Friday, March 20, 2020

Swedish “Priest” Arrested for Smuggling Invader in Suitcase

Camilla Ulén, a priest in Gävle, Sweden, has been accused of smuggling an Afghan migrant out of a detention facility in a suitcase.
The 20-year-old migrant, who was being held pending deportation, disappeared on February 23, according to a report in Nyheter Idag. He was visited by two women shortly before his disappearance, one of whom was a priest from the Church of Sweden. The priest was carrying a large suitcase which she told authorities was to be used for a baptism.
Sweden’s Migration Board has since accused the priest of helping the migrant to escape. Its Director General, Mikael Ribbenvik, said in a statement that the incident had damaged the Board’s trust in the Church of Sweden. “We were tricked,” he said.


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