Thursday, September 17, 2020

Effeminates Bishop of Lexington Kentucky Campaigning for Green Causes

Edit: the oft misused and misapplied separation clause should be imposed here. 

Imagine, an NGO that claims to be the Catholic Church but is really just a platform to promote Socialism! 

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, September 16, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Bishop John Stowe suggested last Thursday that the environment is the preeminent issues for Catholic voters to consider, not abortion. “They are both critical issues,” the pro-homosexual bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, admitted. “I think an argument could be made that … creation is the preeminent issue, because without the environment to sustain human life, you can’t have human life.”

The bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, made his remarks during a webinar hosted by Catholic Climate Covenant.

“We have to look at what office are we voting people into – what office are we electing for and what is their role in that office,” Stowe continued. “We’ve seen what the icurrent President can do by withdrawing from an international treaty about protecting the environment, and the effect that that has had immediately.”



Bill-the itinerant blogger said...

Is this the Diocese that Nick Sandman's college (Transylvania U) is in? I'm sure that the Bishop will be nurturing if the need arises.

James said...

This guy was one of the leaders of the mob who wanted the head of the Sandmann boy.
He has never apologized for doing it.
I doubt that Nick would interested in "Bishop Barry".

James Joseph said...

I know a guy. He worked in the chancery for a certain cardinal archbishop. He said more Jews worked in the offices than non-Jews. When it came to reduction in force, the Jews remained.This was not in a Jew city like New York.

If a bishop or priest acts nutty, dollars to donuts: it's Jews pulling the strings

Sursumcorda said...

No. Sandman is in the diocese of Covington. Bishop Roger J. Foys.

James said...

I realize that Sandmann is in the Covington diocese and not in Stowe's diocese in Lexington.
However, Bishop Stowe was one of the Kentucky Bishops that pilloried Sandmann when the incident happened.
After threatening to sue all of them, two of the Kentucky Bishops apologized.
Barry Stowe did not.

jose guadalupe rodriguez said...

Ah! poor bishop John Stowe.
I knew him when he was a priest in El Paso, TX. He had a very close relationship with a group of men called Adoracion Nocturna Mexicana in the Mount Carmel Parrish.
I can't believe he is now out of the closet promoting the lgtb agenda and ecological issues.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, Sandman is currently a student at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. He hopes to be there for four years, He recently was badmouthed by the local ACLU chapter and a professor at TU. TU is a fairly expensive, but reputedly quite good liberal arts school. Search the combo of his name and the school.

Anonymous said...

St. Vincent Ferrer Mission
Fr. Michael Oswalt CMRI 970-765-4714
This is just north of Lexington KY.

Bob Ellis said...
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Billybob Barstooth said...
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Bob Ellis said...
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Lynn Eareckson said...

JMJ+ To promote the left wing agenda, whether it is in the United States or at the Vatican is to promote Communism, Modernism, Relativism and every other heresy that has come before and unfortunately hung around under various names. To do this is to deny the Lord and His Church. I am extremely sorry that we have come to this juncture, but I did not create it and will NEVER promote it or say that it is of the Lord! I will pray for all that do so that they come back to the Lord and beg his pardon. Blessed Mother Mary, pray for us. All you Angels and Saints, pray for us. Lord help us.