Friday, February 28, 2020

New Humanism Advocates "Freedom" from God

By David Martin

As has been reported in the Catholic press, Pope Francis is calling upon the leaders of world religions and globalist agencies, as well as leaders in the world of politics, economics, science and education to be at the Vatican on May 14, 2020, for the signing of a Global Education Pact aimed at bringing about a “new humanism.”

In a videotaped message on September 12, 2019, in which the pope first announced his initiative, he said: "A global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism."

God “Withdraws” so we can be “Free”

Archbishop Vincenzo Zani, secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education who has been tasked with organizing the event explains the theological vision behind this “new humanism,” saying that God “withdraws” in order that man might be free. Vatican Abp organizing Global Education Pact touts pope’s ‘new humanism’ where God ‘withdraws’

In an interview with LifeSiteNews Vatican correspondent Diane Montagna, Zani made reference to “God who gives man strength, liberty, and life but leaves him free. It is an encounter of freedom.”

He said that the teaching on Creation – which he says is not exclusively a Christian one – places the focus on man. “It’s the centrality of the person. God creates but then withdraws. He leaves man, saying, ‘Go!”’

Montagna interjected: “Pardon me, but is this really the Christian idea of man’s creation? As Christians we do not believe in a God who leaves us alone. We believe in His supernatural action in the world.”

Zani responded, “Yes, but in the moment when God creates man, he gives him intelligence, heart, and the capacity for activity, and he tells him: ‘Go!’”

That glaringly contrasts Christ's appeal to "Come, follow me." The idea that "God withdraws" to allow for the possibility of human freedom is purely a Masonic idea. It implies that if God doesn't withdraw we are not free. It implies that our freedom consists in being away from God. It advocates the Masonic freedoms.

Our Freedom is in God

The Church teaches that God is the source of our freedom, outside of which there is no human freedom. Our freedom is in Christ, which is why He is called Savior, since He saves or liberates us from the slavery of sin. This He does, not by withdrawing from us, but by moving closer to us. The closer he moves the freer we are, provided we let him rule us. (Psalm 22)

It's like a fish in a bowl. The more surrounded it is with water, the freer it is. And if we are surrounded with an infinite ocean of crystal blue majesty wherein we breath and have our life, we are truly free, but if that ocean casts us onto the shore and recedes from us, we are left to die, with no freedom, no happiness, no life.

Now atheists, modernists, and Freemasons see God as a “boogie-man,” and accordingly, they see His Commandments as oppressive rules that we need to be "liberated" from. Their idea of freedom is to escape God and live in their own hellish zone.

Accordingly, they maintain that there is no eternal damnation after death. [Ring any bells?] It calls to mind an often-expressed line of the Freemasons that “hell is nothing more than being away from God and what's so bad about that!”

Now these snakes of the modernist school infiltrated the Second Vatican Council and they managed to gain considerable control of the conciliar drafting commissions, whereby the conciliar documents often reflect this idea that personal liberty takes precedence over God.

The Vatican II document on religious liberty, Dignitatis Humanae, is particularly pronounced in this, since it advocates the selfish rights of man, as if modern man is now a little god who can think for himself without a divine chaperone. Consider the opening paragraph:
A sense of the dignity of the human person has been impressing itself more and more deeply on the consciousness of contemporary man, and the demand is increasingly made that men should act on their own judgment. [1]
Again, we read:
God has regard for the dignity of the human person whom He Himself created and man is to be guided by his own judgment and he is to enjoy freedom. [11]
Hence, what we’re really seeing with Pope Francis’ “new humanism” is the plan of Vatican II coming to a head.  

Unfortunately, secular humanism is condemned by the Church, since it attaches prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of man and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems without divine guidance and help. Humanism seeks unity with man, not unity with God. 

The Global Education Pact seeks to indoctrinate man with this secular humanism aimed strengthening his allegiance to the planet. The pope says an alliance is required "between the earth's inhabitants and our 'common home,' which we are bound to care for and respect.”

What about our alliance with God? Has Francis considered the admonition of the Apostle James, who says that “the friendship of this world is the enemy of God” and that “Whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God?” (James 4:4)


Concerned Catholics have cited the hypocrisy of the pope’s education pact, arguing that it makes no reference to the prerogative of parents to be the primary educators of their children. At a time when the educational system has become nothing more than a political forum to pollute the minds of the young, the pope has a duty to exhort parents to assume the responsibility in educating their children themselves, i.e. to homeschool them.

