Sunday, April 19, 2020

Pope Dreams of a Communist World

Edit: if there was any doubt.

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis is urging the faithful to use the coronavirus pandemic’s “time of trial” to prepare for a future where inequalities are abolished and the poorest are no longer left behind.

“This is not some ideology,” Francis said. “It is Christianity.”

Francis traveled a few blocks outside the Vatican walls on Sunday to celebrate Mass at a nearby church to mark a special feast day dedicated to mercy. Only a few priests were in the pews given Italy’s strict virus lockdown.

In his homily, Francis said the grave, global toll of the pandemic has reminded the world that there are no borders between those who suffer, no differences in nationalities among those who are struck or spared.


Photo is the public domain, fyi.



  1. I repeat the editor's comment. "If there was any doubt".

  2. Bergoglio is stupid. Communism is based on Marxism. But Marxism CANNOT BE what is described today as "cultural Marxism". "Cultural Marxism"The is an oxymoron created by "spoiled rich socialist justice wannabee wokewarriors". , The underpinning, the whole foundation
    of Karl Marx's thinking is that the ONLY basis for revolution is strictly Economic, not culture nor social beliefs. Oppression, change and revolution are caused by Economics,contrary to Hegal that argued that ideas cause change.
    Karl Marx write the famous line:"he who does work does not eat"". Marx wrote that the 3rd world people are barbarian and they drag the developing world down. Classic Marx is very conservative by today's standards, which is why Russia is against "cultural Marxism".

  3. Cultural Marxism is just the long march through the institutions. Hardened Marxists don't think they're real Marxists, but they missed their shot at putting Gramsci in front of the firing squad.

  4. Low Sunday NOT Divine Mercy Sunday.

  5. Imagine there's no Jorge Bergoglio
    It isn't hard to do
    No one in Rome who mocks Our Lord
    A return to Catholicism too

  6. @ anonymous_ continuation:
    "Imagine all the Popes living for today"
    "Immagine Bergoglio, a global one-world Order, and the world will be one"
    Wow! What a great production team.
    To prevent infringment of copy laws, we can play it in g flat!