Friday, January 22, 2021

I Didn't Know James Martin was Jewish -- Everything Makes So Much Sense Now!

 Edit: first he wants to present heresy as Catholic, now he wants to present this person as a man.  What a cohencidence!



  1. The James Martin as a not-so-crypto-Jew is the leftist half of the Bagel-ian Dialectic constituting control over the Church. On the right we have one who is proud to be 9.65% Jewish. Guys, it's not nu-church, it's JEW Church.

  2. Claiming to be some sort of almost half assed khazar-ashkenazi-octaroon by Marshal & Martin is a career move not a theological statement.

  3. Francis/Bergoglio would love that blasphemous icon. Just his taste and style. Fits his agenda perfect.

    Damian M. Malliapalli

  4. you're all wrong.

  5. Fred Mertz said...

    "Claiming to be some sort of almost half assed khazar-ashkenazi-octaroon by Marshal & Martin is a career move not a theological statement."

    Martin the Fag and Jew of the left enhances his leftist career by claiming Khazar Kredentials. Taylor "Hey I'm a Jew, too!" Marshall enhances his Trad career by claiming the same over on the right. They can make any theological statement they want, because they have the backing of the actual crypto-Jews behind the curtain. If both the Catholic left and Catholic right openly offer obsequies to the synagogue, that fact tells you that the Jew controls.

  6. 7:53om


  7. Gladstone:

    Preppy Taylor said he was 9% Jewish and a Jewish lady knew this from his face! What kind of special powers do these Hebs have?
    If he was 9% black, most would view that like taking a dump in the gene pool 🏊‍♀️ but would everyone know? Even Obama could pass for

  8. Jews Doctrinal compendium, the Babylonian Talmud, is a blueprint for racial supremacism. From it, these Khazar Konverts known as Ashkenazim, derive their race-based anthropology, that man is essentially the sum-total of his DNA.

    This racial ideology elevated to the status of religion may explain the keen eye that a certain Jewess had when identifying Marshall as a tribesman.

    Regarding the supposition that most would view being 9% black as somehow excremental, most Catholics would not view blacks this way. To Catholics, skin color, language, and even IQ are accidental to man, and do not constitute his metaphysical essence. Man alone possesses a throbbing heart with which to love God and his neighbor, regardless of accidents.

    In fact, objections to Jews are based on Jewish behavior and Jewish omnicidal cultural and religious aggression. Most particularly objectionable is the subversion and infiltration of the episcopacy of the Catholic Church by the crypto-Jewish cabal known as the Personal Prelature of Opus Dei and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross.

    This cabal has fabricated a false, anti-church in the same canonical, liturgical and sacramental space (cf Father Linus Clovis)as the Catholic Church. Some have referred to it as "nu-church" in the past. It is time to call it what it is: JEW Church.

  9. Why don't you write all this stuff up for Marvel Comics, Gladstone? You could get Fred Metz to draw the pictures.

  10. 7:40pm

    My response to people like you is:

    Show me where Gladstone is wrong with his observations.

    I'm waiting........

  11. Peter Comestor-owitz, your paid Hasbara trolling is just terrible. Really kind of sad. You need to work on that.

  12. Gaybrielle really is a cockroach.

  13. Someone once said that he's novus ordo clergy. Is that correct?

    1. He doesn’t post on Sundays or during high feasts, so I’m guessing he is too busy being a pointless religious functionary performing his duty to post on those days. I can’t imagine he refrains from posting then out of any sense of religious duty. He’s just too busy saying Mass in three different parishes and maybe finishing up for tea at a parishioner’s house.

      He has lots of time in evenings to post his mechanical, low information responses. He especially likes Father Hunicke’s blog, but I have yet to see a post of his there. I expect Hunicke doesn’t want him there either as he moderates his blog.

  14. He's made comments that literally shocked my conscience. Things that only a fag's anally fixated mind could conceive. One term of his I actually looked up, under the mistaken notion that the word he chose was advanced vocabulary, but instead was a jarring exposure to a specimen from a mental septic tank. It made me want to un-know what I had just found out. May he repent and escape hell in the end. Got to pray for him.

  15. Gaybrielle: you are a reprobate priest. Your only hope to escape hell is to resign the clerical state and undertake a life of penance. You can go live at your mom's house or something. Trolling while drunk is an unwise use of the little time left to you.