Friday, January 8, 2021

Trump in Posession of Pelosi's Laptop after Siege of Capitol -- Vatican Involved in the Steal!

Edit: as Simon Parkes mentioned before, the Vatican has been implicated in the Steal.

Update:  Lots of Stories in the MSM about Pelosi's Missing Computer



  1. These comments from the same Mr. Sparkes who said he fathered a child with a space alien after being beamed up??

    While the steal of the election is obvious, we gain no support when the tinfoil hat crowd comes out with stuff like this.

  2. Ok, what you say is true. Thanks for that.

    Back in the early 90s, there was a dustup in the Military Intelligence Community in Arizona when four Enlisted Intelligence Analysts went to meet aliens in the desert. Since then, I've encountered all sorts of people who've claimed to have these experiences who were otherwise credible in their own fields. He's been a lecturer in Natural History and a local politician for years till his views became public. Perhaps a momentary loss of reason?

  3. Maybe he did father a child with a space alien.
    Have you taken a close look at Mark Zuckerberg?
    If that little freak doesn't qualify, I don't know who would.

  4. This presentation is radical but interesting. The unfortunate woman who was shot and killed was a 14 year Air Force veteran who had a top job in intelligence. She was followed through the window by a black activist from Utah who filmed her being shot. The Capitol officer who shot her was plain clothes and she could very well have been targeted.---It looks like there were intelligence operatives imbedded in the demonstration. To claim that they got Nancy's lap top is totally hilarious. Obviously, this could have some amazing results.---Nevertheless, I do not see any more moves to overthrow the incoming administration. I actually like the appointment of Marty Walsh to Labor and Merrick Garland as Attorney General. What I have picked up is the removal of conservatives from key jobs who will be with Biden. Their jobs will then be taken by radicals after "Sleepy Joe" leaves in under two years.

  5. Update:

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  7. MMmmmkay,then! Now we're getting our info from a guy who sired an alien love-child....sounds totally legit!

    1. David Icke uses Saurians as a metaphor.

      Anyway, he was informed about Pelosi’s missing laptop before the media reported it, so he must have good contacts.