Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mutual Adoration Society

Just leaving this up for the readership's commentary.  The position of EF on these two is well known.

FWIW, Frank Walker isn't afraid of a soy boy punching him in the head

Maybe Thugboy can get a job with Pastor K


  1. Ugh, so cringe. Listening to Holy Steve virtue signaling about the racism against Italians by the Christopher Colombus statues being torn down, and referring to the "racism" allegedly suffered by his Chinese wife was a bridge too far for me. I barfed.

  2. There are plenty of examples of Gordon being a coward. Talking like a thug doesn't make one brave

  3. I didn't bother to listen to these two preening fruitcakes. Am I to understand that mafia manlet Thug Gordon threatened to rub me out with his guns and punch me with his little fists?

  4. I made it all the way through with the help of Bourbon.
    What I was left with was this: Gordon is all about standing and fighting, never give an inch, always go on the offensive, Balkanize the nation into good guy and bad guys, etc., etc.,.

    The conclusion of this: He is packing up his family and leaving California because it is getting too hot for him and he can't find a job.
    Not exactly George Patton leading the Third Army, is he?

    By the way Tancred, your blog came up on their hit parade a couple of times.

  5. He said guys like Tancred never threw a punch and there’s something wrong with that. The blog name is a mystery to him. He thinks the owner must be fruity. He’s not beyond stooping to the pot shot. Way back you caught him slandering E. Michael Jokes and then blocking EMJ from responding with 100% exculpatory evidence.

  6. @Tacred:

    I also learned about how much Steve and Tim like to play video games

  7. They remind me of Gypsies who try to discredit (or react violently to) those who try to warn others of their scams and snake oil.

  8. Why am I not surprised that these two geeks play video games?

    Guess that Skojec plays games while his poor wife is out busting her behind selling houses to put food on the table. Funny how he has no objection to that role reversal when it suits him. Otherwise, he is SOLID TRADITION. HA!

    Gordon's wife should take heed and get her LinkedIn profile polished up.

  9. "Tim" Gordon acts and talks like a Catholic man and soldier... not like a beta male soy boy that so many "Catholic" "men" have become... many of whom are only "brave" with online slurs.

    Well done Tim. Keep fighting the good fight. The way you've handled it thus far - like a man - is just as commendable... even in spite of the incessant darts by those who wish to kick you while you're down.

  10. I’m gonna kick everybody’s ass! I’m a fighter and never backs down!

    > Flees Bakersfield


  11. He's an accountable husband, and father of 6 children, actually,who has to now seek work elsewhere.

    What about you, Tancred?
    What credibility have you got?
    Do you do anything other than play keyboard warfare?
    How about putting profile, image/video of yourself up for all to view, since you're such a tough guy?
    Or is it really just tough (trash) talk, that doesn't match up with reality???


    1. > never retreat, never!

      > hides behind kids


      U sound mad, girl.

      Where have I threatened to beat people up and made claims like, never retreat, no surrender! Cobra Kai!

      “Let’s meet irl and fight!!”

      Who does that, but a puerile wanker who plays video games, skateboards and isn’t aging gracefully?

    2. I've asked you previously (in another thread of your persistent attacks on TG), for actual evidence/context for your claims.
      You only come back with ad hominem innuendo.

      If someone made online attacks against me, I would hope they would be man enough to back up their "braveness" in person, rather than taking pot shots, and comfortably taking refuge behind a screen where they can't be touched.
      ... or is that that the extent of "your" valour, Tancred?

      Pity you have an inability to understand the "full" picture/context of what he says... or do you simply wish to despise the man?

  12. "puerile wanker"

    I am SOOO stealing that

  13. Before we get all self-righteous about Gordon "fleeing" from Bakersfield, let's get practical. If you are a father of six and you can't get a job someplace, what are supposed to do...stay and starve?

    I don't blame him from shaking their dust from his feet.

  14. That's the point I was trying to make, Anon.

    Pity reality and logic is clouded by whatever bee is in the bonnet of so many that simply wish to discredit him, and play-the-man, rather than deal with facts and reality.