Instead he subjects the children to the wiles of globalists that seek to educate them in the ways of Satan. The mere fact that the global education pact will receive an estimated $26 billion a year in funding from pro-abortion globalists like Bill Gates and George Soros is enough reason to decry this to the heavens.

Why is Francis colluding with globalists?


  1. "Why is Francis colluding with globalists". If you read the Apocalypse, you will know the answer. That is exactly what Pope Ratzinger said before he had "a change of heart" which led to his abdication. ----There is no doubt any longer that this "walking away" is linked to his brother, the choir director. There were some 600 allegations of child abuse among choir members during his long tenure. You can add two and two and it won't even add up to the five of Archbishop Spadaro.

  2. Why do people believe in the Immaculate Contraception?

  3. @Pw Catholics rank and file always believed that Mary was Immaculate and even in the Orthodox Liturgy it says she is "Spotless". The Orthodox only have a problem with making it officially recognized. They don't like dogmatic definitions. The Popes felt that way too. But given the pressure from the "common" man, which pseudo-intellectual progressivists detest in their thinking process, nonetheless, it was declared officially as dogma. This "thinking process" detested by the pseudo-intelligensia is called the "Sensus Catolicus". It is unspoken, undeclared, belief held by the rank and file that dates back to the time of the Apostles.In the Eastern and Oriental Catholic Churches it is held that Mary did not die, but went into a deep sleep like Adam did when God made Eve, BECAUSE MARY HAD NO ORIGINAL SIN THAT WAS PUNISHED BY DEATH!!!
    In the Western Church,it is believed that Mary died, even though she was not tainted by Original Sin because she wanted to die with human race and be closer to humanity, and experience the suffering of Fallen Humanity, as well as share in the suffering and the Humanity of her Son.

  4. "Not tainted by Original Sin", that is the key which unlocks the spirit of the reform movement of Bergoglio. God Himself sent an angel to Mary. She responded with "do unto me according to thy word". This young Jewish maiden was of the House of David as prophesied.---The Christ as He said Himself was come "not to destroy the Old Testament but to fulfill it". Mary could have told the angel to "take a hike". She chose not to do so.----Can there be any doubt of the "fallen nature of man" and the need for a Redeemer that is happening in Rome today? The humility of the maiden is divine and worthy of veneration. The acceptance of the joy of motherhood (Son behold your mother, mother behold thy son, that would be St. John) is eye opening in regard to the travesty that is going on in Rome today.---As prophesied in the writings of Malachi Martin, Rome is returning to paganism and the worship of a fallen nature of man. It is obvious that Bergoglio has the Chinese virus. May God have mercy on his soul.

  5. You mean that the 'Immaculate Contraception' has been proclaimed a dogma?

  6. Michael Matt over at The Remnant has a similar take, exposing all the population control globalists that have access to the Vatican. Pope Francis is the moral battering ram that is being used, willingly or not, I cannot say.

  7. How on earth would Matt know anything of importance about anything much at all? He inhabits a hot bed of conservative hysteria, gossip, conspiracy and ecclesiastical psychobabble. A good dose of reality therapy might counter the eccentric figments of imagination that plague him


    1. And you inhabit a hot bed of progressive hysteria, gossip, slander, retraction, ecclesiastical hooha and predictable writhing in agony in the face of the inexplicable revival of a Catholicism you believed was pronounced dead in 1963 but continues to live, much to your evil displeasure and pain of a gnawing conscience.

  8. Now THAT'S the old Tancred I know and love! *sigh*

  9. This website needs freedom from Gaybriel.

  10. This website needs freedom from Gaybriel.

    What in hell is "the immaculate contraception?" What in hell does that even mean? Must be another one of those cutesy homosexual cleric jokes.

  11. This website needs freedom from Gaybriel.

    What in hell is "the immaculate contraception?" What in hell does that even mean? Must be another one of those cutesy homosexual cleric jokes.

  12. This website needs freedom from Gaybriel.

    What in hell is "the immaculate contraception?" What in hell does that even mean? Must be another one of those cutesy homosexual cleric jokes.

  13. This website needs freedom from Gaybriel.

    What in hell is "the immaculate contraception?" What in hell does that even mean? Must be another one of those cutesy homosexual cleric jokes.

  14. Do you want a moderator/contributor role? You're so funny and I miss it when you're not regularly contributing. Of course, you're absolutely correct.