Sunday, October 13, 2019

Did the Vatican Denounce Scalfari?

by Giuseppe Nardi
The column published yesterday by Eugenio Scalfari led to a brief reaction from the Vatican Press Office. Scalfari revealed in the daily La Repubblica that Francis entrusted him, in a personal conversation, with the conviction that Jesus Christ was "not God at all". But how did the Holy See react to this nuclear bomb of atomic bombs?
Strictly taciturn. So far, only the new Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni has reacted. He said:
"As has been said on other occasions, the words that Dr. Eugenio Scalfari ascribed to the Holy Father in conversations with him, are not as a faithful representation of what has actually been said, but above all are a personal and free interpretation of what he has heard, as it quite obviously seems, what is written today concerning the deity of Jesus Christ."
Will the Vatican spokesman say that Scalfari is senile or even malicious? Or did he just want to say that the doyen of Italian left-journalism no longer hears well, and put together something in good faith that Francis has neither said nor meant?

And that was it?

Various media today claim that "Pope Francis" or "the Vatican" has denied Scalfari.
Why does Francis talk to a journalist, not to any journalist, but to Eugenio Scalfari, who he knows will then make the conversation public and, by reason of his position, will be well received? Not once, but repeatedly.
Given the long list of scandalous statements attributed to Francis by Scalfari since 2013, papal behavior is not explained by what has been said on other occasions. All the "corrections" made by the Vatican press office, which had previously been made to Scalfari, were everything, just no real denials. Why?
As any observer can convince, the Vatican press office knows very well to express a clear distancing. Exactly that has never happened to Scalfari.
As in the past his two predecessors Federico Lombardi SJ and Greg Burke also Bruni denied the said. Rather, it is each more or less confirmed, so even yesterday. Scalfari just simply interpreted the pope's words a bit "freely".

As usual, Francis is silent

Pope Francis is silent. He was silent on every Scalfari scandal produced in his name. Scalfari is very public with his media and its international reputation. Francis knows that too. Still, he talks to Scalfari again. Why? Especially since, according to Scalfari, he is "not converting" anyway.
The fact is that Scalfari, as spokesman for Pope Francis, is accustoming the public, above all the Catholic community, to the incomprehensible and unthinkable with a constant increase. This creates a stagnation that could accelerate the process of erosion in the Church in unexpected ways. And everything happens as usual:
As usual, Scalfari publishes a scandal "in the name of the Pope".
As usual, the Vatican signals without really denying that this is not to be taken literally.
As usual, Francis continues to contact Scalfari.
As usual, the "not so literal" Pope's opinion circulates in public and draws its circles.
As usual, the Scalfari Teaching Office follows a precise worldview that today is that of the mainstream and, for a long time, that of Freemasonry.
As usual, in today's edition of La Repubblica, we do not say a word about a Vatican denial. Why?

Not true, but probably

It is not only clear that the Pope should choose his interlocutor better. The matter is much more serious.
It is clear that the weak reaction of Vatican spokesman Bruni is not an adequate answer to the incomprehensible scandal, Pope Francis denied the deity of Jesus Christ.
After all, his Jesuit General, Arturo Sosa Abascal, has already doubted the genuineness of the Gospel and the words of the Lord handed down in it, for after all, there are no electronic recordings of it.
"Unbelievable, but true," wrote Vatican writer Sandro Magister at the time.
The bottom line is not just another unpleasant aftertaste (how much does the Church tolerate?), But far more worrying, because the statement may not be true, but likely.

Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred


  1. Of course it is true. Andy media trying to say that the Vatican or Francis had denied or condemned Scalfari are lying. They did no such thing. No one has heard any strong denial.
    Which leads the faithful to believe that not only is the statement by Scalfari probably true, but that the Vatican knows it is true and can not muster the big guns to deny something that is true.
    One good visible example that it is probably is true is that Pope Francis NEVER kneels before the Blessed Sacrament during Corpus Christi, or at other times. I saw a photo of him, surrounded by faithful and Vatican MC's before the Blessed Sacrament atCorpus Christi. They were all kneeling. The faituful were all kneeling. Not Francis. He was standing GLARING at the Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance. The expression on his face was not prayerful. It was almost a look of hate.
    Almost just from that photo, I would be inclined to believe Scalfari....and consider any Vatican denial a pile of b.s.

    Damian Malliapalli

    1. We'll find out on Judgement Day.

  2. With all the babble that comes from the mouth & pen of Bergoglio about everything under the sun except spiritual matter like 'to pray for the salvation of souls', why does he not deny what Scalfari said about his denying Jesus's Divinity.
    It would only take a few words to do that. He says so many, many, many, why can't he issue a denial.
    If He did not make this assertion, it is imperative that he makes a public denial that he said this, and do it immediately. This is a scandal that could take millions away from a belief in Christ's divinity.
    If it is true Bergoglio said this.... it is a heresy of the HIGHEST order.
    The Catholics of the world should be screaming out for him to personally deny that he made this statement.
    But we know that he will not do that.
    And we know that in time he will be back for another interview with Scalfari.
    After 6 interviews with his favourite interviewer.... we know how it all works now.
    If he did make the assertion that Jesus was not Divine whilst on earth, it is not possible that Bergoglio is the Pope!!!