    His video was fair. Too many people get bogged down in certain pet-obsessions when it comes to helping fellow Catholics...

  15. Nonsense.
    People are merely pointing out his inflated hubris. Toughness is his "schtick" is it not?
    The inconsistency of his "kick butt" declarations vs. the reality of his situation would give anyone pause.

    1. Actually, people are kicking a man while he's down, that's what's going on here... and this is supposed to be a "Catholic" blog!

  16. > I’m popular with my students

    > students laugh at cringey adult dressing like 90s wastecase

    Does he try to dress like a teen to Dale Fushek his way around the student body?

    1. Hey Tancred, TG's photos/videos/profile are out there for everyone to see - why don't you do the same, since you're so "brave" with your pot-shot slurs... or are you content with being a keyboard slur hero???

  17. Oh, my!
    The nanny-scold has made an appearance.
    Don't you worry, Maude. TG can take care of himself.

    1. Lol!

      If Tancred wasn't shy enough in failing to step up to the plate, and in to the spotlight, along comes the even braver "Anonymous", in shining armour.

      This is gold!

  18. I do not have a dog in this fight. I know who Steve Skojek is, and I now know who Tim Gordon is, but never heard him/them have conversation. If anyone's interested in an outsider's opinion here it is, although I had to stop at the 20 minute timestamp.
    I did not hear anything said up to that point I disagree with. Tim Gordon is 100% right, about what he said about BLM, and I heartily congratulate both of them on wading into the toxic waters on race and crime. That tough conversation will have to be had before progress can ever be made, as well as fatherless boys in the black community, because they are such impediments to everything else, but in a climate where NOT expressing full support for BLM gets you outed as if you were a pod person, and ends up with people around you screaming open-mouthed like Donald Sutherland, it ain't gonna happen. Inconvenient truths are often unpopular, and in a climate where not saluting BLM is considered extreme, point blank calling out BLM surely will get you noticed. Still, it's courageous.
    I'm quite familiar with the world of education, as an attorney just told me, no more cut-throat environment exists, and I'm talking high schools and any schools. Perhaps Mr. Gordon was surprised by the response, but if he's been in education a while, I'm surprised he's surprised. I'm not sure what else he would expect, but perhaps the level of cultural psychosis hadn't reached that point in his area, but any whiff of negativity in a school system, and you're out on your a** feeling lousy. I'm not a lawyer, but I think they're going to have to settle with him since he had a signed contract.
    Sorry for the long comment.

  19. Yes, 6:02.
    And you are the only person named "Michael" in the world. That narrows down your identity easily.
    You are a pathetic dork.
    By the way, is that you Dave?

  20. Hey, it's Captain Anonymous again!

    I wouldn't have any issue divulging more about myself, but I ain't one who's going around making cheap insults about someone, or kicking them while they're down - someone's whose profile is out there on full view - yet hiding behind a keyboard in doing so.
    I'm only challenging Tancred and his gang of cheap pot-shotters (including anon. head-kickers) to do so, to see if they can match their "brave" keyboard attacks by revealing themselves.

    C'mon tough guys... you are really big and tough after all, right???

  21. You’re making plenty of cheap insults, Michelle. I’ve noticed a lot of predator aberrosexuals like to attack the messenger like you’re doing.

    Thug Gordon is hardly down. He may be able to sue the Diocese (even though there’s something he’s done that will dismiss his case which will come out in discovery! LOL) and he’s got a lot of paypiggies who think he’s great for engaging in a little revisionist history and claiming it was really about BLM, but hey, we already know that Thug was lying about that like he lies about a few other things, like accusing E. Michael Jones of calling Mother Angelica a lesbian. I predict this Opus Dei creepy groomer youth pastor will make more money this year than he ever has in his life.

