Monday, March 23, 2020

War: Turkish Security Forces Shoot at Greek Border Guards

As the Corona crisis paralyzes the world, the Islamic rush to Europe continues: Sunday evening hundreds of invaders tried to storm the Greek border. Turkish officials shot over 1,000 tear gas grenades at Greek border officials.

“At the Greek-Turkish border, there were again incidents at the Kastanies / Pazarkule crossing. A group of around 200 migrants felled a tree on Sunday evening and damaged the border fence on the Greek side,” reports Oe24.

"Turkish security forces have tried to help hundreds of Afghan, Pakistani and Syrian migrants across the Greek border," BBC commentator Babak Taghvaee reported on Twitter. "Turkish plainclothes intelligence officers fired tear gas grenades at Greek border guards."

"Is that a declaration of war by Turkey against Greece?" Asked the BBC correspondent. "The video clearly shows that Turkish officials fired tear gas and smoke grenades at Greek border guards to help Afghan, Pakistani and Syrian migrants cross the Greek border."

“On Sunday, Turkish police officers in Evros shot over 1,000 tear gas grenades at Greek border guards in the evenings. This is an attack on the EU's external border. Where's the reporting on that?” Said Petr Bystron, AfD chairman in the Foreign Affairs Committee. “It is always astonishing that the public service broadcaster wants to convince us that the illegal migrants are primarily children and families - although recordings circulating almost simultaneously on the Internet showed that the rush on the Turkish-Greek border was above all, done by young men from Pakistan and Afghanistan and not by families with young children.”

"The Federal Government continues to violate Article 16a of the Basic Law, the Schengen and Dublin rules and the Residence and Asylum Act through the additional admissions. The - purely verbal - ministerial decree of Thomas de Maiziere from 2015, according to which everyone should be admitted to Germany, must be lifted immediately by Interior Minister Seehofer and the effective border control restored,” said Bystron.



  1. The EU wills the invasion of Europe by Islam. It has largely been accomplished. Europe is pretty much finished. Only numerous Brexits can save it now, but Greece is poor and probably can't afford it. Poor Greece.

  2. This would have been Europe's pretext and opprtunity to declare war on Turkey, destroy it and liberate Constantinople, and Antioch, and give back lands taken from Armenia. Instead, this pseudointellectual "everyone is nice" is giving Europe the run for its money. I am most greived that at least Putin does not take this initiative. He does not see the vision of a new Byzantine empire, perhaps a Western Empire as well, because he only acts defensively and reacts to situations. Merkel is even worse, funding the Turks. She has lost any conceived notion of a Christian Europe.

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  4. Wage Nuclear War on Turkey.