Sunday, November 1, 2020

Preppy Taylor Gives Prayer at Trump Rally




James said...

Ha! Thug is on fire with jealousy.
He has been kissing up to Preppy and is being ignored.

Matt Mathetes said...
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Ken Barbie said...

Both are losers but Thug Gordon is a doofus too.

Anonymous said...

I wish Trump would vet his reps a little more closely

Anonymous said...

Marshall is flying too high, too fast and will fall with a spectacular "THUD".
He is getting more arrogant by the day. Pontificating about subjects that he knows very little about. Up until a decade ago was a Protestant cleric, and now knows everything about EVERYTHING Catholic.
How will he fall from grace? Now doubt that it will be about sex. He brags about his studship in almost every broadcast. He is spending more time on the road, hence, more opportunity to get into trouble.
I have also noticed that his absolute rule about making Sundays with the family has been thrown out of the window. He now posts stuff on Sundays, every week.
I will give it a year. He will be going down in flames.

Mister Jorge said...

What do you guys have against Taylor?
I'm not saying you're wrong... I'm just interested.
He has shown some sympathies with SPSX.

Anonymous said...

@Mister Jorge

He's a Jewish/Opus Dei plant.

Look carefully at "Infiltration" it's like a very dumbed down version of Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.

Esteban Toro said...

Anon 10:55

You imply that it has the same message as JRS. It does not. Like Crucified Rabbi it distracts people from identifying Jews with Revolution

Anonymous said...

Trump can use Gordon as an yet another excuse for his defeat at the polls.

Anonymous said...

Doubt that Trump knows who Gordon is.

Anonymous said...


MARIA said...

ooooh you guys! Yes, we are each irritating, prideful, ignorant asses. But we need to safeguard each other. If Taylor says or does something that is wrong address that. Do not air your feelings about his demeanor. Do pray for him if you see danger signs.

Do write to him and say: What is up with your family time on Sundays buddy?

That was a good thing to write about openly. It is a good lesson for me too!