    1. Michelle?
      Is that a play on my name, by feminising it?
      I'll assume for a minute it is, since that seems to be your modus operandi.
      I mean, I could play this game, and perhaps refer to you as "TanTRUM", given your persistent rants, but I don't and won't (I only throw it out as food for thought,) as it's neither charitable or fruit-bearing.

      I'm making cheap insults?
      Really? Indulge me - such as...?
      Calling one out, and expecting them to give an account of themselves and man up for their cheap actions ain't an insult ("unless" you're a snowflake - again, not accusin', just putting it out there as food for thought).
      No, rather, I've tried to put forward propositions, and be charitable - strangely enough, that's what's required of Christians.

      Interesting how you try to transpose your actions on to me. You're the one making all sorts of ad hominem attacks, for which you provide bitter displeasure and innuendo as justification.
      No point trying to dismiss your behaviour, and expect me to be guilty of it.

      The man is absolutely down, with no "solid/stable" career atm, which includes the health insurance aspect being taken away - something much needed for his daughter.

      You provided yet another example of your inability to justify your statements, by inferring some impediment to TG suing.
      Now you may indeed be able to justify any/all you claim - I'm happy to grant that - but you can't just rely on loose references and ipsi dixit statements as "proof" - therein remains your task.

      Further, TG made reference to EMJ, in reference to EMJ's statements about MA.
      EMJ posted a "defence", which hardly vindicated him - that clip EMJ posted can actually be read a number of ways, as can what he wrote in his book about Voris and MA - TG wasn't alone in his interpretation. At any rate, TG is man enough to give account of himself - "if" he were wrong, see if he wouldn't recant, as a Catholic ought.

      The rest of your latest spiel is just more of the same diatribe.
      Same pattern - unjustified dribble attacks.

      2 propositions, from one Catholic to another(?):
      * confession
      * calumny and gossip

      On another point, just wondering what the connection is between you and many on this blog - some trad. Catholic association?
      Or is this the EMJ fan club, that I wasn't aware of (btw, I actually appreciate "some" of EMJ's work, and give credit where it's due - a point to raise, lest this be treated as an "attack" on him).

  22. anon at 8:15...
    I think the phrase you're looking for here is "puerile wanker" flows better than 'pathetic dork'.
    but for brevity's sake, you just can't beat "Karen". Yeah, Karen would work well for him in spades.

  23. 9:09

    Especially after makes the wife go out and wait tables at Ruby Tuesday seven days a week.

    "Don't worry, honey". "My book sales are going through the roof". We will be loaded soon". "Now go and fix my dinner while I go skateboarding at the high school".

  24. > has traditional wife out taking care of business

    > playing fortnite obsessively for hours

    > live-streaming on Twitch

  25. Tancred @9:09
    I found that story. You should link it or add a Tim Gordon label to the post so others can find it.
    You caught this pothead red handed.

  26. Charitable or not these are the most hilarious comments that I have ever read.

  27. Remember the time that he and Marshall were doing "Exodus 90"?
    The participants are supposed to sleep on the floor for the 90 days. Not in a bed.
    Gordon told Marshall that he went back to sleeping in the bed because his neck hurt from sleeping on the floor. Both of them blithely went on yammering never addressing that the purpose of mortifications is to cause discomfort.

  28. Lol! Ouch, penance is hard, yo!

  29. Both were back in their mama bear beds after a couple nights on the floor, but Marshall stuck with not shaving and Gordon still hasn't bathed.

  30. Michelle, here I thought you were going to harp on the immorality making anonymous posts on the internet while making your own anonymous posts, but you've confined yourself to various unprofitable rejoinders here that I'm not going to bother reading.

    I won't take up any more of your obviously, valuable, time.

  31. Well, considering my name is the same is that of the ArchAngel, would you feminise "His" name as well?

    My point really should be clear, Tancred, I really shouldn't have to hold your hand, to step you through it.

    One difference between you and me, is I
    won't disparage someone and hide behind a computer to do so.
    Real men front up, reveal themselves, and if engaging in combat, do so on a level playing field.
    You ain't willing to do that.

