Sunday, September 6, 2020

Medjugorje still stirs the passions of the desperate

An American theologian whose name you would recognize told me years ago to avoid commenting on Medjugorje, calling it “a giant tar baby,” i.e., everyone who touches it gets covered in sticky tar. Continue reading....


Anonymous said...

A lapsed Catholic friend of mine was given Miraculous Medals from
Medjugorje at their local grocery store by 1 random stranger.
This person hadn't ever heard of this false apparition.
Thank our Blessed Lord I was able to have a valid Priest properly bless these Holy Medals.
The Devil never stops,it's frightening.
God bless

James said...

This whole Medjugorje thing is a load of garbage, has always been a load of garbage and will continue to be.
It has always amazed me how many people that this thing has conned.
I do not need a theologian to tell me that this is not from God.

PJL said...

Mom went in the late eighties I think. Had a silver rosary. It was turned to plastic.
Friends would be visited at night in their rooms by translucent people floating around in the nude.

Anonymous said...

A friend swore that her Rosary turned into gold there.
When I asked her to produce it, she said sheepishly that it turned back.

B. Kownacki said...

The history of pilgrimages in whatever religious tradition demonstrates that it is the entrepreneurs who benefit far more than the devout.
EG: if all the splinters of 'the true Cross' were tracked down and brought together, there would be enough timber to build an entire fleet of Victorian era sail ships.

Sharon Karcz said...

The comments are revealing. Why did Coffin feel the need to compare Medjheads with people who assist at SSPX chapels? The one thing he got right was not saying they are the same people even if he suggested they were similar. Michael Davis and Fr. Hugh Thwaites were on to Medjugorje before E. Michael Jones.

Coffin is chummy with Voris and the Thug brothers all slanderers of EMJ. I’d share with Coffin a link to Jones’s book on Voris Man Behind the Curtain but Amazon has scrubbed all of EMJ’s books.

Anonymous said...

You are all MISTAKEN jokers... Medjugorie is a true apparition site, like Fatima and forgotten Garabandal. Just wait for things to happen around and all will be proven in time!!! Modern prophets and visionaries knows very well that Mother Mary comes to Medjugorie. Scoffers always exist, even when Jesus was dying on the cross they were of course there. Something never changes!

Anonymous said...

"Night of the screams" from Garabandal is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Have you read Warning Miracle?

Pico Della Mirandola said...

Have you read the Gospels? They'll blow the duds off your private revelations.

Anonymous said...

Pico Della Mirandola
The Medjmessages are the gospels of our day.

PDM said...

Tell that to God the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The authority to determine whether the apparition is real or fake lies with the local bishop (Mostar )

Fear not, the people they employ to investigate this sort of thing are of a higher caliber than the people looking for defects in marriages and handle out annulments.

Anonymous said...

Pico Della Mirandola,

We already have the real gospels from Sacred Scripture. We don't need "new" gospels.
It's unfortunate that so many Catholics have to have new-fangled experiences in order to know that God exists. Some of us know that God exists without the Medj
"experiences." It's very gnostic to need experiences in order to know that God exists and that the Catholic Faith is the True Faith.

M. Ray

JBQ said...

In WWII, there was an atrocity on the very site of Medjugorje. Croatia allied itself with the German National Socialists against Communism. There were OFMs who ran a prison camp in their religious garb. They were out to convert the Orthodox and actually killed those who resisted. ----The Orthodox were mainly Slavs and Serbian and were seen as allies of Russia. Some 1000 Orthodox were butchered and I mean butchered on the site. Those that suffered the worst indignities of a horrific nature were Orthodox priests who in most cases were married. Their families were butchered as well.----The OFMs on the site resisted Pope John Paul II at every turn. The bishop who was sent in was ridiculed and ignored. The Polish pontiff is known to have been strongly anti Communist. It appeared plain that atheistic Communism infiltrated and used the situation to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

Medjugorje so called apparitions are fake just like Garbandal.
Both are demonic.
God bless -Andrew-

Anonymous said...

The real Pico would have delighted in the flames licking Gaybrielle's feet.

What Gaybrielle means is the Gospels according to Ray Brown and Mathew Fox with all the latest scholarship from the Jesus Seminar.