Sunday, October 27, 2019

Francis Closes Synod with Ecological Lecture

By David Martin

There were no wood-carving idols displayed in St. Peter's Basilica for the closing Mass for the Amazonian Synod that convened at the Vatican Oct. 6-27, but the idol of globalism was certainly placed on a pedestal.

The historic synod indeed brought to fever pitch its globalist design to "repair" to "Mother Earth" for the "sins" committed against her. Its final document calls for the ordination of married men in the Amazon region and an "ecological conversion" for the entire Church.

In his sermon of Oct. 27, Pope Francis denounced exploitation and "predatory models of development" that plunder the poor and wound "sister Earth."

"In this synod we have had the grace of listening to the voices of the poor and reflecting on the precariousness of their lives, threatened by predatory models of development," he said.

If Francis listened to the poor, why doesn’t he restore to them the jewels of holy tradition that they’ve been robbed of? And why doesn't he fill their spiritual hunger by nourishing them with the pure waters of orthodoxy? His flock is starving for the truth so why doesn’t he heed Christ’s command to “feed my sheep?” (John 21:17)

In an apparent dig against those who proselytize the Faith, the pope said that throughout history people who have considered themselves superior to others have "made other people feel rejected" by "considering them backward and of little worth."

Quite the contrary, the Church throughout history has always sought to raise the indigenous to the awareness of their true dignity by assuring them that they are made in God's image and that they are made for better things than the jungle of this world. But Francis looks upon the holy missionaries with a disparaging eye.

"They despise their traditions [idols], erase their history, occupy their lands and usurp their goods," he said. They indeed despised their filthy idols and disregarded their pagan history, since this is the work of God. Since when are missionaries supposed to dignify pagan traditions?

"How much alleged superiority, transformed into oppression and exploitation, exists even today," he added. Indeed, the faithful today have had their traditions overrun as globalists have come in to exploit the Church for the advance of their own wicked designs. Under the pretext of defending the denigrated, the pope denigrates this suffering Church while mocking those men of tradition who labored so selflessly to convert the primitive from indigenous ways.

Francis quotes Scripture out of context, citing the Gospel of St. Luke in which the Pharisee prays thus, "I thank you God that I am not like the rest of humanity," while the tax collector prays for the mercy of God.
"The root of every spiritual error, as the ancient monks taught, is believing ourselves to be righteous," he warned. The insinuation is that the Church of old is pompous and self-righteous,  but he is forgetting that the Church as instituted by Christ is always right. It's mission is to instruct the world on salvation that all peoples may leave their religions and idols and be converted to the Faith.
The Pope said that the Pharisee was "brimming with self-assurance about his own ability to keep the commandments" and was focused only on himself, forgetting to love God and his neighbor. This is true, but when we place our own ecological teachings over God's Commandments we too focus on self while forgetting God and neighbor. Francis forgets that the Pharisee did not keep the Commandments but only pretended to, just as we pretend to honor God when we bow to our new-found "traditions of men."

In a word, Francis’ sermon was a well-constructed rant against the One True Church that Christ left us. He's saying that the Church is not superior and has no right standing above man. Under the guise of loving the poor, he lashes out, suggesting that the old Church is a self-righteous bully that attempts to impose its high-minded agenda on the poor when it is Francis who is imposing a new religion on the poor.

If Francis had any love for the poor he would convert them from the jungle of this world and bestow upon them the riches of Christ [Tradition] and he would stop bowing to their idols, but instead he robs the poor while abetting the high-minded and self-righteous Pharisees at the U.N. who are committed to oppressing, perverting, and murdering the poor. The U.N. proposes that we make "Mother Earth" a safer place through population control (abortion), and unfortunately Francis has made their globalist religion his religion.

Yea, he has handed the Church's evangelical mission over to the United Nations, telling them, 'you are now the pastors of the flock,' and he tells the flock, 'the U.N. representatives are now your pastors. When they speak, it is your duty to obey.' Consider his discourse from a September 10 press conference on route to Rome from Madagascar.

“When we acknowledge international organizations and we recognize their capacity to give judgment, on a global scale—for example the international tribunal in The Hague, or the United Nations—If we consider ourselves humanity, when they make statements, our duty is to obey … We must obey international institutions. That is why the United Nations were created.”
What is alarming is that the Amazonian Synod closed on the feast of Christ the King, which appeared to be a classic Masonic move, since it concealed its true design to mock Christ the King.

The Synod indeed marked a historic attempt to dethrone Christ and secularize the Catholic Church. It was about uniting the Church with the world and being one with the planet, not with God. It called upon the Church to bow to a planetary idol, not to its Crucified Savior and King on the Cross.

This perfidious attempt was captured live on film in a deplorable scene inside of St. Peter's Basilica—a nude Mother Earth idol along with Pope Francis and various cardinals chanting, dancing, and praying before the statue. Vatican rep denies claims that alleged ‘pagan’ statue is the Virgin Mary

It was for reason that Cardinal Raymond Burke blasted the Amazonian Synod as a direct attack on Christ, saying, "The working document of the Pan-Amazonian Synod is a direct attack on the Lordship of Christ. It says to people, ‘You already have the answers, and Christ is just one among many sources of answers.’ This is apostasy!" (First Things, Sept. 27)

The good thing about the synod is that it has opened the eyes of many, even moderates and liberals, where they are beginning to consider that something is not right with this pontificate. Hopefully, an episcopal committee with convene soon to take a closer look at Francis’ election.


Fr. VF said...

He never names names. His rants are carefully calibrated. He wants low-information normies to hear them without waking up. I know people who think Bergoglio's rants are saying exactly what Jesus says in the gospel.

Frank Heisling said...

In the end, he showed his a-- and got nothing for the showing.
He was played by his liberal cronies while the world yawned.
His incessant yackity-yack will become even more irrelevant.

The most amusing thing to come out of this was the revelation on high that women can be Lectors and Acolytes.

Wait until the National Catholic Reporter figures out that women have been in these roles for the last 30-plus years in Novus Ordo land.

Tancred said...

While women have usurped all kinds of roles in the liturgy, they’re not capable of performing ministerial functions. I remember when B16 was trying to get them admitted as Readers.