    Prove me wrong...

    Btw, yes my time is valuable, as I seek valuable enterprise in my life, rather than wasting it away on cheap attack blogs.

    1. > petty pest hides behind computer to disparage people making fun of lolcows

      > pesters people about hiding behind computers, like a lolcow!

    2. I ain't the one who makes cheap insults and pile-on's.
      Nor do I "hide" - in fact, if you want to meet in person, maybe we could flesh things out ... mano et mano if you will?

  32. I doubt you will have enough to spare, I heard Red Dead Redemption has a sequel coming out!

  33. Enough to spare for what?

    Red dead redemption...?

    You on lsd ol' boy?

    'tis apparent I really am wasting time on you on this keyboard warrior excuse-for-Catholic blog, lol!

  34. Bring some arguments, Michelle.

  35. In case you were referring to me, I'll put my response in to dot-points, if that makes it easier:

    * not here to argue.
    * will defend others against ad hominem attacks.
    * will hold others to account for such attacks.
    * you've yet to justify your attacks against TG (let alone myself, 'tho I consider them cheap and desperate) - "more" ad hominem, ipsi dixit statements, and references to other third+ parties/references and ad hominem sources "ain't" proof.
    * I have better things to do with my life than sit around on a blog with people who have nothing better to do with "their" life.
    * I gave you opportunity to put your money where your mouth is, yet you dodge such opportunities.
    * I wish you well in life.

    You might want to goad me to continue, or at least have the last say or several last says. Like-minded buddies on this blog might want to join in... pile-on... continue to disparage TG, me (who you don't know), others... whatever. I'd be surprised if you didn't, lol!

    Take care...

  36. For the first time I agree. You're not here to argue, you're just a Thug Marshall fanboi who real mad. If you were here to argue, you'd have an argument, but all you present are some personal attacks against people you don't even know, which is funny, and you complain about anonymous posters, being yourself anonymous, funnier still.

    I'll continue to attack the fraudulent Thug Gordon as long as he's a public figure presenting himself as a savior of Catholicism, yep.

    1. Looking out for and defending others, ain't mad.

      I exhort you, however, to truly consider your "own" behaviour:
      * disparaging others, with various insults
      * dodging requests for justification and accountability for doing so
      * transposing such behaviour (as you do to me, by making yourself out to be the victim, and me the perpetrator - something you "still" haven't shown, after several requests)

      These are all important things to consider.
      Some food for thought...

      At any rate, I'd say the closest I've come to an "attack", is by asking if you'd like to meet up in person. Perhaps flesh out our differences. Mano e mano.
      My response to you thinking "I'm" hiding.
      If this was at all a threat to you, then I humbly apologise.
      If there's anything else I'm "truly" guilty of (I emphasise "truly", as we can't just rely on your unjustified ipsi dixit assertions) - whether in this response, or previous ones, incl. other threads, then please accept my apologies.

      For my part, I wish to depart this blog with a clear conscience.
      I only speak for myself.

      Christ wants us all to be humble, and to treat each other with respect and charity.

      TG has a lot to offer the Church. He has warts, sure - we all do.
      Attacking him because he doesn't perfectly line up with all you expect and/or due to some difference he has with other Catholic identities/mentors/organisations
      you hold in high esteem, doesn't make him the enemy of The Church... 'tho even "if" he were, ad hominem and other attacks ain't the Christian way.
      They certainly don't build up The Church, or foster a positive witness for Christianity.

      It's not your duty (or mine or anyone else for that matter), to publicly hold him (or others) in contempt - if you have an issue with someone, do the honourable Christian thing, and take it up with them "personally".
      Has TG offended you personally? If so (whether real or imagined), take it up with him personally, in line with Scripture (and common courtesy).
      If, however, he's caused offense (whether real or imagined) to others, then let "them" take it up with him.

      At the end of the day, we all have a mission and mandate to build up Christ's Church, and grow in holiness, which includes admitting and owning mistakes, and deferring judgment to God, and His Church.

