggestions that Muslims and Jews aren’t really what they are.

  16. No way out, lads. JP II and Benedict XVI proclaimed the exact same truth and it applies to you. Bummer.

  17. Not at all, Bergoglio.

    The council, vat 2, is not infallible. So no conscience has to accept any of its'sentences.

    In exactly the same way, Bergoglio's statements are not infallible. So no conscience has to accept any of his sentences.

    Bergoglio is a vulgar man, an indecent man with little intelligence.

  18. “Traditionalism can be cured.” But stupid can’t. Sit down, Francis.

  19. "Bergoglio is a vulgar man, an indecent man with little intelligence." Ad he's a radical Jesuit to boot. That should explain everything.

    I don't pay any attention to what Bergoglio says anymore....neither does most of the CAtholic world. There's a surprising number who look to Benedict XVI, not Bergoglio, as Pope for guidance.

    Every week, there's a new Bergoglio heresy, and the "good" men in the VAtican and elsewhere say and do nothing. Afew weeks ago, he allowed for women lectors, acolytes, etc. Some higly placed European and USA nuns were quick to cheer. I quick researched their Orders, and had a good laugh. Some of these Orders before VAican II had big names and impressive numbers, both professed and novices. They had vast networks of institutions and missions around the world. One Order, close to me, was very famous and beloved in the Philly Archdiocese as superb educators at all levels before VAtican II. This Order had, on the eve of VAtican II (the Sisters,Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, based in Malvern,PA.), 2,800 sisters, 80 junior professed, 125 novices and 110 postulants. They taught in 122 Philadelphia elementary schools, and 12 highschools, in addition to 50 other schools in 10 other dioceses (combined), and 10 schools or missions in Chile and Peru. Their average age was 37.
    Until about 1984 in Philly, they were the last great teaching Order in our area. Though they modified their habit and disciplines slightly, they still had 38 in training, which back then (and more so now), would be amazing numbers. Since then, after 35+ years of progressive liberalizing until they are radical like all the rest, their numbers are 640 sisters, 2 juniors, 2 novices, and 1 postulant....and 20 Philly schools, 12 elsewhere, and none in Chile or Peru (handed over to the state). Average age, mid 70's (which is still low, compared most USA nuns with median ages of 80.
    Then I looked up some of the other Orders that these nuns cheering Francis came from.....the same type.....they all looked close to 80, and had lost 60-80% of their members since VAtican II. Just like the IHM's.
    Francis may wave the VAtican II flag all he wants, threated and bluster abot it, use crude descriptives to disparage traditionalists all he wants......but he is dying and so is his version of the CAtholic Church.
    Good riddance to see it go.

    Damian M. Malliapalli

  20. Thank God, Damian, for your Syro-Malabar 250,000 Pope Francis hating cousins from Kerala who now fill the depleted convents of Europe. No human trafficking there, eh?

  21. Henk,

    First off, Buddy Man, none of my cousins in India are Syro-Malabar. The are either Latin Rite Catholics, or some have switched to the Syrian Orthodox Church (no affiliation to Rome), because they hate the direction of Pope Francis and his people....totally justified in feeling that way. One cousin became a "born-again Christian", and a few just don't bother with religion at all. All thanks to Pope Francis and his warped, radical, interpretation of Vatican II and his hatred for tradition.
    I know you labeled my cousins falsely as Syro-Malabar (an Oriental/ Byzantine-type rite within the Catholic Church which became in union with Rome in the early 1930's under the great Pope Pius XI)) as some kind of insult or slur. The jokes on you. We're all LAtin Rite. Also, though my Dad in Indian, my Mom is Irish, so I'm both. Surprisingly, I have never, ever, been thought of as Indian by people I meet, until they know my name of course. I am not dark like many from Kerala state. I have been mistaken for Italian, Greek, Puerto Rican, oddly sometimes Filipino and lastly Egyptian. I've been mistaken for being Arab/Muslim also, which is an uncomfortable/unpleasant situation. But I know you meant to label my relatives as a slur. Real low class.
    Your name sounds South African, of Dutch origin. I could launch into a few comments about them. I'm a male model, and spent 10 years actively on shoots and projects around the world. I've been to South Africa and met the whites of Dutch origin there. A more rude, ignorant, and bigoted group of anti-CAtholic assholes I've never met.

    Damian M. Malliapalli

  22. Damien,
    If I ever get attacked by anyone can I call on you to cut them down to size?
    You've got a gift! :)

  23. Oh, is the enlightened Gaybrielle attacking people's heritage again?

  24. THanks James.... but I don't like to do that kinda stuff unless pushed. Here's not the place. But there have been a few who have played the race/ethnicity card with me....and I call them out for it. They don't know how to answer logical commentary they disagree with except by insulting them/me.
    I don't play the race/ethnic minority card like some people do either to get ahead, or to claim they are so downtrodden and persecuted. I've been luck in my life. I have great parents and had awesome grandparents on both sides. I did well in school and university studies, as well as in sports. I've competed in football, baseball, track, bodybuilding, and martial arts and never expected to be accommodated or given favorite treatment or breaks due to my ethnicity.
    On a dare, and as a joke with my buddies, I submitted my portfolio and CV to a top modeling agency in NYC in 2009. Then I went about my business, pursuing a degree in education to be a teacher. No one was more surprised when I got a call for an interview that me.....and the rest has been 10 1/2 years (iinterrupted by COVID-19) happy years traveling the world doing work which to the average eprson looks like fun (not work), but it's really work! I took a year off the teach, because guys MOSTLY can't succeed as models past their late 30's ( I'm not there yet). Women are luckier by a few years. The agency favors women 80%, so I have been really lucky. I suppose my ethnicity and look has helped some....but I don't milk it.
    Which is why when someone (and others), like Henk digs up a smear/slur at me I get tough.
    But thanks for the nice comment James..... I appreciate it :)

    Damiam M. Malliapalli

  25. The Bishop council's after Vatican 2 were even more devastating as most of them agreed to change the matter + form of the Sacraments,making them extremely dubious.
    God bless -Andrew