Monday, September 28, 2020

Choosing Pepper Spray for Everyday Carry

With the likelihood that Antifa, BLM, and various aberrosexual groups will ratchet up their shenanigans in the coming weeks, a small investment in pepper spray may be advisable.   Although not to be used in anger or for fun, it can be a valuable tool to help you extricate yourself from a difficult situation.


  1. Where do you buy pepper spray?

  2. You can get truck loads of the stuff on Amazon via the links found on the Johnnie Zuhlsdorf scam blog.

  3. I just ordered the last one he showed in the video. I didn’t know this stuff was legal!
    Fr. Z advocates pepper spray? I figured he was more into perfume.

    I know at least three places In the city where legit targets will present themselves unprovoked.

    Getting tired of these 💩 packers.

  4. Thanks. I hadn't even thought of this.