      Au revoir...

  37. Is Mrs. Gordon getting a job?
    That’ll make Thug’s new feminism book hard to sell.

  38. What if Gordon was fired for failing a drug test?

  39. Michael:

    I thought that you departed this blog at 6:13 am. And here you are again at 9:02 pm.
    Can I count on your permanent disappearance this time?

  40. Michael, assuming you’re still here: why not bring Tancred and TG together for a cage fight. No knives 🔪 or skateboards 🛹 allowed.

  41. To quote the Thug:

    "You bring your guys". "I'll bring my guys". "Bring it on".

  42. I did as anonymous up there requested and put in a Tim Gordon label, so people can see the original post exposing Thug and Timmy’s perfidious behavior. Thanks for that!


  43. 4:52,

    "You bring your guys". "I'll bring my guys".
    "Except, I will be moving from Bakersfield to an unknown location, so just fight with my guys". "Not me".

  44. Yeah, I suppose you’re right, Tancred – cringe… just like The Beatitudes, great Saints (Francis of Assisi immediately comes to mind), humility and other expectations of Catholics… ewww!

    Btw Tancred, you haven’t “exposed” anything. What’s your source? (drum roll…) Eponymous flower… same as Gene on June 21! (yawn!).
    That’s akin to asking Hilary Clinton for proof about Trump!
    What you have exposed, however, is how shallow your position is – that podcast with Steve on this thread certainly helped with that, ta! ;)

  45. James – ain’t here to appease you one way or the other, buddy.
    If/when I stay or go is up to me.
    Thought I’d cut you, Tancred et al a bit more slack, and opportunity to reflect and pull your heads in.

    I really thought I could help with identifying the inadequacies and flaws in all the false allegations against TG, yet get cheap and shallow responses, akin to teenage tantrums. Pity…

  46. Holly – perhaps you should put that to Tancred and TG.
    As a heads-up, however, if you’ve followed the comments trail, Tancred has consistently shown he’s more interested in dodging challenges… online AND in person! Not only has he failed to justify anything I put to him online (preferring to transpose his shallow tact of insulting others on to me), he made a lame excuse as to why he wouldn’t be prepared to meet with me in person. You think he’d honestly match his online bravado and bark with actual bite, if he could meet up with TG (or me, or others) in person???
    On several occasions I’ve extended such opportunities to Tancred to step up to the plate, so it’s up to him to muster the courage.

    However, if you could organise something, go for it. Great idea, no weapons – I doubt TG is that low, but let’s see how brave Tancred would be by himself.
    I would suggest that as well as no weapons, no shields either – so leave mother at home, Tancred (‘tho that’s if she gives you permission to leave the house in the first place).

  47. I found out who you are, Michael, cringe.

  48. Couple of more questions , even ‘tho Tancred has avoided previous ones – perhaps someone else can help me out?:
    Getting to the crux – how does TG end up with the “Thug” title? Have yet to see any fair and valid reason for this, ‘tho have seen plenty of piling on to him and joining in the chorus of calling him one, simply on the basis of statements taken out of context, ad hominem arguments, as well as a seemingly personality cult (aka EMJ).
    The only "Thuggery" I see evident here, is the persistent attacks on TG (as well as others who are brutally treated).

    Also, still wondering what the actual “mission” of this blog is – can anyone help me out?
    I mean, there seems to be a lot of EMJ defence here, on some premise of TG making a stand for MA (and Voris), after EMJ’s most unnecessary hit-piece on Voris...

    So, yeah, it’s puzzling to know what to make of the credo and destination of this blog.
    I mean, it claims to be Catholic, but is it primarily by/for:
    SSPX or some other trad. group?
    Some sedevacantist group?
    Jew despisers?

    Is this an EMJ fan club?

    It comes across as a bit of a mish-mash!

  49. Ok Sherlock Tancred, enlighten us all, if you think you know who I am (and how), lol!

    Pity you're still up to your old tricks, 'tho, dodging challenges put to you.
    Not surprising, 'tho a pity all the same...

