Monday, April 20, 2020

Trump Should Take the Lead in Freeing America from COVID-19 Crisis

The present decentralization of the federal government and transfer of power to state and local government is not good, since several of the governors are acting as communists in a dictatorial attempt to shut down society and church.
For example, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has banned home gardening during the COVID-19 lockdown while allowing abortion clinics to continue their heinous work of murdering the unborn. Several other governors have imposed similar iron-clad rulings, so keeping the power at the executive level is what would serve the best interests of the people.

If Obama was still president, it indeed would be better that governors and state leaders assumed more power, but since President Trump is in office he should wrest the power from the hands of irresponsible pro-death tyrants like governors Whitmer, Cuomo and Newsom, and use his position to free up society and the church.

For this whole COVID-19 crisis was sprung on us by globalists to tank the economy and place us on lockdown, with emphasis on closing down the Catholic Church. Bill Gates in conjunction with the infamous WHO and the Chinese government cultured this coronavirus for our ruin, so Trump should oppose them and get America opened again lest we lock into permanent slavery as planned by these globalists.

Specifically, Trump should issue an executive order forbidding any states, counties, or cities of America from ordering the closure of Christian churches. Closing the Church during crisis makes as much sense as shutting off a fire hydrant during a fire.

But too, it is a blatant violation of Separation of Church and State. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment never meant that the state was supposed to be separate from God (as today's communists would have us think) but simply meant that the state cannot infringe on the Church.

As such, government should not be allowed to boss the Church lest we confess by our consent that government may boss Jesus Christ. What is needed right now is God's mercy and guiding hand, so we need to place the horse before the buggy and give rein to God in this crisis while also observing due precautions and social distancing.

Those touting the present delegation of powers to the governors should remember that "United we will stand, divided we will fall," so the executive branch should not hasten America's disunity by empowering the agents of the socialist deep-state.

Let these political "deities" remember that the state may not boss the Church because the state was founded on precepts of the Church. For we are "A Christian Nation" in which "All of our laws and institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind." (Supreme Court Declaration, 1892)

Let our leaders not forget this.


  1. Great post! Lets hope that our nation's young people will demand that America be reopened. Let the frail and elderly shelter inside watching CNN on their 50 inch flat screens made in Red China till doomsday cometh but let the young and vigorous go about their lives. As you write under the US Constitution government at any level doesn't have the authority to close churches even for a pandemic. There is NO judicial precedent that justifies this usurpation of religious rights.

  2. Trump has allowed the states to act within their Constitutional means in order to expose the bad actors. It’s working beautifully! Right after he called out the Virginia governor, the people rose up. After he called out the Michigan governor, she backed down the next day. Don’t think Trump doesn’t have leverage over these criminals!

  3. Article of April 21, this date, from Catholic News Agency. "Kansas governor can't single out churches in COVID rules, judge says." "The Kansas governor's emergency restrictions on church services wrongly treated religious gatherings more strictly than similar activies, a federal judge said". U.S. District Judge John Broomes ruled on April 18 for a temporary injunction for two Baptist churches. The governor, Laura Kelly, said that this was not about religion but about a public health crisis. She claimed that the setback was temporary. She listed churches for the first time on April 7.----The injunction only applies to the two churches till May 2. There will be a hearing The four Catholic dioceses voiced concern. A large number of other similar venues were exempted.-----The Catholic Conference could have joined the lawsuit pushed by "Alliance for Freedom". They did not. At first glance, the governor appears to be a feminist Catholic with some connections to the radical left in the Church. I will now try to get more of a background for her.

  4. Laura Kelly, 70, short and feisty, born in NYC, was a "military brat" who traveled. Graduate of Bradley in psychology, Master's in Physical Therapy, U of Indiana. Husband, Ted Daugherty is a doctor, moved to Kansas, ran for political office in 2004. Became the Senate minority leader and ran for governor in 2018. Kansas has a duel ticket and she selected Lynn Wayne Rogers as her running mate as lt. governor. Most of her acknowledged efforts were to remove the legacy of Sam Brownbeck who was very conservative.

  5. The last thing Americans require is a dictator.

    There is a reason for the dead 9th and 10th amendments :)

    The problem is not governors. The problem is with Prelates and Priests who are pussies (well, had to carry on the alliteration)

    Bishops should have told the Governors that in telling the churches to shutter they were acting ultra vires and Unconstitutionally and they should have sued each of the damn governors for a violation of civil rights

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