Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Stuttgart Pastor Turns His Father's House Into a "Den of Thieves" -- Bishop and DBK Don't Care

For two years, a Catholic church in Stuttgart have been profaned under the indulgence of the Dean and the Bishop: dance performances, theater, café, gallery - Even the DBK knows about it, none of them have a major problem

Stuttgart ( "He said to them: The scriptures say: My house shall be a house of prayer. But you have made of it a robber's den." (Luke 19:46) The Bible quote is reminiscent of the conditions that have been taking place for two years in a Catholic church in Stuttgart. What happened? "We have a church, do you have an idea?" The Church of St. Mary in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart turned to the people of the city of Stuttgart with this question in 2017 and also got answers: St. Maria as a theater, café, function room, backdrop, installation, platform, gallery, marketplace. Especially bizarre: The parish committed almost everything with the toleration of the diocese. Thus, under the supervision of the pastoral assistant and the help of a party association, the church became a "robber's den" in the biblical sense, the parish understood this as a "process" and as a "space of coexistence."

Catholics from the parish and beyond have had enough of the profanation of the church for months. So 600 signatures were collected, there were first complaints to the dean responsible, then bishop and the German Bishops Conference (DBK). A Catholic from the parish says to "Unfortunately, all without success. The Pastoral assistant describes his project, St. Maria with ... 'continue."

In the letter from Catholic bishop Gebhard Fürst in January, the protesters were only informed after more than three months of waiting that the bishop had "taken note of the case" and asked the relevant authorities to take care of it. It was claimed in the episcopal letter that "some details" of the project have since been changed.

Also in a letter from the German Bishops' Conference in March 2019, it was succinctly referred to the Episcopal Epistle, according to which it was ensured that St. Mary will continue to be recognizable and experienced in the city "as a place of faith and as a Roman Catholic Church."

What was the worth of the promises of the bishop and the DBK in the weeks after. So on Ash Wednesday (!) a dance performance took place in the church (admission 16 euros), at the end of March there was a clothing flea market with food and drink in the church. Lastly, there was even an exhibition about the mosques in Stuttgart in the church.

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Trans: Tancred

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