Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Untold Story: ADL and Israelis Train Police

Edit: this is an interesting take. Why aren't they releasing the body cams? AMDG


Anonymous said...

So the Israelis taught the cops how to kill
with their knees, and Soros gives $34M to
Antifa. Jews are able to profit on both
sides of any conflict.

X X X said...

That's some good stuff

Wanda said...

Totally fascinating. Dr. Jones rips off the mask and lays bare the enemy and his tactics. No wonder they have to smear him with the old and tired "anti-semite" label. His research is meticulous and his mastery of the facts unassailable. Quite a formidable enemy for the liars and deceivers.

Tancred said...

Some may remember that BLM rejected ADL as being too pro-Police a while back. That was funny.