Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Just when you thought Mark Shea couldn't get more vain

File under: Anger makes you blind  Stupid

Does he really think the algorithm is smart enough to know he's slandering Trump?  How many are interested enough in what this lolcow has to say that Zuckerberg's goons would apply more scrutiny to his posts?   Use the phrase Covid-19 is a hoax in a post trying to downplay the virus instead of mocking the president and the results will be the same.   Can't do it here.  We were banned from Facebook a long time ago for saying far less.

Hey Mark:  

Step away from the snack foods and the computer.  Spend a little time cleaning up that shit hole.
The exercise would do you a little bit of good too.

And if you're serious about shedding the blubber, give your insufferable blogger buddy Jimmy Akin a call.   He may still be hanging on to the Neo-Catholic delusion and not be ready for full-blown Leftism but I think he has enough decency to help out a fellow apologist.


  1. Look at that minivan with the black electrical tape holding the bumper on. If that came off it could cause an accident and Shea would be liable for any deaths and damage.

    The home itself shows very little pride of ownership. The roof looks like it’s sagging. Have all of the years of Shea living there caused the house to sag so?

    It looks like a chicken coop with portapoddy green.

    Maybe those $5,000 talks aren’t what they’re cracked up to be?

  2. He might have a big grocery bill. It looks like a black person's house.

  3. Yeah Mark. Go easy on the carbs. Do like Jimmy. You must be able to get decent salmon there.

  4. I've learned not to mock Men.
    Our Blessed Lord will usually humble us + show us that we aren't supposed to be worried over other people.

  5. who are you talking about?

  6. Tancred, always blah, blah, blah to nonsensical remarks.
    Please get a job.

  7. Believe it or not, that crappy house Shea lives in is worth $250,000! The prices for real estate in the Seattle area is out of sight. Jow a man who went bankrupt in the early 2000's can afford even that slummy hut is beyond me. I think he either rents it, or somebody brought it for him.

  8. Why would fatty generate a ban for backing the Party Line?

  9. @Peter I've already filed an unlawful detainer against you before. I guess I'll have to renew it.

  10. Wow. That is really where that antichrist phony “catholic” lives? Wow. As scary as his theology.

    Note to Peter above. It is beyond rude to enter this blog, the equivalent of Tancred’s home...and be so rude. Not good. Lack of charity and all, ya know?

  11. Living in that dump along with his financial failings explains why he has become so bitter and irrational.
    Rich or poor, it’s nice to have money.

  12. Do you have a photo ofSkojec’s House?

  13. Once upon a time I literally warned him that banning nazis is all well and good, until you're the Nazi.

    He mocked me for this sentiment.

    Twice in as many months now and he STILL hasn't learned this lesson.

    Stupid indeed...