Wednesday, June 24, 2020

If You Don't Worship the Beast, There Will Be Consequences

EDit: watching the religious fanaticism of Godless white people who are terrified by their Marxist masters is something to behold. H/T to Robert Semrad!

There seems to be a new god in town who even the Catholic Church's senior clergy are worshiping in a kind of holy terror.

*Language warning




  1. Godless white liberals are the worst.

  2. What is Marxist about the said Masters? Marx would shrug his shoulders and point at a typical diversion of the Capital! You see, when it hurts too much because the Big Money has stolen Your money, or when the Capital is about to steal more, it diverts the public attention from money and it raises issues that have nothing to do with it. When more and more people get angry at the banksters and vote for Trump, the Capital levels down that social tension and turns it into a conflict between the little people like you and me, whereby it hides class struggle, behind a war between races, for example. Do you now understand why it is one of the richest men on Earth, who funded the Black Lives Matter movement, and who now is fostering trouble in America? By the way, when the Republican farmers of California want workers who are cheaper than Yankee Doodle, they ask for more immigrants. Is that Marxist too? In a way it is, since Marx called the immigrants the reserve army of the Capital. Now wait, Marx resented that Capitalistic concept, actually, so maybe those Republicans farmers are not Marxist after all. So who is Marxist then? I know, the Democrats are. But wait, the Democrats want to open the borders to immigration, don't they? In other words, they too want to lower the wages, as that is a consequence of immigration... And Marx did not like that either, did he? So the Democrats are no Marxists either. Who is Marxist then?! One thing I know: you will not answer that question, as long as you listen to the merdia that tell you Their version of the story; you do know what a conflict of interests is, and to whom the merdia belong, don't you...? Anyway, that was only one example where Trump is up against Big-Money and the people behind it, that is the Democrats and the Republicans all together. And the Antifa too, who are their footmen. Now is Trump a Marxist because he is up against the Capital? To me he is, and I support Trump as much as Marx helps me to understand the forces at play. But go explain that to an ignorant binary American...

    Denis Jaisson
    from France

  3. Marxism, in its many and varied viruslike forms, is one of the ways which large corporations and moneyed interests remove competition.

  4. It depends on your definition of Marxism, Tancred. In fact, Marx' analysis and prediction regarding the Capital were so powerful, as well as subversive* from a Capitalistic prospective, that it was distorted and truned against the very people for whom Marx stood. So much so, that, watching in awe that distortion and manipulation, Marx said at the end of his life: «I am not a Marxist».
    * a reversed accusation!

  5. There’s always a lot of rebranding and reinventing going on, whether they embrace or reject sodomy, for example.
    Antonio Gramsci vs Tankies vs. Trots.

  6. Marx didn’t foresee trad unionism. Must have been the syphilis.

  7. Marx considered the trade unions as brokers of the work force, trying to get the best price; they traded the work force. Regardless, I shall leave you to your bantering like a school boy short of arguments above the belt, and looking at the finger that points at the moon, if that is not too conceptual a metaphor, for you, Tancred.

  8. Lol, ok, if only Communism had actually been tried!

  9. Marx had no idea how powerful trade unions would become, nor did he foresee the importance of the service sector.