Monday, January 25, 2021

Grooming Bishops and Clergy Looking for More Victims at America Magazine?

Edit: encouraging people to follow in this will inevitably lead to tremendous unhappiness and misery.  It doesn't matter if society as a whole endorses or is indifferent to the degeneracy.  The wages of sin are death, and these Bishops are just looking to widen the pool of potential prey, is how it looks from our point of view. I've never seen grooming on an industrial scale like this outside of Hollywood and the US Congress.  These bishops are setting the stage.  What do you think?

[America] A group of U.S. Catholic bishops, including a cardinal and an archbishop, have signed a statement of support for L.G.B.T. youth, telling them, “God created you, God loves you and God is on your side.”

“As we see in the Gospels, Jesus Christ taught love, mercy and welcome for all people, especially for those who felt persecuted or marginalized in any way; and the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that LGBT people are to be treated with ‘respect, compassion and sensitivity,’” reads the statement, released by the Tyler Clementi Foundation, an organization that fights L.G.B.T. bullying in schools, workplaces and faith communities.

Among those signing the statement were Cardinal Joseph Tobin, archbishop of Newark, and Archbishop John Wester, who leads the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.


  1. I am afraid that you are correct in your assessment.
    The faggot clergy are salivating over "fresh meat".
    Now they can be even more open about it.

  2. "The faggot clergy are salivating over "fresh meat"

    This is a revolting descriptive, but sadly it's probably true. I was never victim to this kind of priest, but my younger brother Tim was, as a freshman in highschool. He and his friends had been hiking in the woods behind their school. When they came back to campus to catch the buses which had pulled up for the students for the trip home, one of the priests happened to be in the locker room when my brother was getting his backpack of books to come home. The priests noticed that my brother had alot of pine-needles etc. in his hair from being in the woods, and proceeded to comb Tim's hair with his hand and brush him down. Even though he was only 12 at the time, Tim thought the priest touching him was weird. My Dad nearly exploded when Tim told him what happened. Too bad I wasn't there. Priest or no, he'd have to be going to the dentist for a set of dentures. :)

    Damian M. Malliapalli

  3. This is becoming an ultra weird situation. This is "misplaced love" and "arrested sexual development". Now, it appears that the bizarre statement from the pontiff has opened the door to a whole lot of rationalization for a sexual lifestyle which includes children.----In 2019, I visited a major archdiocese which I have done for a number of years. I have been giving money in the name of my mother to an ethnic parish in her name. I picked up that the priest was probably "grooming me" with such statements as you can stay in the rectory and how about travelling with me on my visit to a foreign country.----This was a particular ethnic parish which was the foundation for a particular ethnicity. My grandmother had taken me there when I was in high school.---Anyway, I attended Mass and after Mass the priest sat me down in a pew and began talking with me out of gratitude. He then put his fatherly arm around my shoulder and then tried to physically seduce me. ----I did not panic. I just got up and he took me down to the parish dinner where I ate alone and then left. Haven't heard from him or seen him since. I also have thirty letters from him.----Ostensibly, he is a good priest with a handicap. I am an ultra adult who is a Navy veteran who can handle himself. What about the vulnerable children who might cross his path?---Actually, most of these guys are not attracted to children. They are into pre adolescent males. Study on this type of individual showed that there is a profile similar to those who engage in Satanic activity. In some cases, this includes killing the child to steal their life force.----The idea of ordaining deacons was to preclude this type of activity. I was told some years ago by Jesuit instructors that these men were being groomed for the married priesthood. That ship has sailed. It is now all about the ordination of women just like in the Episcopal Church where gays and lesbians have taken control.

  4. These "men" are vile disgusting perverts, successors to the apostles? Yeah sure...

  5. I know that this "initiative" is disgusting in so many ways, but I cannot stop laughing whenever I see a pic of that Gumbleton character.
    Talk about a face that belongs in a raincoat hanging around a playground! Sheesh!

  6. How dare you speak this way about a successor of the apostles!