  50. 7:11

    Oh, Lord.
    Like a stubborn case of Herpes. He's back.

  51. Hello to you, too, James.
    Do I sense a poor night's sleep, or a lack of fibre in your diet?

  52. It's where you went to skool. XD

  53. Ah... no.
    Here I was thinking you had nailed my id. Hmmm...
    I suppose you want to play the guessing game now?
    How long you reckon it will take to pound out every conceivable surname?

  54. ? ... and I'm supposed to care about what you choose to believe?

    What does TAC even stand for?

  55. You keep coming back after promising not to, so I'd say you're not exactly a man of his word.

    Your posts on twitter also don't get a lot of interaction.

    Maybe you like the negative attention?

  56. First of, at no time did I make any such promise - trawl away through all my comments if you disagree, to see if you can find this word employed.
    Sorry if you find my imput such a blow.

    Re: your second point, I'm sure they wouldn't - never posted on twitter, never had a twitter account!
    ... which makes your last little gasp redundant.

  57. June 22nd, 902pm you wrote the second time you promised to leave:

    "For my part, I wish to depart this blog with a clear conscience.
    I only speak for myself."

  58. The challenge was for you to find my use of the word "promise".
    For the sake of reference, that challenge was just over 10 minutes ago , at time of writing (in my most previous comment).

    As usual, you show an inability to meet a challenge.
    Given this is a habit for you, it's not surprising (even 'tho disappointing)...

  59. Promise is implied, but you're back... like complications from AIDS.

  60. Have you got AIDS? Sorry if that's so. Must be tough.

    Promise is implied?
    A promise is a pledge attached to a statement, to confirm it.

  61. Also interesting that you use the word "implied" (albeit falsely).
    It's a stronger word - with greater accusation - than the word "insinuated".
    With that in mind, if TG is referred to (albeit unfairly) as "Thug", given his "insinuation" comments of EMJ about MA, can we now refer to you in the same vein? Possibly with a stronger slur, given "imply" is a stronger term than "insinuate"?
    Perhaps SuperThug? Or SuperThugcred, if we were to personalise it?

  62. Or a longer version again - SuperThugwithnocred...????

    Just a few random thoughts...

  63. my heavens...this "michael" guy makes the antifa weiners look like the Thermopylae 300.
    Hey "mikey"...CHAZ/CHOP awaits a guy with your scheeching capacity. Seriously, give it (and us) a rest,'s gotten waaay beyond embarrassing.

    1. This "Susan" person only confirms the importance of my contributions, and handles constructive criticism like the antifa gang she seemingly allegedly abhors (one thing we would actually have in common, if that were actually true).

      My points and questions I raise are fair, even if they dent a few egos, and cause you much "embarrassment".

      Seriously, give the smear campaigns a rest (against TG et al) - that would be a good starting point. ;)

  64. I don't give a rat's ass about "TG et al". Your verbal diarrhea is embarrassing, and the love of your own voice has passed beyond pathetic. you made your points...whatever they were, now, for the sake of saving just a shred of self-respect....give it a rest.

    This is truly good advice.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. His Twitter is full of cringe no one responds to.

  66. Whose twitter would that be, SuperThugwithnocred?

  67. Oh my gosh Tancred....he's like a hemorrhoid....only less attractive and more painful. He's like a way dorkier version of bill gates without the money. Oh my gosh....he's all yours.

    I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this.

  68. A dork? No! Someone find me a shrink, and a bucket to catch my tears!

    As usual, just ad hominem (sigh!)

    It seemed you were embarrassed by this thread dialog before, Susan.
    Now you want to sit back and enjoy...?
    What changed?

  69. @Susan, he looks like he writes.

  70. I didn't know valid, reasoned and logical were a description of appearance.

  71. What I want to know, is how Marshal got a woman to marry him. Gordon's wife is a carbon copy of him, but in female, and Mexican, so that's easy to understand. But Marshall's wife seems ok.