Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Pope Attacks!

Pope Francis appeared irked during a walkabout among the faithful in St. Peter's Square when a woman grabbed his hand. [He probably didn’t like her making the sign of the Cross!]
The 83-year-old pontiff was greeting children and pilgrims on New Year's Eve as he made his way to a Nativity scene in Vatican City.
Video shows him shaking hands with the crowds who were chanting "Pope! Pope! and "Happy New Year!"

He later apologized for his violence against women, by using his angry reaction to highlight a feminist cause celeb.

Apparently, she was trying to appeal to Bergoglio about China. He has turned his back on Chinese Catholic Church for the appeal of his friends in the politburo to be honest.

Barnum posted this tweet... hilarious!!



Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard of any recent Pope ever....EVER...doing something like this? Hell No.

Just another reason why good Catholics should rise in a mounting tide of condemnation and force the slug and his cohorts out.

No apology is necessary from Francis, for none should be acceptable. I watched this video several times. He intended to hurt this pilgrim, and to holler at her. The anger in his face as he turned away is sick. He's one nasty, sick SOB heretic!!

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Bring out your dead.

Anonymous said...

Frances slaps like a gurl

Dies Caniculus said...

Barnum is as funny as a bag full of assholes and about as nasty.

Tancred said...

That’s not nice, Gaybe, have another daiquiri.

susan said...

and feybriel KNOWS his bags full of assholes

Tom said...

Imagine if Trump bitchslapped someone like that.
What would Mark Shea say?

Barnumissimus said...

I said it before, Gaybriel, but it bears repeating, with a word change:

Cree el maricon
Que todos son
De su fijacion.

Barnum said...

To clear up a matter, I thought I sent the video, and not the link to the comments string. I did not circle the comment about the victimized young Chinese woman floating in the Tiber, nor did I think Eccles comment was funny. Like him, I did feel a sense of worry for the woman after viewing the video, especially after seeing the security guy grab her hands when he didn't need to.

Anonymous said...

But, he apologised: