Friday, June 5, 2020

Canadian Politican Fired After Comments About Racism

Edit:  Vox Cantoris must have ratted him out to the authorities for not being sufficiently woke on racism. Aren't Canadians getting tired of being subject to these thought crimes and not actually having freedom of speech, the freedom to speak one's mind?  

[CTV News] A former Canadian Alliance leader and Conservative MP has resigned from Telus' board of directors and as a strategic adviser to a law firm after comparing racism to his experience of being mocked in school for wearing glasses.

Stockwell Day made the comments during a panel on CBC's "Power & Politics" Tuesday.

Day had said on the show that he knew "for a fact" that most Canadians including his relatives, friends, and opponents are not racist.



Jonah said...

Stockwell Day was a darling of LifeSiteNews, as were Maxime Bernier and Faith Goldy. Canada’s prolife movement has long borne a liability of supporters linked to neofascists. The eugenicists have been clever about appropriating good causes for their own agenda. Day was one of many infiltrators.

Constantine said...

And where did "Jonah" Get that hearsay?

Tancred said...

I often wonder that myself whenever Jonah comments.

Jonah believes that the Germans won WWII.

Jonah said...

If you’re ever in Toronto, look me up and buy me a beer. I’ll show you where the Nazis had their bunkers in this town. 😁