  3. "heresy of a HIGHEST order" ???
    can a women be VERY PREGNANT or MUCH MORE PREGNANT ???
    can a person could be VERY ALIVE or VERY DEAD ???
    Those things are QUALITATIVE...
    so bergoglio is an HERETIC. period!
    and as HERETIC, he is OUTSIDE the church!

  4. I visited Saint Charles Seminary in Merion, Pa. a few days ago, picking up a friend who visits the seminary library (but is not a seminarian). The place is on it's last legs, sold to the giant health care institution Main Line Health(a Philly area mega-health care grouping of hospitals, clinics, and primary care physicians offices). It was sold because the place was built (2 buildings), to house close to 600 seminarians, and was filled beyond capacity by 1960. Along came Vatican II and the seminary suffered thru a slow leak, loosing 20-30 students a year and attracting 20-30 a year (until Francis)....when the decline accelerated . Now down to about 160 students (of which close to 100 belong to other dioceses who send their men there), the seminary was sold last year.
    Pray for these poor guys. Some realize Pope Francis for the heretic he is, which is to their credit. But others still cling to the notion of him as their "Holy Father", and to say something even mildly critical of him brings looks of shock or confused outrage. To these poor misguided souls, the "Holy Father" can do no wrong.
    They would never call Pope Francis the heretic he is. They are all good, well meaning young men who obviously are not permitted to scroll thru the internet very much. They act as if they don't know what's going on. Pathetic.
    Any group which tries (like they do), to pass themselves off as "orthodox" Catholics but don't recognize the heresy and evil of Francis and the Vatican, and turn a deaf ear and blind eye to it, are hypocrits.
    Last week, the Vatican police raided the offices of Sec. of State corrupt Cardinal Parolin, because his office is in charge of Vatican finances, which is now close to a hundred million or more in debt. Parolin and his associates were shocked and embarrassed. Their careers are ruined. Parolins changes for being Pope went up in smoke that is. This week, Parolin and company brought out their knives to have the police who investigated them fired or resigned. The Italian press is fileld with anti-Francis and anti-Parolin stories....and calling it a Vatican "Stalinist purge".
    The article also said that Francis is secretly afraid of being sacked....forced to growing outrage from "orthodox" elements in the Vatican. I hope it happens.
    I wish Benedict XVI would finally speak out against Francis and against the Amazon Synod. He might just do that.....and surprise the world.
    But to end things up.....Francis is guilty. He said it. He's a heretic. He should be thrown out. This can't be let to pass.
    Pray for the Saint Charles Seminary many are willing to place their faith in this scumbag Bergoglio and his crew. Sad, very sad.
    C'mon Pope Benedict....speak out. A few forcefull words from you in condemnation of Francis and what's going on would be enough to ignite the faithful and bring an end to this apostacy and reign of terror.

    Damian M. Malliapalli

  5. No, the Vatican did not denounce Scalfari. The Vatican news service is committed only to defending and covering Rome's evils, even if it means criticizing those whom they may agree with. Their "denunciation" is only done deceptively to advance Scalfari's ways.

  6. More importantly, Mr Martin, have you formally renounced your sede-vacantism or have you just chosen to remain extra ecclesiam?

  7. Everyone ignore PW. He is obviously a Pope Francis fan, who shares his views and loves the kind of Church Francis and his people are trying to create.....something totally alien from the Catholic Church and Faith. It's the "Vatican II Church", not the CATHOLIC CHURCH.
    Therefore, anyone who is even remotely sede-vacantist is far more Catholic, and realizes the evil in the "church" of today, than anyone who profess adherence to the teachings and agenda of Pope Francis and company....epitomizes by the apostacy and heresy of the Amazon Synod, etc.

    Damian Malliapalli

  8. Malliapalli, Martin, JBQ and fellow travellers are so far gone down the schism trail that they are now completely lost in their own exotic sectarian wilderness.

  9. PW,

    I think, Buddy Man, that you'll be singing a different tune when Pope Francis is thrown out of the Vatican on his ass, forced to resign (abdicate), by a surprise sizable group of members of the College of Cardinals (including men of his choosing), who have had enough of him and his Amazon Synod and its direction.

    Laugh if you want to, but don't be too shocked if you wake up one morning not too long from now and here that there's been a putch, purge, coup, revolt in the Vatican...that the good guys finally too action (with the backing of Benedict XVI), and that Francis and company were gone. Its not to far fetched from what I read, and I hope the guys in red have the courage to do it.

    (What's to be afraid of for them to do it....Francis wasn't elected legally in the first place) :)

    Damian Malliapalli

  10. correction for the above it's HEAR, not here. (Sorry, typo).

  11. Some one tell Malliapalli that he's dreaming. The wiring, I'm afraid, is probably so far shot that it's irreparable. No wonder sede-vacantism has become the new normal.

  12. Anon 5:27 AM,
    Go tell Popeye the sailor man aboard the USS Lollipop about 'here, here'. He's the semi-literate who confused the two words some time ago. Shell shock you know!