Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Muslim Invaders Burn Down Police Station in Brussels

Edit: this is similar to the burning down of the Minneapolis 5th Precinct, although from a different wing of Globohomo.\






  1. There are deep connections between BLM and radical Islam. The goal is to destroy Western Civilization and to create a non religious socialist state. Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi are the three founders.---Cullers is the most radical and "married" to a lovely masculine Islamic lesbian. Garza is also lesbian but not super radical. Tometi is from Nigeria and is presumably Muslim with her parents moving to Arizona.----All three of these people are as cute as "rattlesnakes". These are the true individuals surrounding "Sleepy Joe". This all comes in stages.---Marty Walsh is someone to watch closely. He is essentially well intended. Nevertheless, he was in the way in Boston.---By moving him out of the way and "up the ladder", the slot is now open to a radical woman mayor. That is what will happen. Once that occurs and Kamala takes over, Walsh will be "toast" having outlived his usefulness.

  2. By tomorrow ABC news will blame Trump for this act of arson in Belgium. Cops don't care as long as unlimited overtime in their last year of employment pads their already bloated pensions.

  3. Keep screaming"1776" and simultaneously pretend we haven't been a demoralized decaying dying empire since 1859 and John Brown.
    God bless -Andrew

  4. Trump's murderous vandals attempt to kidnap and murder Congressmen and, pillage and burn down
    the Capitol. They are on a par with the ISIS hordes for savagery and godlessness.
    Trump should be convicted of incitement to insurrection and thrown into jail for 20 years.